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Kingsford Charcoal Mock Pitch


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Mock advertising campaign pitch I led for Kingsford Charcoal during a Fall 2012 Advertising Campaigns class at New York University.

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Kingsford Charcoal Mock Pitch

  1. 1. Kingsford Charcoal Quality is Kingsford JBEL New York
  2. 2. AGENDA 1 5 Overview Media Plan 2 6Marketing Objective Creative Work 3 7Consumer Insights Social Strategy 4 8 Big Idea Expected Results
  3. 3. America loves to grill.
  4. 4. Kingsford grills the best barbeque.
  5. 5. Let’s give Americans the barbeque they deserve.
  6. 6. Overview of American Charcoal Grilling•  Three out of four US households own a barbeque grill.•  The total number of US barbeque events grew 114% from 1997 to 2000.•  Most die-hard grillers prefer charcoal grilling over gas grilling for its hands-on experience and more authentic flavor.
  7. 7. Overview of American Charcoal Grilling•  Common reasons for barbequing include: Hanging Great Desire to be out with Change of Easy Informality flavor outdoors friends & pace clean-up family•  Most popular foods for the grill include: ChickenHamburgers Steak Hot dogs Ribs Pork chops breast
  8. 8. Grilling as a Passion“[Grilling] is a passion, a way to cook thatwon’t let you call it a chore…Most of all, it’sa surefire means to get yourself from here to a decent meal, having loads of fun.” Excerpt from Born to Grill: An American Celebration
  9. 9. History of Kingsford•  Established in the 1920s by Henry Ford•  Commercialized by E.G Kingsford –  Creating a new brand and a new industry•  Kingsford now holds almost 60% market share in the charcoal grilling category•  Main competitors: –  Royal Oak –  Private label brands –  Gas grilling
  10. 10. Kingsford’s Struggles •  Low brand awareness –  Complete lack of advertising –  Decreasing media spend•  Decrease in charcoal pricing gap –  Royal Oak & private label increased pricing 10% –  Kingsford pricing remained constant•  Shift to gas grilling –  Charcoal grill shipments dropped 3% in 2010 –  Gas grill shipments grew 8% in 2010
  11. 11. Obstacles to Overcome Grill Penetration Trends – (read data as percentage of households that own grills)60  50  40   Gas  30   Charcoal   Dual  20  10   0   2007   2008   2009   2010   Source: Charcoal U&A 2000, as supplied by Clorox.
  12. 12. Opportunity One Capture remaining sector of the charcoal market
  13. 13. Opportunity TwoRevamp brand’s image and awareness
  14. 14. Marketing Objective 1 Increase Market Share by +3.2% 2Increase Seasonal Sales by a minimum of +5% 3 Increase Top-of-Mind Awareness by +20%
  15. 15. Cranking Up the Heat Increase Convert Establish Create interest in charcoalawareness of excitement Kingsford’s grillers intothe Kingsford about quality differentiating Kingsford brand grilling attributes grillers
  16. 16. Types of Grillers Regular Exclusive Instant Acceptor Instant Exclusive•  Perfecting life skills •  Looks for fun in •  Needs chores to be as a reflection of everyday over quickly and “who I am” experiences easily•  Believes in personal •  Wants a no hassle, •  Grilling gets people integrity easy meal for the out of the kitchen to•  Family provider family have fun•  Grilling with real •  Needs minimum charcoal is a skill fuss charcoal that is worth knowing fast and easy“I believe in an honorable “Right “I’ll provide the environment to “It’s not the process for me, it’s the Way” to Grill, a structured have fun—the more formal the outcome, I’m often rushed androutine to grilling, perfected over occasion the less fun it is. I know pressured, so I feel smart when I time, which is both personally how to spend quality time with can use a product that helps me satisfying and provides my family.” get chores done and I feel like a recognition as a leader and caring parent when I can find provider” ways to free up time.”
  17. 17. Target Audience Meet Bill and Sarah - 36 and 32 years old - Married with 2 children - Live in St. Louis, MI - Bill works at a local bank as a financial advisor and Sarah owns her own small business - Lead a semi-active lifestyle - They are busy during the week, but enjoy taking time to relax with friends and family at weekend gatherings - Bill cares about the quality of his food and Sarah likes easy, no-hassle foods to make for the kids
  18. 18. Key Insights 1 People like to find easy, no-hassle fun in everyday experiences 2 Quality of Taste = Quality of Experience(Food only tastes great when you feel great about it)
  19. 19. Big Idea
  20. 20. Because whywouldn’t you want the best?
