Rock Health Demo Day June 2012


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Summary of presenting companies for Rock Health's 2012 class.

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Rock Health Demo Day June 2012

  1. 1. Rock Health Demo Day ‒ June 13, 2012 +13 presenting companies +9 months since last demo day +Success stories from last class include Pipette s acquisition by, Cellscope funded (Khosla), and Skimble at top of app store +3% acceptance rate for class Health Rally - +Crowdfunding for personal health motivation +Pledge money to achieve new health goals +Money can triple your success rate for quitting and quintiple your success rate for weight loss, but must be provided by friends and family +Pick a goal with an end date, build team, pick an inspiration (vacation, spa day, charitable donation, etc.) +Rally coach (artificial intelligence) provided for free; uses email reminders and updates family/friends +Brides/bridesmaids core first market (70% want to lose weight for wedding) ‒ natural network around the bride on the big day +7% service fee; brand partnerships to drive revenue matches +Patents for financial incentives in social network context to motivate behavior +$450k raised through four angels Care at Hand - +1 in 3 readmissions within 30 days (Medicare/caid recipients) ‒ a $7B problem +Enroll in LT care organization; CareatHand assigns best health aid for specific needs +Tablet based documentation (third grade reading level for aid) +Live video feed +Send alerts back to PCP +Prevent readmissions by transmitting observations +Customers are LT care organizations (who get business from hospitals) +Goal: give every health aid a tablet Sano Intelligence - +API for the bloodstream +33% of MD s make decisions on incomplete information +Abaxis, DexCom, AccuCheck, WellnessFX have made strides but all have drawbacks +Make blood chemistry continuous and real-time +Wearable transdermal micro patch that transmits data to any device
  2. 2. +Correlate blood chemistry with recommendations +Semiconductor manufacturing improvements, smaller form factors, and tablet devices as data management platforms enable this +Inexpensive CMOS sensors (less than a few $ s each a scale) +Package in wearable form factor and forget about it +Painless and comfortable ‒ don t touch nerves +Inexpensive, adaptable, continuous, painless +Will start in QuantifiedSelf groups, then take on pharma R&D data capture, then become a consumer diagnostic AVVA - +1 in 3 Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime (4,200 a day) +Huge need for tools to help patients manage every aspect of their care +Goal: effectively manage the social, education, emotional, and medical aspects of their care plan +Starting with visit preparation in breast cancer +Create a personalized process to think through treatment decisions +Generate documents to take to physician appointments ‒ highly targeted to particular situation (element of crowdsourcing as new questions get added) +Revenue plan is clinical trial recruitment +80% of patients unaware of trials as a form of treatment, but 75% willing to try +Patient recruitment methods still crude +Direct access to patients right at the time of decision making +Finders fee for enrolling a patient in a trial can be as high as $5,000/patient +Founders BS/MS Stanford, BS Stanford/MBA Harvard Docphin - +Used at Northwestern, Stanford, Penn, Harvard, Michigan, UCSF, UCSD etc +Keep up with overwhelming amount of rapidly evolving information +Medical news and research platform +Real time updates from speciality societies meets medical research +Info you need to make the best decisions +2/3 of MDs have free access to journal article through their institutions, but the process to access may be through 7 steps of repeat logins through institution, institutional library, journal website, then individual issues +Goal is to provide next gen information management solutions +Being approached by leading academic medical centers +Challenging to get the right info to the right person at the right time
