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  • -Ask bridge question prior to objective-Bridge – How long do you expect it to take you to find work?-Limitations of a 1hr workshop on such a big topic
  • Don’t discount PT/Temp/Casual JobsSuggest initially sorting by deadline date so you don’t miss any upcoming deadlines- Then reverse the column sort so you see which postings are due within the next week first
  • Can sort by any of the underlined columns: position, organization, date listed, deadlineCheck for information sessions – Employers commonly have jobs posted when hosting info sessions!
  • -Skills listed alphabetically, not by importance. Do a proper analysis of posting to assess what’s most important. (Also, what kind of comm skills? Written? Verbal?)-How to apply listed under Method of Application. Apply Online – through UT (plain text resume), otherwise through company directly-Save/Print all postings because once the deadline passes, they will disappear! Difficult to prepare for interview without posting and unprofessional to ask
  • -Alumni Profiles to find potential contacts for Information Interviews-Career Cruising for career paths and exploration-Goinglobal for labour market trends and job postings in different countries-Job boards: Don’t just rely on RGES postings. Use vertical search engines like Eluta/Indeed to find most postings (google of job search engines)-Careeredge great for internship opps
  • -Poll the room: What are transferrable skills? Examples?
  • -KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)-How to find out? Create skill inventory…handout “Marketing Your Skills & Accomplishments” has exercises to help generate skills-Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you want to…what skills energize you?
  • -Ask for their thoughts before revealing top 10-Multicultural Sensitivity & Awareness making strong gains in this category. How to demonstrate on resume? Working with diverse groups of clients, work/study abroad, travel as a hobby
  • Poll the room for ideas on where they can find the KSAs and values of their desired jobs/companies/industryCompany website, Google, Informational Interviews, Career Fairs, Info Sessions, Business Associations, Stock Market, Twitter/LinkedIn/FB (mention any missed)
  • -Philosophy major-Poll room for their thoughts of career options generated in their small groups
  • -Ask: Sum up these brands in one word-When get to Obama, note that people have their own brands too.-When done with all, note that everyone has a brand – celebrities and corporations aren’t the only ones. In digital age, it’s more important than ever to control your brand before one gets created for you (eg. unwanted pics – what image does that send?)
  • Brand discovery is about figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life, setting goals, writing down a mission, vision and personal brand statement (what you do and who you serve), as well as creating a development plan. Have you ever been called intelligent or humorous by your peers or coworkers? That description is part of your brand, especially if you feel those attributed pertain to you.Ask: How do you get your brand out there – on paper and online?Business card, resume, cover letter, ePortfolio, blog/website, LinkedIn, fb, twitter, avatar/wardrobe, email address (digital tattoo) (mention any not listed by group)
  • -Take up responses from 1-2 groups to share with everyone
  • -Don’t just mean inserting name of new company or having 1 resume for all admin jobs and 1 for all accounting…-How do you tailor? (T-analysis, re-ranking top skills used in Skill Summary, values/mission of company/dept in cover letter)
  • - Responding to job postings is just one method that you should be using- Ask the group: How many of you have heard of the hidden job market? - Ask: What percentage of jobs do you think are never advertised or posted?80%/20% rule – how to access the hidden job marketThe Hidden Job Market …Transition: To help illustrate this point, it’s useful to look at recruiting from an employer’s perspective
  • -If you’re only looking for work through job postings and sending out resumes you’re missing out on a vast # of jobs-longer time to find employment
  • -Conduct a ppl search in addition to a job search -Build off social media talk from previous section-Use LinkedIn to find current employees at companies/jobs of interest. What’s their career progression look like? Job search shows who you’re already connected to at that org-FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog followers/friends >> All potential contacts
  • -Think of what was discussed today: Info interviews, info sessions/job fairs, social media, etc.
  • -Please share your takeaways in the evals if ok with that!
  • -RGES should be activated in the next 48 hours-don’t use utsc email address when completing form
  • GSES/RGES Workshop

    1. 1. Graduating Students & Recent Graduates Employment Service Lindsay Mason Career & Employment Services
    2. 2. As You’re Waiting…Please complete the Now That I’m Graduating… What’s Next? checklist in your folders
    3. 3. Welcome!Graduating Students Employment Service __________________  Students must graduate in June or November 2013  Apply now for positions in Summer and Fall 2013  Program runs from August 31, 2012 to March 15, 2013  Highly competitive; Employers able to forecast job needs  Transfer to RGES once GSES is done
    4. 4. Welcome!Recent Graduates Employment Service __________________ Students must have already graduated or have convocation dates in June or November 2012 Positions begin immediately Undergraduate and graduate positions Receive access for up to 2 years from graduation date
    5. 5. Agenda Are You Ready? What’s next depends on where you are now!1. Career Centre Online2. Know yourself and target area3. Market yourself4. Use a variety of job search methodsBy the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:Identify traditional & strategic job search techniques to createan individualized action plan and begin the job search process.
