Stories of Success | Lindamood-Bell testimonials | Reading improvement | Comprehension Improvement


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Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, internationally renowned for educational programs and research, has pioneered instructional models to develop the sensory-cognitive processes that underlie reading, spelling, comprehension, critical thinking, and math.

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Stories of Success | Lindamood-Bell testimonials | Reading improvement | Comprehension Improvement

  1. 1. Stories and Testimonials<br />A Mother's Story<br />Lindamood-Bell was the last attempt I had for getting any help for my boys and boy acontactm I glad I found them. Both boys had difficulty with reading from day one of Kindergarten and like most of you I heard the same ol' story, they will get it, they are smart kids, don't worry about it, etc. etc. The boys were 3rd and 7th graders when we started with Lindamood-Bell and it was quite refreshing to be treated as a person who just might know that their kids could do reading, but they needed help. They looked over all of the previous testing and did not repeat unnecessary tests. The testing they did on each boy was then explained to me on what the test was to show, what my kids did and why, and then what they could do to get their scores where they needed to be. It made so much sense and the boys didn't dread having to read and when we left the first time they both said it was fun.<br />I'm telling you, Lindamood-Bell is amazing. I can't ever thank them enough for all they did and continue to do for my kids.<br />We did the summer schedule of 8 weeks or maybe 9 for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week and I was dreading getting them up and dealing with attitude of not wanting to go. Lindamood-Bell made their time there so much fun, each and every day they came home with smiles and learned a lot. I didn't have to drag them. Each instructor was friendly and caring and " hip" to kids' likes and dislikes. To leave them there for 4 hours was a comfort and I never once thought we were spending too much. Even though there is that shock, but please don't look at the price, just know that Lindamood-Bell will get your child the help he/she needs.<br />Last year my 5th grader informed me that a couple of the kids in his class sure could use Lindamood-Bell. How cool was that! I'm telling ya, Lindamood-Bell is amazing. I can't ever thank them enough for all they did and continue to do for my kids. I can call anytime and get help and reassurance and that means a lot to me. I get teary-eyed just remembering and thinking of all we went thru before Lindamood-Bell and then I get teary-eyed thinking of all the help we've received from Lindamood-Bell. <br />Thank you, Thank you. All of you at Lindamood-Bell.<br />Dakota's Story<br />Boy, the rumors are true! You folks at Lindamood-Bell really do work miracles! Last night, Dakota did math homework that included (let's see if I can even get this right) irrational numbers between 2 and 3. Yesterday, she worked on a problem with Sean that involved light years, with billions of digits!I had mentioned to Kathy that I thought these last two weeks were all that I could afford. After talking to Sean last night in our progress meeting, I am asking that she attend one more week after this one. We are so close to complete success, I shan't let money be the reason that stops us. There is no gadget, handbag, or in my case, tattoo, that is more important than breaking an inherited genetic curse that has plagued my family for at least four generations. I am the first college grad in our family, and Dakota may be the first to earn a doctorate; who knows? You can do so much when you don't think you're stupid!<br />Thank you so much for basically verifying everything I believed about Nanci's and Kim's program, and everyone there has been so kind and such a joy that my daughter says she will miss them. Especially Sean - think she'll be calling him to ask advice about her new boyfriend even after she is no longer coming to the Learning Center! Sean has an effortless ease with children that is truly a talent.<br />Thank you all again for giving my daughter the gifts of understanding math and of confidence through the On Cloud Nine program and your wonderful instructors.<br />