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Pinterest for Big Brands

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  21. Content Engagement TOP TEN IMAGES BY IMPRESSIONS The top pin with the most engagement is our HC-143 wythe blue Color of the Year dollop from our Color Trends board. We Google tagged the image to lead back to our e-store Earth & Sky Color Trends page on March 16th. The link has been clicked 128 times, with 4.92 pages per visit and 1:29 time spent on our dot com. Your home office picture has been making a splash on Pinterest too! 11 users have pinned it from outside sources, 54 repins and 23 likes from our Pinterest page – all equaling over 5K impressions!
  22. Board Activity Breakdown Board with most followers Board with most pins, Top image content: and comments:: repins, and likes: In comparison to our last slide, these numbers are from our Pinterest board only, not showing the domino effect of repins. This image has 19.1K impres sions from our Pinterest page 68 PINS alone. 5,074 FOLLOWERS 1,244 REPINS Top three images are from our Color Trends 22 COMMENTS 195 LIKES board, with the second and third being dollops – 70 repins & 8 likes and 60 repins and 10 likes, respectively.
  23. Competition Monitoring We have 1506 more followers than SW, our closest competitor – that’s a 149% increase! With 296K weekly impressions, we beat out SW by 204.5K. We are truly the paint leaders on Pinterest, even after our purging of non-licensed images.
  24. SONY on Pinterest Callan Green @CallanPaola @SonyElectronics
  25. Getting Started: The Process Pre launch • Personal use of platform • Research existing brand pins and community • Planning of potential boards and user acquisition • Analysis of assets Soft launch • T pins, frequency engagement to develop strategy est , • Grow audience by interacting with brand fans • Monitor, measure, report out • Involve and excite employees • Gain traction with timely boards
  26. Launch and Gaining Traction Launch • Utilize other channels to promote • Blog, Facebook, Twitter • Increase Pin frequency and board creation to keep momentum • Outreach to media and bloggers • Analyze success Maintaining Momentum • Ongoing promotion via E-blasts, PR and social • Creation of content designed specifically for Pinterest audience • Introduction of new programs (ie Pin Deals)
  27. How Will You Achieve Your Goals Acquisition Questions to ask before determining your strategy Drive Sales • W are you devoting internal resources to Pinterest? hy • How does it tie into your overall business goals? • How will you measure success? • How do you want to be viewed on the platform Branding • How will you compete for eyeballs? Sony’s Strategy • Build community and engage with fans • Pins and boards focused on driving sales, brand affinity or community acquisition • Pin relevant content
  28. Results from the First 6 Months On Pinterest: • Over 2,300 Brand followers • 2,500+ re-pins from Sony content • 1,200+ Likes on Sony Pins • More than 2,500 Pins from the Sony website • Most popular board: Commerce driven “Brand new Products” • Most popular pin: Commerce driven “Pin Deals” Pinterest to Web • 800 percent increase in traffic from Pinterest to Sony Store website • 2.5 times the traffic driven by Twitter to website • Pin-it button has received more than 10 times the clicks than “Tweet This” button • More than 4 million brand impressions (via Curalate dashboard)
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  30. Nick Harris @HarrisNick @Benjamin_Moore Callan Green @CallanPaola @SonyElectronics Linda Sherman @LindaSherman @KauaiTalk