Johnston: New Media: Exciting opportunities for fundraisers


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Johnston: New Media: Exciting opportunities for fundraisers

  1. 1. The outline – 1 hour and 10 minutes… 1. What’s so special about new media giving? Why should I do it? • What are people doing online? Who is giving online? • Do they give in the Nederlands? Mama Cash New Media: Exciting opportunities for • Web sites, giving forms, and emails. How do I master the new media basics fundraisers 2. Why should I integrate new media with traditional fundraising? • Because you’ll make more money • People are doing more than just give small gifts online: legacy; major gifts; etc 3. Social Network Fundraising online: Nierstichting Vakdag Fondsenwerving 2007 Elfstadentocht case study 4. Trends, planning and human resources Michael Johnston • Alternative Giving and in Tribute giving; Mobile phones; Hyves and Facebook • Making a 3 year plan • Finding the right people – human resources 1 2 So… what’s so great about online donors anyway? So… what’s so great about online donors anyway? Online Donor Demographics vs. Direct Mail Demographics – Online Donor 2007 study Demographics vs. Direct Mail Demographics – 2007 study Age Online Direct Mail Education: Online Direct Mail <35 41% 15% 35-44 26% 26% UNIVERSITY 82% 68% 45-54 19% 15% 55+ 14% 39% 3 4 So… what’s so great about online donors anyway? So… what’s so great about online donors anyway? Online Donor Online Donor Demographics vs. Direct Mail Demographics – Demographics vs. Direct Mail Demographics – 2007 study 2007 study Gender: Family Income: Online Direct Mail Online Direct Mail <$35,000 8% 32% (why?) MALE $35,000 TO $50,000 42% 40% 26% 22% FEMALE $50,000 TO $80,000 58% 60% 43% 17% $80,000 + However, it’s important to note that with some 23% 17% charities, especially animal welfare – up to 80% of online donors are female. 5 6 1
  2. 2. Do you have a personal page online? Personal pages for Alzheimer Society of Canada… Would you be willing to create a personal fundraising page to help support the nonprofit YES 21.2% organization? NO 78.8% YES 20.1% NO 79.9% 7 8 How would you like future correspondence? Who are online donors? • Younger online than traditional direct response fundraising, but it’s just not young people… • More women than men in all areas of online giving Over the Internet 74.3% • More wealthly and better educated than traditional Regular mail 27.3% direct response donors Telephone 0.6% • Some have personal pages and they would raise money through personal pages (we’ll com e back to In person 1.3% this) • They want email, then m ail – and NOT the phone as follow up, BUT more on that in a few m inutes with integration 9 10 What are they doing in the commercial world online… Let’s get this over at the start! Are there successful online giving campaigns in the Nederlands? Who has heard of Mama Cash and the 88 day campaign? 11 12 2
  3. 3. Campaign achievements Media support to drive online giving TV interviews: * Goedemorgen Nederland Lots of national and regional media coverage. * Nederland Helpt Ten thousands of people received the * RTL Lijn 4 campaign e-zines. People created their own online fundraising pages. Radio interviews: More than 1,5 million hits on the campaign website. * BNN /Eddy Zoey * Radio 528/ Giel Beelen Approximately € 200.000 raised in online * Llink/Desmet Live donations in the Netherlands * Skunk 13 14 Pr op riet ary an d Co nfid en tial 14 Now, how about online alternative giving? 15 16 Now… the online fundraising basics – home page, Home page – capturing emails and getting giving form, emails, and e-newsletters gifts 17 18 3
  4. 4. Getting emails… Grow the List 38,086 690% + Annual List Growth 3000 new online members added each month 6,459 4,800 Apr-01 Apr-02 Jul-02 Jan-03 Jul-03 19 20 Hijacking the home page for fundraising… Clickable banner – not just Press Advertisement button… Is your Dutch nonprofit missing anything on the home blogs/ page…? posts podcasts user input/ feedback 3rd party tools RSS feeds 21 22 Results: over 800 responses and $19,000 Is your organization remembering to use passion in its email fundraising? Now what works with email and Outrage enewsletters… …passion email fundraising… Problem, solution, solicitation Further narrative… 23 24 4
