Different types of lawyer


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Want to be a Lawyer? Are you sure??? If you are sure then … That’s O.K. BUT You need to understand that it will be VERY difficult.

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Different types of lawyer

  1. 1. IntroductionAs you all may know, there are various types of lawyers, doing legal practice in different specialized arenas of the legal field.According to the different types of legal difficulties, you will need to call in different types of lawyers. You may need legal assistance at some or other point of time in your life.However, before you could seek a lawyer, it is better if you know, what are the different types of lawyers, so that you select the one who is most appropriate to handle your legal issue.Mentioning all the types of lawyers here in this Presentation can be difficult, as there are too many in the list, but a few most often called for their legal services are given below.For more types of Lawyers visit Typeoflawyer.com
  2. 2. Different Types of LawyersMesothelioma Lawyer:Mesothelioma lawyers are similar as other types of lawyers. Mesothelioma is one of the several types of cancer, which causes damage to the membrane of vital organs in human body. Mesothelioma lawyers are the trained legal professionals who have specialized in the mesothelioma litigation.Learn More About Mesothelioma lawyers
  3. 3. Different Types of LawyersAsbestos Lawyer:Asbestos lawyer is a law professional, who assists someone suffering from medical repercussions of asbestos exposure by seeking compensation for the same. Asbestos lawyers give their best legal services to fight an asbestos lawsuit. Many a times they charge contingent fees from client, wherein they get paid only if they win the case for him. However, if they win the case, they charge a certain percentage, usually, 30-40% of the total compensation money received by the client.Learn More About Asbestos Lawyer
  4. 4. Different Types of LawyersCar Accident Lawyer:Car accidents are unwelcoming events that cause several deaths and morbidities in today’s world. With growing complexities of the laws governing and regulating car accidents and the settlements of personal injury claims, car accident lawyers become the reliable source to help you attain the favorable result. Car accident lawyers are law graduates or master’s in law specialized in car accident laws. Most of the times, accidents are result of reckless and drunken driving. Law experts help a victim to receive the rightful claim for his damages.Learn More About Car Accident Lawyer
  5. 5. Different Types of LawyersAccident Lawyer:Accident lawyers are one of the most demanded lawyers in the United States. Accident attorney is specialized in accident and injury laws and hence, their expertise is vital for receiving valid claims. They advice you about the strategy for your case. And they are involved in other responsibilities such as collecting evidences to support your claim, and representing you in the court if necessary.Learn More About Accident Lawyer
  6. 6. Different Types of LawyersErbs Palsy Lawyers:An Erbs Palsy lawyer is also known as an Erbs Palsy attorney who Specializes in the field of birth injury and knows how to best gain monetary compensation for families in the form of an Erb’s Palsy lawsuit.Learn More About Erbs Palsy Lawyers
  7. 7. Different Types of LawyersAuto Accident Lawyer:An auto accident lawyer works as a counselor and a representative to give the lawful benefits to his client. He makes sure no stone is unturned to assess the accurate damage caused to his client. Along with assessing the damages, lawyers also help the clients to receive the medical compensation, pay the medical bills and support for the future medical treatments.Learn More About Auto Accident Lawyer
  8. 8. Different Types of LawyersCerebral Palsy Lawyer:A cerebral palsy Attorney is an attorney who specializes in the field of birth injury law and on the special challenges that face families who have a child with cerebral palsy caused by improper medical care.Learn More About Cerebral Palsy Lawyer
  9. 9. Different Types of LawyersPersonal Injury Lawyer:Personal injury lawyers are the law professionals, who practice law to represent clients in a personal injury claim case. He represents the victims of an accident or injury in a case and seeks compensation for their damages. A personal injury lawyer may have to fight a case against an employer, store owner or even a doctor who caused injury to his client.Learn More About Personal Injury Lawyer
  10. 10. Different Types of LawyersAutomobile Accident Lawyer:Just like other types of lawyers, an automobile accident lawyer fights for his clients to ensure they receive their lawful benefits. If you met an accident and are badly injured and hospitalized, you or your family members will not be able to do the needful formalities to claim damage recovery.Learn More About Automobile Accident Lawyer
  11. 11. Check out the list of some more types of lawyers Bankruptcy lawyers  Business lawyer Workers Compensation Lawyer  International Lawyer Consumer Fraud Lawyer  Malpractice Lawyer Defense Lawyer  Child Support Lawyer Employment Lawyer  Fraud Lawyer Property Insurance Lawyer  Social Security Lawyer Health Insurance Lawyer  Medical Malpractice Lawyer Life Insurance Lawyer  Patent Lawyer Immigration Lawyer  Compensation Lawyer