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Marketing Insights for Effective Mom Blogger Outreach


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Marketers want to reach moms. The recognize that blogs are a powerful tool, but often lack the knowledge of the space and the blogger world plan effective outreach tactics. Here are 7 tips to make the job easier.

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Marketing Insights for Effective Mom Blogger Outreach

  1. 1. Insights Marketers Need To Know About 7 @Linda_Sellers Mommy Bloggers
  2. 2.   Companies want to know…. “How do we reach moms to get them to buy our product?” Then someone in the office says… “Let’s hit up the Mommy Bloggers.” Companies of all sizes are asking the same question: “How can we get Mom Bloggers to blog about our product?” They recognize that these blogs are valuable marketing tools and hope to reach moms through Mom Bloggers’ trusted voices.   @Linda_Sellers
  3. 3.   Brands come to the table with a vision for how this engagement will take place. They have extensive research on their target consumers - the moms who buy their product or service. But they lack the insights into the bloggers’ world to know what that means in terms of a long-term strategy and tactical approach. Hence, the tactics fall short.       @Linda_Sellers
  4. 4. These 7 insights into the world of the Mommy Blogger will help guide your company’s outreach efforts.     @Linda_Sellers
  5. 5. But first note….   Before I begin, I know many of you are already shaking your fists at the screen because I’m using the term Mommy Blogger. Why? Because #1…     @Linda_Sellers
  6. 6. Addressing this group as “Mommy Bloggers” can open up a can of very vocal worms. •  Not all moms who blog are Mommy Bloggers – they identify with a different niche – food, tech, lifestyle, etc… •  Some despise the term and take offense to it – and will let you know loud and clear. •  Others totally embrace the term. •  Do your research to determine how each blogger defines her brand. •  Also worth noting – DADS BLOG TOO. (Hint: Carefully read their blogs, social channels and bios) 1 @Linda_Sellers
  7. 7. Family and personal commitments will take priority. Marketers, get in line. •  Your campaign may take a back seat when family priorities take precedence. •  Most bloggers are professional and will follow through - but have a backup plan and be prepared to pivot. •  Bloggers are more likely to work with and go the extra mile for marketers with whom they have solid relationships. (Hint: Build and continually grow your network of bloggers, and nurture those relationships) 2 @Linda_Sellers
  8. 8. They create their own content – they really don’t need yours. •  Their lives provide the inspiration for their content. •  They don’t need your expert’s tips or advice - their audiences follow what they have to say and value their opinions (and this is why you want to work with them). •  It takes the right pitch at the right time to get noticed and that pitch must offer a definite value to the blogs. (Hint: Find an angle for your content that will help them tell THEIR stories) 3 @Linda_Sellers
  9. 9. Don’t tell them what their readers want to read. •  Yes, you believe their readers will love your content, but bloggers know what resonates best with their audiences. •  Don’t make the assumption that the bloggers care about the traffic your content or contest will bring. •  Unless you have a key to their analytics, you can’t make assumptions about what content will and won’t be successful. (Hint: Have a conversation with them. Work together to craft a solution that is mutually beneficial) 4 @Linda_Sellers
  10. 10. Mom Bloggers are individuals and each offers unique value. •  They aren’t “one size fits all” and shouldn’t all be lumped into the same category. •  Many have a clear specialty, even within the mom demographic. •  They often cover multiple topics and have definite opinions on these topics that you’ll need to note. (Hint: Do your research to find bloggers for whom your product or service is a natural and honest fit) 5 @Linda_Sellers
  11. 11. Their family dynamics are constantly changing. •  As their families grow larger and kids grow older, these bloggers may need to change up their content. •  They may find a need to narrow, broaden, or shift focus. •  As content strategists (and smart ones at that) they are constantly testing and learning – and when necessary, even rebranding. (Hint: Follow the blogger’s journey and keep communication lines open. Someone who isn’t a fit today may be the best fit tomorrow) 6 @Linda_Sellers
  12. 12. Mom Bloggers blog for many different reasons. •  Some blog just to chronicle their lives. •  Some blog to make money – for others, money is not even on the radar. •  Some blog to work with brands, some do not – and will not. •  Some are selective about brands while others are more open to a wide variety. (Hint: Take a deep dive into the bloggers’ content to get an understanding of what motivates them) 7 @Linda_Sellers
  13. 13. It’s OK… There are bloggers and outreach specialists who will consult and offer recommendations to ensure you are on point and that you adhere to best practices. Before you check that Mommy Blogger box (consider just calling it the Blogger box), think through your approach and seek validation on your strategy and tactics. And for those who are shaking their fists… I get it. The good news is that companies are getting it too. As we continue to educate and advocate, the challenges become fewer and opportunities will continue to flourish. @Linda_Sellers
  14. 14. Linda Sellers @linda_sellers Mommy Blogger (yes, it’s OK to call me that) Marketing Manager & Outreach Specialist