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Cut your electric bill to zero!


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Cut your electric bill to zero!

  1. 1. Cut Your Electric Bill To Zero!Amazing Solution For Free Energy Build Your Own Power System "We CAN Generate Our Own Electricity!" “Please play the following audio file” Click Here To Enter The Members Area
  2. 2. Dramatically Reduce or Even EliminateYour Electric Bill! Get Started In Just One Weekend! Save Up to $1,000 Or More Per Year! No Experience or Special TrainingRequiredClick Here To Enter The Members Area
  3. 3. Its Not Magic, Its Magnetisim!It’s called a PMG, or Permanent Magnetic Generator. A PMG generatesalternating current (AC) that can ultimately be used by your home and helplower, even eliminate, your electric bill each month!Although the technology has been around for quite some time, it has neverbeen adapted for personal home use, until now!Working at very low rotational speed, the PMG is capable of producing 180Wof electricity at just 420 RPM! Modifications can be made so that the PMGproduces even more power at higher speeds, putting even more moneydirectly into your bank account each month! Click Here To Enter The Members Area
  4. 4. You Only Need to Invest one Weekend ofYour Spare Time, Have a Bin Full of Spare Parts, and a Little Spare Change To "Generate" $1000’s or More Per Year Click Here To Enter The Members Area
  5. 5. Professional and Easy-to-Follow Instructions and SchematicsMake Construction a Breeze! Build and Install PMG in Just One Weekend! Only Basic Tools Required! Recoup Initial Investment in as Little as 2 Months (includingparts!)! Significantly Reduce or Even Eliminate Your Electric Bill! Put Up to $1,000 In Your Pocket Each Year! Click Here To Enter The Members Area