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Ashleigh Pearson's AR Proposal


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Ashleigh's AR proposal as presented to the learning group on Feb 19th 2010.

Published in: Education
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Ashleigh Pearson's AR Proposal

  1. 1. PROBLEM
  4. 4. THEORY
  5. 5. COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE Learning through co-participation “Sharing tacit knowledge requires interaction and informal learning processes such as storytelling, conversation, coaching and apprenticeship of the kind that communities of practice provide.” (Wenger et al 2002)
  6. 6. Community of practice is a group of people who... • share a concern, set of problems, passion about a topic • deepen their knowledge in the specific area by interacting on an ongoing basis • discuss their situations, their aspirations and needs, ponder common issues, explore ideas and act as sounding boards to each other
  7. 7. Sounds great, but how do you cultivate a community of practice? “Because communities of practice are organic, designing them is more a matter of shepherding their evolution than creating them from scratch.” - Wenger et al (2002)
  8. 8. • CRITICAL COMMUNITY OF INQUIRERS Deepening and extending practice through critical conversation “Practice is a social process involving ideas about what makes for the good. As such it is lost without collective exploration.” (Smith 1995)
  9. 9. Community of inquiry is a group of people who... collaboratively engage in purposeful critical discourse and reflection to construct personal meaning and confirm mutual understanding
  11. 11. VALUE How do I evaluate the value of a photography forum?