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  1. 1. ADJECTIVES are words that tell us more about NOUNS or PRONOUNS by describing them, adding detail or refining their meaning. By using ADJECTIVES, we can add meaning and interest to sentences.
  2. 2. You can use ADJECTIVES to describe something as a whole. silly colourful pretty feathery spiky short plump
  3. 3. You can use ADJECTIVES to describe something as a whole. lovely oval colourful long spiky happy beautiful
  4. 4. You can use ADJECTIVES to describe the specific parts of something. round eyes spiky tail green body funny face blue feathers red beak curly fringe
  5. 5. You can use ADJECTIVES to describe the specific parts of something. green leaves pink petals long stems purple petals curly leaves red beak patterned pot
  6. 6. You can use more than one ADJECTIVE to describe something. This is a bright, sparkling butterfly. This is a magical, glittery butterfly. This is a pink, green, gold and black butterfly.
  7. 7. An ADJECTIVE can come before or after the NOUN or PRONOUN it is describing. This is a big, brown dog. The dog is big and brown.
  8. 8. When more than one ADJECTIVE is used before a NOUN, the ADJECTIVES are arranged from the general to the specific. I saw a young, spotty, friendly dog. Young is more general than friendly so it is placed first.
  9. 9. DESCRIBING ADJECTIVES are the most common. They are used to describe, or tell us about the quality of a NOUN or PRONOUN. beautiful silly colourful fluffy beautiful small
  10. 10. Which words are the DESCRIBING ADJECTIVES? I ate a juicy pineapple. You have shiny, black hair. I have a noisy, purple car.
  11. 11. POINTING ADJECTIVES are used to point out which NOUN is being spoken of. That cake belongs to Katy. This ladybug belongs to me. These pants belong to Jo. Those flowers are nice.
  12. 12. Which words are the POINTING ADJECTIVES? These gloves are mine. Put that teddy away. This book is very funny.
  13. 13. NUMBER ADJECTIVES are used to show the number of things or the numerical order of things. two horses ten fingers ten candles
  14. 14. Which words are the NUMBER ADJECTIVES? A camel has two humps. I have two pencils. The third month is March.
  15. 15. POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES are used to show possession. This is my cake. Here are your pants. These are her flowers. Mike lost his fork.
  16. 16. Which words are the POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES? Here is your hamburger. Their house is big. I found my overalls.