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blooming folder

  1. 1. a dip ... makes an endless stay The hotel, hidden in the dunes, has several tastefully outfitted rooms that look out onto its own eleven hectares of dune land- With the dunes as your back garden and the artists’ village of scape. Located on the other side of Bergen is the estate of 't Oude Bergen just a stone’s throw away, hotel blooming is a place Hof, a stately mansion with high ceilings and rooms of every size, where everyone, whether on business or holiday, can blossom. ideally suited to training courses, brainstorming sessions, presen- blooming inspires, creates, stimulates and relaxes. At blooming tations and receptions. you feel at home. Indoors and outdoors. But whether you choose to hold your gathering in the blooming hotel or in ‘t Oude Hof, the rooms in both locations – looking out Feel free, dream away in one of the dune hollows you will find on un-spoiled nature – provide the tranquillity that makes learning around blooming, or take a bracing walk along the beach, read in and growing such natural processes. front of the open fireplace, cycle through the dunes, or daydream in a hammock. At blooming you will find many sources of inspiration. Cooking Eating brings people closer together. After all, there is The hotel has many different ambiences. No two spaces are the hardly another place where teamwork, creativity, passion, organi- same. Enjoy an intimate dinner in the restaurant ‘heaven and sation and taste all fit together so well as in a kitchen. That is why earth’ or the brasserie ‘on the waterfront’, where the cooks take blooming organizes ‘what’s cooking’ events at ‘t Oude Hof. The great pride in their dishes. cookery workshops are led by a talented cook with a love for the You can sleep in one of the blooming rooms, each one of which culinary art. You pick your own vegetables and herbs from the in the has a surprising and contemporary character. Drink your caffè latte estate's vegetable and herb garden. These are usually biologically on the terrace under the plane-trees, by the open fireplace, in the grown and the menu will depend on the season. The months of brasserie or at the long picnic table in the clearing in the dunes. May and June, for example, are dominated by asparagus, while Parties can be held in one of the inspirational rooms. There are toadstools are in plentiful supply in September. In November and many ways to relax in the blooming spa with its swimming pool, December you learn how to prepare wild game. Of course, we are whirlpool, sauna, solarium and adjacent terrace on the south always happy to hear your own suggestions. So if outdoor cooking (opening 2009). The children can burn off their excess energy in is your thing and you would like to try your hand at the braai, or the ‘kids only’ games room. perhaps you are more interested in Italian cooking, we will be pleased to arrange this for you. Accommodation Since the blooming hotel has nearly a hundred rooms, there is something for everyone. From ‘lo(f)ts of love’ to Art Bergen is an artist's village and this fact will not escape you at ‘dune valley’ rooms, from ‘waterfront lane’ rooms to the ‘heaven blooming. Young sculptors, painters and other artists are provided beyond’ suite. The choice is yours. There are even extra long or with workshop space at blooming. So drop in and form part of extra wide beds available if you so wish. But in any case, you will their creative process. sleep in a Coco-Mat bed. These completely natural sleeping elements are filled with coco-fibre, horsehair and sea grass, so blooming lets you blossom From business to private, young to old, you'll sleep like a rose. welcoming to farewell, table to bed, surprise to comfort, wedding dunes reception to office party and from rest to adventure. At blooming But whatever room you choose, they all have a modern, inspira- everything revolves around hospitality, service, atmosphere and tional and individual interior. The furniture is hand crafted from personal attention. blooming is home away from home. natural materials. The eco-friendly bedlinnen and towels are de- signed specially for blooming and produced by fair-trade methods. Getting there blooming hotel and conference estate are easily Naturally, all rooms offer wireless Internet and there is original reached both by car and public transport, about half an hour from artwork on the walls. Amsterdam. Both locations have their own spacious parking facili- blooming also has rooms with rainshower showers, infrared sauna, ties. Travel information and public transport connections can be steam cabins, sunshowers, family whirlpools .... And whether you requested from the reception. Or refer to spend just one night, a couple of days or a week, we have special arrangements for every season. If there is not an arrangement to Information and reservations for businesses suit you, then we will be happy to put one together that is tailor- t +31 (0)72 582 0 582 f +31 (0)72 582 0 581 made for an unforgettable stay. e-mail: Personal growth blooming challenges you to discover new ways of Information and reservations for individuals getting to know yourself and others. This may be during a Tai-Chi- t +31 (0)72 582 0 520 f +31 (0)72 582 0 580 workshop in the bat bunker, a wine-tasting session in the outside e-mail: kitchen, a nighttime walk with the confused forester or a rafting ... trip through the foaming surf. But you can also approach this in a Visiting address more serious manner during a ‘personal effectiveness’ training, blooming hotel ‘team development’ or ‘change management’. Customized training Duinweg 5, NL 1861 GL Bergen is of course another possibility. The blooming training courses have grown out of 60 years experience with the latest specialized blooming conference estate methodologies. Add to this the inspirational surroundings and Eeuwigelaan 1, NL 1861 CL Bergen excellent personal care and it is obvious that your goals will soon be reached! Postal address blooming hotel and conference estate Doing business Whatever the purpose of the gathering, the Duinweg 5, NL 1861 GL Bergen number of people attending or the technical requirements, blooming always has just the room you need.