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Power and social networking


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Presented to Association of Radical Midwives Study Day 20th April 2013

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Power and social networking

  1. 1. Linda Wylie Lecturer UWS
  2. 2. What is social media?“use of web-based and mobile technologies to turncommunication into interactive dialogue”Wikipedia:
  3. 3. Social media Facebook – ARM has a page Twitter - @radmidassoc On line forums – Blogging -, Flickr Virtual conferencing LinkedIn Pinterest
  4. 4. Everybody is using itMothers Consult Dr Google Talk about childbirth Support each other Broadcast births Post pics of babies/ children on the web Become activistsSocial media in midwifery practice
  5. 5. Midwives/student midwives Share experiences blogging Share information twitter Connect with others VIDM Collate information Pinterest
  6. 6. NMC guidanceThe Code – ‘must uphold the reputation of theprofession at all times’.Conduct on line and conduct in the real world should bejudged in the same way.
  7. 7. Power and social mediaSupport for campaignsInformation for demonstrationsNational discussionsInternational collaborationsConferencesManagement of careNetworkingSharing research, initiatives etcSpread info virally e.g. twitter
  8. 8. Empowering midwives Facebook campaigns Twitter discussions LinkedIn profile Virtual conferences Virtual International Day of the Midwife
  9. 9. Virginia v OBEM
  10. 10. Agnes Gereb
  11. 11. #VIDM
  12. 12. #VIDM
  13. 13. Empowering women
  14. 14. @e-midwife
  15. 15. Birthrights
  16. 16. Freedom for birth
  17. 17. Empowering studentsEvidence show that by utilising social media we can Harness interaction and educational opportunities Increase support when on placement Reduce attrition Encourage networking with fellow professionals
  18. 18. Clinical practice
  19. 19. Supporting students via socialmedia
  20. 20. Risks Reported breaches of confidentiality Students are the least experienced professionally. Lack of understanding about privacy settings (Jones2012)
  21. 21. Missed opportunity!!What does it mean to uphold the reputation of theprofession at all times?If confidentiality issues are upheld, interaction via socialmedia, or real life, can lead to invaluable educationalopportunities.Increasing use of social media for professionaldiscussion.Need to embrace social media – not hide from it.