7 Steps to a Happier New Year


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A positive focus self-development e-book, this leads you through 14 questions that will prepare you for 2014.

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7 Steps to a Happier New Year

  1. 1. 14 Questions for 2014
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  3. 3. Ready for a Happier New Year? by Linda Ferguson, NLP Canada Training Inc.
  4. 4. 7 Steps to a Happier New Year! Welcome. Do you have a cup of tea or coffee? Please, find what you need to be comfortable and let’s have a conversation. If you were hoping this would be a stern lecture about writing down your goals and finding the drive and focus to achieve them, please don’t let me slow you down. Just use your drive and focus to write down your goals and get busy. If you’re still here, you’re like me. You hate to be lectured and you are far from sure that writing goals or making resolutions is the best way to prepare for a new year. You might even feel a little guilty, as if you should be better at writing out clear, forceful goals, as if you should have a plan and work the plan, as if “should” were a good way to live. I’m taking an online course which arrives as one assignment per week in my inbox. I got stuck on week two, which began with goal setting. When I looked at what other people were saying (there’s an online community for homework), I noticed a lot of people disappear between week 1 and week 2. Goals are hard work. Actually, I love hard work, but I only do hard work once I’ve done the important work. The important work is the preparation, and if it does not have energy and curiosity and something beautiful, then I am not ready to do the hard work. So this is a conversation about the important work, and after you complete it, you’ll be able to think differently about whether you are ready to do the hard work of setting goals which you will pursue with focus and drive until you have achieved them.