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Alphabetical order


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business
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Alphabetical order

  1. 1. Sometimes we have to put sets of words into ALPHABETICAL ORDER. This is when we use the alphabet to help us.
  2. 2. d w k f d f k w
  3. 3. h a m o a h m o
  4. 4. z e r v e r v z
  5. 5. g y b t b g t y
  6. 6. f u n p f n p u
  7. 7. frog cat goat dog cat dog frog goat
  8. 8. apple pear banana grapes apple banan grapes pear a
  9. 9. carrot broccoli lettuce potato carrot lettuce broccoli potato
  10. 10. train car bus car bus helicopter helicopter train
  11. 11. pizza cake burger ice-cream burger cake ice-cream pizza
  12. 12. SAME STARTING LETTER cow camera camera cow crocodile crocodile
  13. 13. SAME STARTING LETTER butterfly bear bear book book butterfly
  14. 14. SAME STARTING LETTER monkey melon melon monke y music music
  15. 15. SAME STARTING LETTER whale worm water whale water worm
  16. 16. SAME STARTING LETTER flower fire frog flower fire frog
  17. 17. SAME 2 STARTING LETTERS flower flaming o flamingo flip flip flower
  18. 18. SAME 2 STARTING LETTERS crab crab cry crocodile crocodile cry
  19. 19. SAME 2 STARTING LETTERS ship sheep shark sheep shark ship