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Analytics for Project Based Firms


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Ideaca’s renowned Analytics Solutions have helped project based firms strategically optimize and grow their businesses for more than 10 years. We help our clients from Strategy to Solution to leverage their data for simplified reporting, dashboards, snapshots and analysis designed specifically for Professional Services companies.

With a key focus on Project Delivery, Sales and Operations, Resources, and Finance our solution has helped clients:

✓ Increase repeatable business growth at reduced cost of sales
✓ Drive profitability and client satisfaction
✓ Optimize resource utilizations and lowers costs of attrition

Ideaca’s benefits-based approach to management consulting, implementation and support services has helped more than 350 clients. We look forward to sharing with you our highly unique experience in this area, and what it could mean for your business.

View our Analytics Solutions for Project Based Firms full overview to see how Ideaca’s solutions lend key insight into all projects, workers and geographies for powerful decision making.

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