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"Hope" presentation that i made this for my friend's English exam
It's about when you need hope, and why you need hope..
This presentation have notes.. what should you say while clicking.

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  1. 1. HOPE By: Apriliani Susanti What if… Today you get the hardest problem in your life Do you still remember that there is always HOPE? Would you like to live your miserable day like this
  2. 2. Crying all days or
  3. 3. Blaming others or..
  4. 4. WHY ME.. OOOhh.. WHY ME!! Self pity
  5. 5. Want to die
  6. 6. Just getting do what ever like nothing happened. And if you have hope would it make a different?, well let’s find out the definition of HOPE
  7. 7. Hope |hōp|  noun  1 a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen  • a person or thing that may help or save someone  • grounds for believing that something good may happen  2 [archaic] a feeling of trust.  verb [ intrans. ]  want something to happen or be the case.  • [with infinitive ] intend if possible to do something Oxford dictionary
  8. 8. HOPE has POWER  Power to chase your FEAR away  Power to reach your GOALS
  9. 9. HOPE give you STRENGTH  Strength to RISE UP from defeated situation  Strength to MAKE DIFFERENT in life
  10. 10. HOPE is about CHANCE  Chance to make a BETTER life  Chance to SUPPORT and CARE for others
  11. 11. You Need HOPE to face hard circumstances in your life Thank you