  21. 21. Introducing:The “Steakcation”  
  22. 22. Introducing: The “Steakcation” Life moves fast.
  23. 23. Introducing: The “Steakcation” Life moves fast. You don’t always have the luxury of a vacation away from home.
  24. 24. Introducing: The “Steakcation” Life moves fast. You don’t always have the luxury of a vacation away from home. So why not take a staycation?
  25. 25. Introducing: The “Steakcation” Life moves fast. You don’t always have the luxury of a vacation away from home. So why not take a staycation? Or better yet, a STEAKcation.
  26. 26. Introducing: The “Steakcation” Life moves fast. You don’t always have the luxury of a vacation away from home. So why not take a staycation? Or better yet, a STEAKcation. Activity Mindset of grilling of vacation
  27. 27. Media Objectives & StrategiesObjective Strategy TacticTarget consumers who Engage consumers •  Appeal to families viaalready use charcoal personally through community outreach targeted outreach •  TelevisionConcentrate media mix Reach consumers in •  Outdoor activitieson areas that reinforce relevant places of •  Sports gamespassion for grilling recreation and lifestyle •  Recreational get- togethers/holidaysUtilize media channels Remind consumers of •  Facebook, Twitter,that leverage the simple joys of Instagram, YouTubeopportunity for grilling •  Mobile appconsumers to connectReach secondary targets Show gas grillers why •  Televisionwho may be interested Kingsford provides •  Word-of-mouthin switching grilling better quality productcategories
  28. 28. DeliverablesTelevision: OOH:Brand: (2) :30 (10) Billboards spread acrossFood Truck Event: (1) :30 / (1) :15 I-24, I-74 and I-15(Runs April 15, 2013-September 1, 2013)Radio: Digital/Social:Sale Event: (1) :30 / (1) :15 for each major Summer Facebook:Holiday Twitter: Purchase(Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Labor Day, #Steakcation hashtag /Memorial Day, Special Occasion Tailgate) sponsored tweets / promoted tweetsFood Truck Event: (1) :30 for each local market YouTube: How-to series(St. Louis, Des Moines, Jacksonville, Grand Rapids, uploaded 1x a week fromNew Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Lexington, June 1-August 1.Louisville, Dallas)Newspapers:FSIs/couponsRegional newspapers (see markets above)
  30. 30. TacticsAWARENESS INTEREST ACTION REPEATFood Network Local FOX stations TLC WFPL KDPS WCRJ WBLU WRFL Billboards Street Fixtures Sports Section of Regional PapersFacebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Kingsford Website
  31. 31. Enough talk.
  32. 32. Let’s grill.
  33. 33. Raise Awareness “Quality is Kingsford” :30
  34. 34. Raise Awareness “Kingsford Grill Truck - Taste” :30
  35. 35. Raise Awareness We all need a vacation.! So take a STEAKCATION.! This time, it’s on us. !The Kingsford Grill Truck is coming your way!! Come on down for food, drinks, Scan the QRcode for access friends and fun.! to our mobile ! app & Track ! The Truck!! ! ! ! Louisville ! Family Fun Day! 12pm-6pm!
  36. 36. Raise Awareness
  37. 37. Reinvigorate Emotion
  38. 38. Drive Action
  39. 39. Drive ActionRadio Spot #1“Grill Truck - Louisville”:30SCRIPT(Ambient Park Sounds Playing)VO: When was the last time you took a STEAK-CATION?(Crickets)VO: Dont miss the Kingsford Grill Truck stopping by [Louisville’s Family FunDay at Cherokee Metro Park] from [12:00pm-6:00pm] for free food, drinks,entertainment, and a chance to win a$10,000 paid steak-cation of yourdreams!(Pause)VO: Follow us on Twitter @TweetKingsford or on Facebook to see when well be coming to yourtown.(Sounds of family having fun)VO: When it comes to barbeque grilling, quality is Kingsford.
  40. 40. Drive ActionRadio Spot #2“Steak-cation”:30SCRIPT(Front door shuts; man groans)VO: Long week?(Pause)VO: Fire up your weekend and take a quick “Steak-Cation” withKingsford. Savor the ONLY way to grill - - Kingsford’s faster lighting,longer lasting, authentic American charcoal.(Sound of grill getting started up; cooking)VO: This week, pick up a 15 lb bag for only $2.99 or a 30lb bag for only$5.49, available at a Home Depot near you.(Pause)VO: And when it comes to relaxation, remember: Quality is Kingsford.