    6. 6. Career Centre Online
    7. 7. Career Centre Online
    8. 8. Career Centre Online
    9. 9. Career Centre Online Workopolis Campus ID Career Cruising Search Alumni Profiles Goinglobal Upcoming EventsWeblinks Job Boards ,  Internships 
    10. 10. Know Yourself & Target Area What are transferrable skills?
    11. 11. Know Yourself & Target Area Self-Assessment What KSAs do you have? Skill Inventory Accomplishments (handout) What do you want to use?
    12. 12. Know Yourself & Target Area What are the Top 10 Skills employers want?1. Communication 6. Leadership / Management2. Analytical / Research 7. Multicultural Sensitivity &3. Computer Skills / Awareness Technical Literacy 8. Planning / Organizing4. Adaptability / Time 9. Problem Solving / Critical Management Thinking / Creativity5. Interpersonal 10. Teamwork
    13. 13. Know Yourself & Target Area Target Area Assessment Have a clear focus QUICK TIP _____________________________________________ What types of jobs are you Don’t approach your job search saying suited for now? you’ll do anything & everything! 1-3 occupational areas * No strong interest * No clear focus * Over or under What KSAs does your ideal job, qualified? company, industry demand?
    14. 14. Know Yourself & Target AreaActivity #1What can I do with a degree in ___________ ? In pairs review the list of David’s transferrable skills in your folder Brainstorm a list of potential careers for David based on his skills
    15. 15. Know Yourself & Target Area Resources Career Counsellor one-on-one Self-Assessments: Online Self-Assessment, Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, ePortfolio Workshops: Discover Your Skills & Career Options Career Cruising, O*NET, NOC Binders, Job Postings (RGES, Workopolis Campus, Weblinks) Tipsheets: Program Career Options
    16. 16. Market Yourself What’s in a brand?
    17. 17. Market YourselfPersonal Branding = How we market ourselves to others Builds on self-assessment findings  Who Am I?  What Do I Do?  Who Do I Serve?  And WHY??? How do you get your brand out there – on paper and online?
    18. 18. Market YourselfActivity #2What’s In Your Personal Branding Toolkit? Think-Pair-Share: Draft your personal brand elements Partner with a peer for feedback/further development of statement Share with group
    19. 19. Market Yourself CustomizationDo you tailor your resume AND cover letter for EVERY single position you apply to? Should you???
    20. 20. Market Yourself Resources Career Counsellor or Employment Coach one-on-one Resume Critiques (intranet) Mock Interviews Workshops: Hi My Name Is…, Interview Techniques to Land that Job, Winning Resumes & Cover Letters Resource Centre Library Tipsheets: Resume, Cover Letter, Interview, Marketing Your Skills & Accomplishments
    21. 21. Use a Variety of Methods The HIDDEN Job Market On average, what percentage of jobopenings do you think never get advertised?
    22. 22. Use a Variety of Methods Job postingsHow Employers Resumes How Job HuntersFill Vacancies Look for Jobs Search Firms Employment Agency Networking Referrals From Within
    23. 23. Use a Variety of Methods People Search vs. Job Search Leverage your Social Media PresenceWant to take it a step further? Why not try…
    24. 24. Use a Variety of Methods Information Interviews Arrange meetings to learn more about a particular occupation, industry, or company Contact people in and outside of your network Employer Information SessionsFirst step, first impression – application processOpportunity to speak with representativesPrepare ahead of time
    25. 25. Use a Variety of MethodsActivity #3Work Your Network Think of your target jobs or careers, industries, or companies… Who do I know with connections? Family, friends, friends’ friends/family, mentors, internet groups, volunteer affiliations, Profs/TAs, religious/spiritual groups, co-workers, community members If absolutely no one, how can I make these connections?
    26. 26. Use a Variety of Methods Resources Career Counsellor or Employment Coach one-on-one Employer Information Sessions, Job Fairs, Panels Extern Program Workshops: Hi My Name Is…, Networking to Find Work Alumni Profiles (CCO) Tipsheets: Information Interviewing, Employer Information Sessions
    27. 27. Managing RejectionManage your feelings  Fight against cynicism, negativity, depressionBe your own good manager  Give yourself reasonable goals, rewards, encouragementDon’t just sit there – do something!  Professional groups, volunteer, UofT employer events, coursesMonitor your progress  Seek help – something you’re doing may not be workingKeep to a routine  9-5 job looking for work, keep records
    28. 28. Action PlanActivity #4Now That I’m Graduating… What’s Next?Action Plan What does your job search action plan look like? Write down 1-3 small things you can do today to start your job search process
    29. 29. LinkedIn Workshop Wed, September 19th 12:00 – 1:30 PM
    30. 30. Thank You!Please complete the evaluationand GSES/RGES formLINDSAY MASONCareer & Employment ServicesAcademic Advising & Career Centre, AC213(416)