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Final portfolio

  1. 1. Lindsay Malicoate Portfolio
  2. 2. Table of Contents Resume 1 Writing Samples 3 Creative Work •Paranormal University 5 •Out of Home Campaign 9 •Cause Marketing Campaign 11 6
  3. 3. Resume LINDSAY  L.  MALICOATE                                                                                        •    lindsay.l.malicoate-­‐                                                    •    405-­‐445-­‐9623           Focused,  motivated,  goal-­‐oriented;  entry-­‐level  professional  seeking  to  apply  a  combination  of  skills  and   recent  academic  training  to  pursue  an  opportunity  in  Advertising.   EDUCATION   BA  IN  ADVERTISING  (MINOR  IN  ITALIAN  LANGUAGE)   THE  UNIVERSITY  OF  OKLAHOMA       • December  2014     Norman,  OK   3.24/4.0  GPA     Relevant  Coursework:       Advertising  Copy  and  Layout   • Learning  how  to  utilize  Adobe  InDesign  and  Adobe  Photoshop  to  produce  professional  creative  advertisements.   • Gaining  knowledge  of  creative  techniques  and  advertising  formats.     Advertising  Account  Planning   • Learning  various  research  techniques  such  as  MRI  and  consumer  research  techniques  in  order  to  understand   various  audiences.   • Combining  field  research  and  consumer  research  in  order  to  establish  means  of  effectively  reaching  a  target   audience.     Advanced  Italian  Composition   • Improved  and  solidified  language  skills  by  writing  lengthy  compositions  in  the  Italian  language.                                                                                                                                                      SKILLS   Language:                                          English,  4  Years  of  Italian     Research:                                            Lexis  Nexis;  Google  Scholar;  MRI;  SSPS;  EBSCO   Design:                                                    Adobe  InDesign  &  Adobe  Photoshop   Video:                                                        Final  Cut  Pro   Social  Media:                                Blogger,  Twitter,  Facebook,  Linkedin,  Instagram   Technical  Skills:                      Typing:  55  WPM;  Mac  Operating  System,  MS  Office  (Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint,  Outlook).                                                                                                                                                              EXPERIENCE   Fraternità  dei  Laici                                                                                                                                                                                                Spring  2012   Center  for  Preservation  and  Cultivation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Arezzo,  IT   Internship   • Cataloguing  historic  pieces  of  Italian  art.   • Translating  descriptions  of  art  works  in  the  collection  that  dated  from  the  early  17th  century  to  the   present  day.     • Working  with  administrators  to  identify  proper  translations  from  Italian  to  English.               1    
  4. 4. Writing Samples 2
  5. 5. The Old Sacristy at the Church of San Lorenzo The Church of San Lorenzo as it is seen today was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in the year 1418. As the church took over two hundred years to finish constructing and was not in fact complete before the architect’s death, there are certain features of the completed structure that were headed by artists other than Brunelleschi. At the end of the left transept in the main part of the church sits the “Old Sacristy” which was commissioned by Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici in 1429. This room functions not only as the church’s sacristy, but also as a chapel, and mausoleum. The Old Sacristy is a structure that is unique to Brunelleschi and is revolutionary in its architectural form. Where the artist’s understanding of geometry, nature, mathematics, and the human connection with the divine come to brilliant and timeless fruition. Giovanni di Bicci is credited with beginning the legacy of the Medici family in Italy. The Old Sacristy now serves as both he and his wife’s finally resting place, but more importantly as an enduring symbol of the power, prestige, and influence of the Medici family in Renaissance Italy. The fact that the sacristy was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi perpetuated this point even more so, as he was one of the most sought after architects of the time. The tomb that now houses the remains of Giovanni di Bicci and his wife sits in the center of the sacristy beneath a large marble table that also functions as a place for the objects stored in the sacristy to be laid out during mass. The entire structure of the Sacristy is suggestive of the link between the past and present which is constantly reiterated in the details of the architecture. As can easily be seen in not only the sacristy but also in the rest of the church of San Lorenzo, Brunelleschi favored using simple modules and geometric shape in his construction. The Old Sacristy is a perfect display of Brunelleschi’s view that through simple geometry and mathematics, architecture