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Social Media Roadmap: Understanding the Various Platforms & Which Ones Are Best for You


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Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Vine, etc. New social media platforms are sprouting up faster than businesses can keep up with. Features a overview of each platform and information about how your business can incorporate them into their content marketing and social media strategy and how to track results and case studies of businesses that have used these platforms successfully.

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Social Media Roadmap: Understanding the Various Platforms & Which Ones Are Best for You

  1. 1. Social Media Roadmap: Understandingthe Various Platforms & Which Ones AreBest for You@LindsayFultzDigital Troublemaker – Middle Child New Media#BizBash
  2. 2. Social Media StatsContent Marketing & Social Strategy• Google Plus• Pinterest• Instagram• Facebook• Twitter• Foursquare• VineCase StudiesTracking ResultsQ&AAgenda
  3. 3. • Social networking is now the #1 onlineactivity. (SOURCE: QUALMAN)• 46% of online users count on social mediawhen making a purchase. (SOURCE: NIELSEN)• Social media produces almost double themarketing leads of trade shows, direct mailand PPC. (SOURCE: HUBSPOT)• 53% of people on Twitter mentionproducts/services in their tweets. (SOURCE:QUALMAN)Social Media Stats
  4. 4. • Customize your content to optimize yourresults.• Relevant social sharing improves yoursearch rank!• Social search puts the power back intothe hands of the consumers & smallbusinesses.Social Sharing is the new SEO
  5. 5. • What niches does your brand want to be known for?• What are your business goals?• Who are your customers?• What are their challenges?• What are their goals?• What kind of content do they consume? How do they consume it? Wheredo they go to consume it?• How can you consistently create valuable and interesting content that willattract new clients, retain existing and gain referrals?Content Marketing StrategySocial Strategy• What social platforms are needed to reach your target audience(s) andachieve your goals?• Are you pursuing other revenue streams? If so, do these other revenuestreams have a different target audience and require different content?
  6. 6. Google Plus• Links, links, links!• Share, share, share! Get indexed immediately!• Shares and +1’s act as social recommendations that influenceLOGGED IN Google SERP’s (search engine results pages).• Google Authorship: Indexes profile image in search increasing clickthrough rates.• Hangouts: From social media participant to thought leader &broadcaster.• Extensions – Social Statistics, CircleCount, PlusClout,FindPeopleonPlus, Extended Share for Google+.Social Media Platform Breakdown
  7. 7. Google Plus SEO Power!+MarkTraphagen
  8. 8. • Proof status updates index immediately! Free, easy way to dominate SERPS!
  9. 9. +LaurieLaizure Increased Sales & Ranking
  10. 10. +Glamour Monetizes Google Plus Hangouts• Engages with acommunity in a waythat print can not.• Product placement.Each hangout issponsored by a brandand woven into thestory of the week.
  11. 11. +ChefHangout Private Cooking Classes• You, yourcomputer and achef right inyour kitchen.• Register and get sent a list ofingredients.• Join hangout withingredients.• When class is complete, stickaround and dine with yournew friends.
  12. 12. Pinterest• 18-54. $100k. $168.83• User curated content.• Images repurpose. More staying power & chance forvirality• SEO boost.• Click throughs. Practice “deep linking” to increaseconversions 3-4X• Private boards• Tracking – PinAlerts, Pinerly, PinReach, Piqora &Curalate (contests & analytics).Social media is increasingly becoming more social& more visual.
  13. 13. @EricaCampbell Used Pinterest to Plan Her
  14. 14.
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  17. 17.• Cross promote Instagram with “live” user generated event photography content.
  18. 18. Instagram• Avg age 18-29.• 100M monthly active users.• 40M photos per day.• 1K comments per sec.• User generated content.• Real time.• Brand mentions.• Hashtag = SEO for images.• Tracking & contest platforms – Curalate,Statigram, Nitrogram.• Cool new mobile app, SnapMyAds.Stories aboutlocations told throughbeautiful user generatedphotographs.
  19. 19. Ben & Jerry’s #CaptureEuphoria• Asked fans to submitphotos using the hashtag#CaptureEuphoria thatcapture the bliss that onlya spoonful of ice creamcan create.• Winners got their photoused in their LOCALAdvertising campaign.
  20. 20. Jason Mraz #IWONTGIVEUP• Asked fans to visuallyinterpret the single’stitle in one photo.• Generated 10Ksubmissions –including celebrities.• 25 winners invited toprivate gallery event inNYC where theirphotos were displayed.
  21. 21. Michael Kors #MKTimeless• Asked fans to snap aphoto of their ownMichael Kors arm candyand tag using thehashtag.• 18,5K likes and 3Kentries in first 24 hrs.• Winner received alimited edition MichaelKors watch.
  22. 22. Martha Stewart Living#BakeTheCake• Asked fans to postphotos of theirdelicious desserts andtag using the hashtag.• Winner got a giftbasket with a MarthaStewart cupcake giftbasket
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  25. 25.• Hashtags = SEO• Follow and @ mention people to tag them in your photos.
  26. 26. Facebook• Multi gen audience.• Organic SEO boost.• Targeted Facebook Ads DO work but you MUST targetmarket and A/B test images and text. Think Vegas!
  27. 27. Milestones Increase Organic SEO
  28. 28. Utilize Facebook Cover Images.
  29. 29. When you A/B test ads AND Facebook posts to see what resonates, you increase ROE & ROI.
  30. 30. Cross promote updates via“time stamp” on Twitter.
  31. 31. Twitter
  32. 32. Always be Awareof What’s Trendingon Twitter.A hashtag is nota marketingcampaignor a destination.It’s aconversationspark.
  33. 33. @Oreo Capitalizes in Real Time AdvertisingBe timely.Be relevant.Be relatable.Be visible.Be creative.Be conscious.Have fun.
  34. 34. Twitter Advanced
  35. 35. Foursquare• Claim venue and SEOprofile.• Check analytics to seeeveryone that has“checked in”.• Thank them!Foursquare is acomplimentaryplatform to Twitter.
  36. 36. • Key word search bylocation and products andservices.• Run Foursquare specials toentice walk-ins.• Create “best of” lists tocross promote neighboringestablishments.• Leavetips/recommendations atvenues.• EASY to maintain!Use Advanced Search on Twitter to increase in-store & event traffic!
  37. 37. Vine• Use a stand to keep iPhone stable.• Know event agenda!• Crowdsource event attendees for their “Kodak” Vinemoments.
  38. 38. • To understand what is working.• To fix what is not working.• To improve results.• To calculate value.• To justify time & money spent.• To dominate your niche.• Turn big data into smart data to customize &optimize content for increased ROE & ROI.Importance of Tracking Your EffortsConvince and Convert!
  39. 39. • Set up a FREE GoogleAnalytics account.• Get code & place on yoursite in <head> section.• Revisit your goals & set upcampaign and goal funnels.• Unique tag social links.•• A/B test and analyze.• Always be optimizingcontent!How To Track & Measure Success
  40. 40. • Keep and maintain an organized spreadsheet ofcustom campaign URL links.• Maintain consistency when naming campaigns. Ex,FB vs Facebook, fb vs facebook.• Use underscores to separate multiple words. Ex,Social_Media_Roadmap_Understanding_The_Various_Platforms_And_Which_Ones_Are_Best_For_You• Merge Google Analytics results with platformanalytics.• Have fun and #NerdHard. Market smarter, notharder.Helpful Hints to Track & Measure Success
  41. 41. Merging Social Platform & Google Analytics
  42. 42. Q&A#BizBashFollow me