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BYOD: How my teaching has changed!


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Changed pedagogical approach to flipping my class.

Published in: Education
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BYOD: How my teaching has changed!

  1. 1. Linda RubensOrewa College: Assistant English HoD, Year 9 dean
  2. 2. Est.1882 My background A very brief history
  3. 3. Biggest concern at the outset My students areThe distractions the always on task.iPad offers the studentsand how we woulddiscipline or managethis
  4. 4. Management of my classesPhysical set up of desksSquare circle
  5. 5. The future What Id like my classroom to look like
  6. 6. Slow to start: digital natives? Research from US, UK, OZ, NZ shows students are not digital natives Screenagers but only with FB and gaming
  7. 7. No longer the sage on the stageTruly have adifferentiated classroom Flipped classroomPlan well ahead: facilitatorNeed a LMS like Ultranet Not HW but prep beforeyour lessonNever underestimate thehuman touch
  8. 8. Definition of flipped approachThe popular definition that it isonly when students prep forlessons using short videos isflawedThat every lesson needs to be runthis way is also flawed. Variety isimportant Changing preconceived ideas instudents minds is part of the mixStudents take ownership of theirlearning
  9. 9. Basics to flipping my class Post all work on line on a LMS Download the work at school Set short bursts of work for students to prep Start the lesson at the point of least understanding Dont expect the change to occur overnight Find novel ways of checking if the prep was done
  10. 10. Results after term of flipping poetry
  11. 11. What about conventional exams?Essay structure onEducreations Prep before the test
  12. 12. Need very little teacher help Prepping was successful Hand writing is not a forgotten skill!!
  13. 13. Need another look
  14. 14. Need additional inputWorking with six students rather than entire class
  15. 15. BEFORE
  16. 16. AFTER
  17. 17. Exam results 2012UNFAMILIAR TEXT:NA 3A 7M 9E6
  18. 18. Exam results 2012VISUAL TEXTESSAYNA 3A 16M3E5
  19. 19. As a classroom teacher I have found:Full engagementQuiet, settled class Submission andresubmissionSuccess with prepDifferentiated teachingand learning
  20. 20. Any questions?