has the ability to speak for itself without excessive ornamentation. The circle is a shape that is noticeably used over and over again in the Old Sacristy as it precisely mirrored over and over again in the room’s dome and archivolts. Additionally, the circle is an exceptionally powerful figure in this room not only because the spaces left between the archivolts and the dome make the room appear to be exceptionally grand, but also because it is symbolic of the Christian belief of everlasting life through salvation. On the wall opposing the entrance of the sacristy is the chapel, and on either side of the chapel is a door where sacred items are stored. Each of the doors is made of bronze and is symbolic of the timelessness and endurance that characterizes the structure. Additionally, the columns sit on either side of each door are topped with capitals that are just one of the features that Brunelleschi incorporated in the structure which resemble ancient roman architecture. Another of the structure’s features that was obviously roman-inspired is the tomb in the center of the room, which resembles an ancient roman sarcophagus. The pietra serena walls in the sacristy give the room a sense of tranquility and stability, and provide a parallel to the tomb which reminds one of death. The tomb coupled with the walls and the simplistic design of the structure are successful of first reminding people of death, and then stifling the fear and uncertainty associated with death by taking the past and putting it in the present. In doing so people are confronted with the endurance of mankind and the security that by their salvation they have nothing to fear in death. Brunelleschi was also one of the first humanistic architects and therefore he tried to use his constructions as a way to appeal to the philosophical side of individuals. 3
  6. 6. In sum, the room functions so well because of the perfect setting in which it was built. The sacristy and eventually the church were commissioned by the Medici, a powerful family of bankers who valued mathematics and structure. Therefore, the entire church was constructed with mathematical precision and was meant to honor a non-subjective god. The sacristy follows this structure and goes in accordance with the belief that mathematical perfection can bring one nearer to the divine. The tomb in the sacristy serves as an infinite reminder that we will not walk this earth forever , and the room’s structure and décor reassure people that through their unyielding faith and adherence to God’s will they will receive salvation and therefore have no need to fear death. Lindsay Malicoate Jay Chiat Awards This provides an overview of what I found interesting about the winners of the Campaign for a New Brand category in the Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence. The bronze winner of the 2011 Jay Chiat Award in the category of Campaign for a New Brand was for Chobani Greek Yogurt. The creator of the product, Hamdi Ulukaya began trying to sell the yogurt to a very unfamiliar American consumer in 2009. One of the biggest obstacles he faced was deciding how to confront the fact that Yoplait and Dannon already had control of 75% of the market share of yogurt, a budget that was over 3 times that of Chobani yogurt, and over 100 years of experience already under their belt. The companies were starting to market Greek yogurt at the same time as Ulukaya and he asked the people at Gotham to begin looking for an insight that might help him stand up against the big guys. What they came up with was very simple, an insight that was derived from simply listening to the consumers and letting them tell about why they loved Chobani yogurt. They found that many people who consumed the yogurt were very loyal consumers who really cared about the product. The question was then posed, “How far will you go for your Chobani yogurt?” Gotham allowed consumer feedback from multiple forms of media and found that people were really excited to talk about what motivated them to purchase Chobani, to tell why they loved it. Gotham used impromptu clips from their media and tried to deliver the most honest representation of consumer sentiments possible. The success was immediate. By the first week Chobani’s sales had increased by 34% and today hold the title of having the #1 yogurt in America. This approach really just was a great reminder for me of how important keeping the voice of the consumer in mind can really be. 4
  7. 7. Creative Work 5
  8. 8. The following are examples of my work on a multimedia project called Paranormal University at The University of Oklahoma. This is a bus ad that I created for the campaign. 6
  9. 9. This is a flyer that I created for the campaign. 7
  10. 10. This is a Facebook ad that I created for the campaign. 8
  11. 11. The following are examples of my work on an out of home campaign that worked with various clients. This is a transit shelter ad that I created for Etihad Airways. 9
  12. 12. This is a billboard ad that I created for the MBK center in Bangkok, Thailand. 10
  13. 13. The following are examples of my work on a cause marketing campaign for Asics shoes. This is a print ad that I created for the campaign. 11
  14. 14. This is a print ad that I created for the campaign. 12