  5. 5. The Narrative Arc… • This appeal made $19,000 with $16,000 to go… How many of you have forgotten to • But a 7 year old child raised $165 in a garage attach something to an email – or sale… forgotten to cc someone? • What if a 2nd appeal went out? And what if it outlined how we need $10,000 more – and if a 7 year old child can give $165 then so can Whoops I forgot to send you this… 15 you! minutes later… high open rate! • Remember to write an e-appeal with multiple messages… 25 26 Subject: A better way to buy gifts this holiday season Holiday Eappeal Nov ember 28, 2006 19 gifts in the first 5 days Reminders – multiple emails asking for money – not just one Use images to conv ey urgency or convenience of donating online 27 28 Reminder #2 Reminder #1 December 19, December 12, 2006 2006 15 gifts within 2 25 gifts in the days next 5 days Emotional Refer to prior appeals Convenience What gift can accomplish 29 30 5
  6. 6. Donations Per Date Reminder #3 25 December 21, 2006 20 20 32 gifts in the 4 Final Reminder days before 16 Number of Donations Christmas 15 12 First Reminder 10 8 7 7 Last Minute Gift- 6 Focus on service Initial Appeal Second 5 4 4 4 4 to donor Reminder 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 n n n 29 ov 30 ov 1- v 2- c 3c 4c 5- c 6- c 7- c 8c 9c 10 ec 11 ec 12 ec 1 ec 14 ec 15 ec 16 ec 17 ec 1 ec 1 ec 20 ec 21 ec 22 ec 23 ec 2 ec 2 ec 26 ec 27 ec 28 ec 29 ec 3 ec 31 ec 1- c o e e e e e e e e e Ja Ja a -N -N -N D D -D -D D D D -D -D -D -D -D D -D -D -D -D D D -D -D -D -D D D -D -D -D -D D -D 3-J 2- 3- 8- 9- 4- 5- 0- 28 Dat e Donations 31 32 33 34 More than just your mission in the e- newsletter to improve open rates… 20% increase in clickthroughs 35 36 6
  7. 7. The Salvation Army California – e -newsletter fundraising basics! 37 38 Upfront monthly giving choices, accomplishments… online giving forms 39 40 Here’s a quick hint… Offer an opt out box about RENEWING Integration is multi-faced and must be planned their single gift next year… 41 42 7
  8. 8. Does your Dutch organization look at online this w ay for fundraising… not yet Three levels of integration: 1. channel; 2. team; 3. donor development 43 44 Direct Mail integration (with email) For Amnesty… a picture blacked out and donor told to Integration basics: email and the mail; web wait for dm and the phone appeal to see shocking photo… 45 46 Pop Up to convert donors… Pop Ups… In-bound calls…or skype calls… Live chat… Out-bound Best ROI to calls… monthly conversion 47 48 8
  9. 9. Oxfam Canada The email • Post tsunami: 18,000 single gift online donors and 18,000 single gift phone donors. • Challenge: how to convert them to monthly committed giving. Solution: test three streams Stream One: Web donors get an email Stream Two: Web donors get a phone call Stream Three: Phone donors get a phone call Tell us the best integration stream? 49 50 Results … • Results: • 13% conversion rate for web to phone vs. • .2% for web to email and Online Social Network Fundraising – an exciting • 7% to phone to phone opportunity in the Nederlands – a part of • $11 per m onth average integrated fundraising • These donors are NOT on the Oxfam data base and are new, first time donors 51 52 How do the Dutch define themselves? Rule One: focus on the passionate few New way: electronic Old way: physical communities typical distribution of fundraisers communities of interest your top fundraisers for a pledge-based special event 100% neighborhood raise most of your 80% professional top 5% of participants Online book clubs networks 60% raise >50% of pledges % of $ raised 40% ‘virtual’ church friends 20% How many of you?... 0% workplace 100% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% % of participants 53 54 9
  10. 10. Rule Two: encourage storytelling Emotion from the supporter… please support Maeve in supporting charitable causes, most people respond to emotion especially when asked by people they know and trust 55 56 Rule Three: Create Action, Drive Results Social Network Online Fundraising – the first Dutch case study successful fundraising is all about creating/driving action • in every interaction you have and A pretty video… every promotional or communication piece you produce, as k: – what is it telling me to do? – is it obvious what action I am being asked to take? – is it directing me to your preferred option? 57 58 What happens when you connect culture and What happens when you connect culture and fundraising? fundraising? People told their own reasons for skating and raising money… and they set their goals 59 60 10
