A Day at the St. Louis Zoo


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Take a trip through the wild at the St. Louis zoo!

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A Day at the St. Louis Zoo

  1. 1. The
  2. 2. These Great Blue Herrons enjoy a warm afternoon as they expose their feathers in the sun.
  3. 3. The American White Pelicans are about to enter the water to catch their lunch.
  4. 4. The American White Pelican flaps his wings in an effort to warn his fellow pelicans that he will win the prize as he goes after a fish that is coming out of the water.
  5. 5. This Red Eared Slider turtle (left) gives a look to the Mallard duck (right). The turtle then moved on slowly as the duck ran fast.
  6. 6. This White Cambell Duck (left) and its friend, the Mallard duck (right), searches for food within the lake.
  7. 7. The American White Pelican finds his lunch as he catches a fish beneath the lake.
  8. 8. This bug-eyed fish is curious to see what is watching him through the glass.
  9. 9. One of the many fish living at the St. Louis zoo, heads towards his family as he breathes through his gills for survival.
  10. 10. With over 24,000 species of fish living in our world, the St. Louis zoo holds only a select few. These fish play in the water with their fellow friends.
  11. 11. Hippo footprints were left behind to point out the direction to go in so that the audience can watch it swim.
  12. 12. This Hippopotamus Amphibious is scoping out his sites as he looks for food and wonders why people are staring at him through glass.
  13. 13. This playful hippo presses his foot upon the glass so that he can catch up with his fellow hippo friends.
  14. 14. The hippo finds the sun relaxing as he rests his head on his comfy pillow of a rock.
  15. 15. The male and female cheetahs are taking a break from being the fastest animal in the world.Their original 70 mile per hour speed has been taken down to zero miles per hour for resting.
  16. 16. The male Asian Elephant takes a look around to find his mate and baby elephant as he starts to head towards them.
  17. 17. The male and female Asian elephants stay together as they move around their habitat.
  18. 18. Fury friends interact with each other at the top of their rock habitat.