  41. 41. Create Shareable Experiences Digital “How-to” YouTube series with Food Network chefs Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentis    
  42. 42. Create Shareable Experiences
  43. 43. Social Media StrategyLeverage social media platforms to connect Consumer Brand Consumer Consumersharing
  44. 44. Take a #Steakcation.! !This time, it’s on us.    
  45. 45. Kingsford  SteakcaBon   The Ultimate STEAKCATION! Upload pictures and recipes from your Kingsford Steakcation for a chance to win the ultimate grilling necessities. Upload from Instagram for extra entries!" " You’ll also be entered into a Grand Prize drawing for the vacation of your dreams!"An all-expense paid trip to the vacation of your dreams! ""One lucky winner will learn how to grill in style with private grillinglessons from star chefs while vacationing in paradise!""(Up to a $10,000 value)" Check in every week for a chance to win dozens of other great prizes! Including:" " •  Private grilling lessons from a star Food Network chef" •  A collection of ultimate grilling seasonings" •  Personal grills" •  A set of grilling tools" •  Year supply of Kingsford Charcoal!"
  46. 46. Social Media Strategy Connect consumers through a communal activity and create a shared passionSearch engines Food Network website/blogs
  47. 47. Social Media Strategy•  115,450 “likes” •  2,740 followers •  469 subscribers•  Leverage •  Create dialogue •  83 Videos relationship between Brand and •  Video diary of between Kingsford consumer Kingsford Grill & consumers / •  Utilize hashtags to Truck Tour consumers & increase brand •  How-to series with consumers awareness Food Network•  Polls, questions, •  Purchase celebrity chefs conversations promoted tweets •  Family activity•  Steakcation •  Twitter Parties videos sweepstake/app
  48. 48. Social Media Recommendations •  Integrate all social media Track the platforms Kingsford Grill Truck! ! •  Engage consumers in a more Check in with foursquare for relevant and meaningful way freebies and exclusive giveaways! •  Post daily so as to maintain interest across platforms •  Create cross-channel integration •  Develop a Food Truck Tour mobile app to keep consumers up-to-date
  49. 49. Action & Expected Results Convert charcoal Increase interest Create grillers into Establish in Kingsford’s excitement Kingsfordawareness of the differentiating about quality grillersKingsford brand attributes grilling -- -- -- -- For those who Increase Premium Provide love quality advertising quality. relevant experiences, budget. History. personalized we provide experiences. quality product. Providing superior American quality and genuine American fun.
  50. 50. Thank you
  51. 51. Questions?
  52. 52. Appendix
  53. 53. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES•  Positioned as premium quality •  Heavy allocation of budget to brand price reductions•  Longest running business •  Lack of advertising•  Longest burning charcoal •  Lack of brand awareness•  Leads in market share •  Decreasing media budget OPPORTUNITIES THREATS•  Revamp and re-launch brand •  Consumer shift to gas grilling image •  Decreasing price gap among•  Shift budget from price competitors reductions to media spend •  Private label brands increasing•  Convert gas grillers to charcoal in market share grillers
  54. 54. Media BlueprintMedium/Channel AdvantageTV Reach a mass wide audience; create an emotional responseRadio Reach local markets; generate buzz through local events and salesNewspapers Reach wider local market than radio; create consumer incentive to reach purchase pointOOH Reach a wide audience of primary and secondary targets ; create remindersOnline Generate large amounts of buzz; create engagement with consumers; collect dataEvent Marketing/PR Affect consumer attitudes and opinions; offers personalization
  55. 55. Creative BriefAdvertising objectives•  Raise awareness of Kingsford’s superiority; spur shift from Royal Oak & private label to KingsfordTarget audience•  Men and women 25-40; mid- to high-income level; suburban; care about quality, authenticity and community activitiesPrinciple competition•  Primary: Royal Oak and private label brand users; Secondary: Gas grill usersPromise•  Kingsford gives you top quality product that’s so easy to use, you can add in your own fun.Tone and manner•  Sincere and fun tone of voice with a touch of humor (one that captures the candid human moments of our consumers)Net impression•  Kingsford is a classic and trustworthy brand that can be modern and exciting, too.
  56. 56. The PitchSell the idea of Quality goods. Quality taste.Quality experience.
  57. 57. Big IdeaBecause why wouldn’t you want the best of each?