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ALT-C 2012 Session 229


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Pecha Kucha slides for session #229 at ALT-C 2012

13:40, Tuesday 11 September, Room 2.220

Published in: Sports, Technology
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ALT-C 2012 Session 229

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  4. 4. Making the video unfairly demands specific skills and confidence in areas that many of us cant be expected to have... Id be absolutely horrified if any of my clients found this stuff...The course seems to be designed forstudents who are in front of a computerendlessly. I find it difficult to navigate allthese tasks across different spaces. Whycan’t we just have a clearly laid out planfor how to get through the course?
  5. 5. 51035555243@N01/11708783 I learned so much, and it really boosted my confidence. I can now update my own website, know how to blog, and use twitter regularly. I think that embedding the online learning into the structure of the course was a great way to learn about its benefits and drawbacks.I have recently been offered the opportunityto design a new online graphic design BA.I doubt I would have been offered theposition had I not been through the onlinelearning experience myself, and been in aposition to discuss it with some confidence.