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NLP Canada Training Inc.


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Introduction to the programs, principles and strengths of training with NLP Canada Training Inc.

Published in: Business, Technology
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NLP Canada Training Inc.

  1. 1. NLPCT inc.: Training for Focus, Energy, Connection and Results
  2. 2. OUR PURPOSE Growth, energy and fresh thinking for people who want to do more and do better
  3. 3. Precise connections for insight, energy and action
  4. 4. A window into best practices • the best thinking from many different fields • the most precise attention to individual experience • practices for integration and emergence
  5. 5. WEEKENDS AND WEEKDAY EVENINGS Training in community
  6. 6. Coaching for support, insight and new patterns of behaviour
  7. 7. WEEKDAY TRAINING FOR BUSINESS PEOPLE Focus, practice and achievement for independent thinkers
  8. 8. Training for teams that share goals, communicate better & get results
  9. 9. PRODUCTS TO ENHANCE TRAINING • CDs that reinforce or apply training • Books that challenge and transform • Web based products to spread our ideas
  10. 10. Trainers who challenge, inspire and inform
  11. 11. Products developed through interaction and integration
  12. 12. OUR BUSINESS MODEL • a professional services partnership • a business with many stakeholders
  13. 13. Modeling tacit knowledge, building teams, managing uncertainty
  14. 14. Remuneration • contract workers provide administrative support • stipends to recognize workload • profit sharing to recognize success
  15. 15. Research, benchmarks and competition