  3. 3. +Docphin Connect ‒ bridge communications between healthcare system and healthcare providers ‒ launching at UPenn this summer +Romulus Capital and angels currently committed +Mayo Clinic investing Cognitive Health Innovations +Internet is the new frontier for mental health +10M Americans see a mental health professional each year, but not all satisfied +Therapy is inconvenient, inefficient, stressful, unresponsive, discontinuous +Takes days or weeks to see someone +Therapists can t bill for extra time despite wanting to do more for their patients +Complete assessments on their own; others comment (social networking) +Application built on cognitive behavioral therapy ‒ gets quicker results +Market at no charge to therapists; therapists set their own price +Customers pay via credit card and most of the revenue goes back to the therapist ‒ a new way to get paid! +Online CBT proven to work online +Early results look miraculous; program participants also very pleased +50M people a year don t get therapy could benefit from it Agile Diagnosis - +Central platform for clinical guidelines +50% of patients do not receive the standard of care +1 in 7 patients is misdiagnosed, leading to $6B in direct preventable healthcare costs +Doctors need better tools +Knowledge doubles every five years; we have unreasonable expectations for knowledge upkeep in our providers +Provide research in a useable format +Being used at 240 medical centers; 10k users on the platform +Decision tree format +Useable by students moreso than experienced physicians +Launched out of YCombinator +Beta launched in March ‒ web based app that works on every tablet and phone +$2.5M seed round closed AchieveMint +40k apps available today; average lifespan of app is 10 days +Creating a trusted broker and aggregator
  4. 4. +Patients earn rewards when they take healthy actions (checking into the gym, syncing up connected device data, saving healthy recipes) +Track progress and get rewards (gift cards, merchandise, etc.) +Business model that drives user engagement +Two way API (apps can use AchieveMint API or vice versa) +Revenue partnership with major pharmaceutical company to book $1M+ in 2012 Medmonk - +Prescription discounts made easy +Tool for pharmacists to help patients who can t afford their copays +30% of patients leave without their medications because they can t afford them +That s $100B of lost sales every year +Pharmaceutical companies are happy to cover the cost of co-pays because insurance payment is much higher +40 minutes to help one patient +Instantaneous access with search tool +Search for the product; receive discount code and apply it, reducing patient copay cost +Help pharmacies close more sales and increase efficiencies behind the counter +Insurance companies are protected against larger medical claims against patients who don t take their drugs and end up in the hospital or back in the office +In over 100 pharmacies in private beta +Pharmacies will set as home page +Founder wrote co-pay assistance manual for Walgreens +RockHealth and YCombinator company +60% funded Sessions - +Exercise coaching program to help people live better, more active lives +65% of Americans don t exercise ‒ enormous societal cost +75 cents on every healthcare dollar in the US is directed towards chronic disease +A coach develops a simple, seven-day plan with schedule and availability in mind +New seven-day plan each week ‒ the coach helps deliver engagement and consistency +Participants will send SMS or e-mail every day +Sessions hopes to be a consistent positive force
  5. 5. +3 month pilot with 50 people; increased 34% exercise; 84% stuck to plan; 96% finished +People deserve better than just a gym membership +Fitness applications are accessible and affordable ‒ new ones every day +$8B spent in 2011 on personal training +Accessible, affordable, personalized, and effective +Public beta launched in May; hundreds across the country now paying monthly subscription fee +Research collaboration with Mayo; employee benefit at Genentech +12M people take Zumba every week (holy crap) ‒ how to scale like Zumba? ChickRx - +Looking for health info is third most popular internet activity (mostly driven by women) after e-mail and search +Content and commerce for 20-45 year old women +Q&A from diverse sources (OBGYNs, sex therapists) +Women want to know that their health concerns are not unique +Follow any topics secretly +Purchase products and services through ChickRx +Community, content, e-commerce +Offer trusted product solutions in direct response to specific problems +US women spend $70B annually on health and wellness products Nephosity - +Collaborative access to medical images +Founder dreamworks engineer developing movies like Kung Fu Panda (brother is a radiologist at Brigham and Womens) +Collaboration features: two-way shared cursor, shareable annotations +PACS pain points: mobility, speed, transfer, compatibility, collaboration +PACS market: $2.8B going to $5.4B in 2017; 11% annual growth per Global Data report +Save time with mobileCT ‒ become image viewer, use cloud, become PACS vendor of choice