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The Chartered Institute for the Management of Assessment Practice (CIMAP) is a professional body supporting the needs of all stakeholders involved in Assessment, Moderation and ETD Practice in South Africa.

CIMAP is the ideal platform for the professionalisation of assessment practice.

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Presentation CIMAP

  1. 1. Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Credibility & Discipline
  2. 2. About Us CIMAP is a Section 21 organisation serving the professional needs of Assessors, Moderators, ETD Practitioners; The Agent for Professionalism in Assessment, Moderation and ETD Practice in South Africa; The Voice for the Enhancement of Public Perception on Education for these Professions
  3. 3. Our VisionTo promote Professionalism and the Highest Standards ofQuality, Competence and Integrity in Assessment,Moderation, Facilitation and Materials Development.MissionTo promote Quality Education and Training practicethrough voluntary self-regulation while assisting ourmembers to achieve success through the provision ofrelevant expertise, educational opportunities, businessresources and social & business networkingopportunities.
  4. 4. Why the industry started CIMAP• The founding members have volunteered resources and time for the benefit of the entire industry.• Possibly the greatest challenge in this vast educational landscape is to unify a group of professionals that are engaged at different levels, with different elements of the framework and across different sectors.• CIMAP also offers a FET and HET Provider forum that works relentlessly for the benefit of our members.
  5. 5. PurposeThe Chartered Institute for Management of AssessmentPractitioners (CIMAP) is a professional body supportingthe needs of all stakeholders involved in Assessment,Moderation and ETD Practice in South Africa.CIMAP is the ideal platform for the professionalization ofassessors, moderators, and ETD Practitioners. CIMAPoffers a professional recognition pathway, a Code ofProfessional Conduct and the management of thecontinuing professional development (CPD) programmes.
  6. 6. Service Offering Setting and Maintaining a Professional Standard through High Levels of involvement with the Community of Expert Practice; A Channel for CPD Activities , Events, Seminars and Workshops hosted by approved Training Providers to assist members to keep Professional Knowledge current; A Channel for fostering a Culture of Lifelong Learning by Awarding Professional Designations;
  7. 7. Service Offering A Dedicated website where members can manage their own Professional Development and Network with other Education and Training Practitioners; Regular Communication with individual members via Website, Electronic Mail and other Social Networks;
  8. 8. Service Offering Membership skills passport - based on members’ cumulative global experience; Regularly updates, with opportunities for input into the development process; Regular newsletter, briefing notes on technical issue; Regulatory feedback on developments, and events appropriate; Access to a secure website, with seminal documents available for download;
  9. 9. Service Offering The facilitation of discussion forums to facilitate member dialogue; Quarterly regional forums; Seminars and workshops on numerous topics of interest; ‘Single voice’ lobbying on regulatory matters; Reciprocity agreements with other professional bodies.
  10. 10. Service Awards Industry ETD Awards; Training Providers may apply for CIMAP blue, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond status awards. A rigorous validation process is applied; CIMAP top 50 Training Awards; Assessor and Moderation Awards; Annual ETD Practitioner Awards
  11. 11. Member Designation Student Member - Open to anyone with an interest in assessment. Affiliate Assessor - Affiliate Membership is open to anyone with an interest in assessment, and confirmation of achievement of the national assessor standard (ACIMAP). Practitioner Assessor - 1-3 years experience in educational assessment, and must have achieved a National Diploma (NQF 5) (PCIMAP).
  12. 12. Membership Designation Fellow Assessor - Fellowship is available to the most experienced and expert practitioners in educational assessment and a NQF 6 level qualification (FCIMAP). Chartered Assessor (CCIMAP). Masters degree and five years of educational assessment experience. Master Assessor (MCIMAP). Doctoral degree and extensive assessment and moderation experience.
  13. 13. Designation Qualification OFO Profile Ed or Training Advisor Master PhD CPD (249101) Ed or Training Advisor Chartered M.Sc. CPD (249101) Ed or Training Reviewer Fellow B.Comm CPD (249102) Assessment PractitionerPractitioner Diploma CPD (223303) Affiliate Assessment US CPD Code of Professional Conduct
  14. 14. Our AffiliatesLocalWe have formed a local confederation the SouthAfrican Board for People Practices (SABPP).InternationalCIMAP is proud to announce its affiliation withthe Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors(CIEA) in the UK. Through this affiliation CIMAPwill be able to offer its members a range of CPDprogrammes bearing international recognition.
  15. 15. CIMAP Board Members:Chairperson: Ms. D.E Damons MSc; (FCIEA U.K);Vice-Chairperson: Prof. M. Mehl;Mr. P. Mathebula (MA); Dr. K. Deller;Mrs. R. Pillay (M.Ed.); W. Goosen(FCIEA U.K);Mr. T. Tshabalala; Dr. W. Guest-Mouton;Dr. M. Serfontein, (FCIEA U.K); Dr. L. Meyer, (FCIEA U.K); &Mrs. A. Roode B.Com. (Hons)
  16. 16. Regional Conveners• Please contact CIMAP to obtain the contact details of your industry regional convener.•
  17. 17. Contact Us Telephone Number: +2711 329 9000 Fax Number: +2786 218 4466 E-Mail: Postal Address: P O Box 799, Randburg, 2194 Physical Address: 16 Republic Road, Bordeaux, Randburg, Johannesburg, 2125
  18. 18. Thank YouYours in Assessment Excellence!