  11. 11. Individuals put up Teams were created – personal messages with and they set higher goals their photos to ask for than individuals… others to support their fundraising And we leveraged celebrity via radio to drive traffic … 61 62 Where is the Elfstadentocht headed? – First year online fundraising an example of growth in online giving…. • Approximately € 100.000 was raised online through • over the last seven years, the CIBC Run 3.923 donations for the Cure has increased online fundraising Online Dollars Raised • 66% of online registrants raised m oney online by approximately 25 x $7,500 – The average num ber of sponsors was 5.17 $6,500 – total donations roughly doubled over the same – The average amount raised per fundraiser was $5,000 time period $5,000 €118.57 • online now accounts for over 50% of Ra ise d • The average online gift was € 25.49 $0 00s $3,000 registrants and more than 35% of public funds raised $2,500 • The top 10 fundraisers raised 36% of funds – $1,500 • on average, online gifts are twice as large € 36.000 $650 as gifts made by cash/check ($51.30 vs. $250 $50 $26.70) $0 • 15% of fundraising occurred in the week prior to 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 • Best fundraisers are teams the event • Best fundraisers u se paper too • In 2007, over 10 million was raised online! 63 63 64 Pr op riet ary an d Co nfid en tial What is culturally resonant for you? What actions could supporters take online to improve their relationship with WSPA? • Jumping in the North Sea every new year! • Skating! • What else in Holland? 65 66 11
  12. 12. Show the network Show the Network 67 68 Select your message Take a picture 69 70 The projection The Results 33 days (May 18th to June Campaign duration 19th) People marching 61,684 Pictures uploaded (approved) 36,669 Countries participating 152 Pictures sent by MMS 128 Unique em ails collected 27.925 Unique cyberactivists 8.285 Unique visitors to the website 221.583 (May&June) Participation rate (visitors/pics 16.55% approved) Site versions 11 Site languages 5 71 72 12
  13. 13. 73 74 Kiva – LOAN/GIVE Online trend – donors who want to choose a Oxfam Canada populates the back end country; then an area of work; then right down people can choose country, theme, project and to a person – and give… then give money, make a loan, make a team or personal page… 75 76 Kiva – LOAN/GIVE Oxfam Canada populates the back end people can choose country, theme, project and Facebook: Hyves then give money, make a loan, make a team or personal page… 77 78 13
  14. 14. The online environment Anyone in Holland have personal pages? 79 80 Micro fundraising on Hyves or Facebook Micro fundraising on Hyves or Facebook 81 82 Facebook is allowing fundraising 1. Users could buy virtual gifts or icons to send to their friends to benefit charity 2. February 07, the Facebook Gift Shop began selling 28 icons created by Mac icon designer, Susan Kare, for $1 each 3. 7 million gifts were bought in February with .50 cents going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure 4. That’s $3.5 million dollars to the nonprofit! 83 84 14
  15. 15. But let’s be careful • Latest stats for Facebook for NSPCC: 1) Generating overall to the site - 0.2% of overall traffic - 2) 8% of all 'referer' traffic to site 3) Generating to the credit card confirm page - 4.6% of all successful credit card cash donations So… it can get micro gifts… general traffic… and general donations… all good! 85 86 Big gifts and little gifts online First two months: 4 • Don’t be afraid to ask for large gifts in expectancies emails and one • It could be legacies… major gifts… or in $175,000 gift the following example, gifts of stock: of stock… 87 88 Targeted Landing Page Mount Sinai Hospital and the Toronto Stock Exchange • Objective – To Promote the Gift of stoc k Donation program • Time Fram e – One Month • $200,000 in gifts of stock! 89 90 15
  16. 16. Tribute gifts – and tribute pages… Two important online trends… Interactive engagem ent tool Offers a permanent way for • Alternative, holiday gifts your donors to remem ber their • In tribute, in memory, in honour online loved ones. Provides a continued destination for donations in memory of loved ones. It could be connected to a hyves page! 91 92 Corporate support for alternative giving… Corporate support for alternative giving… 93 94 Corporate support for alternative giving… Mobile 95 96 16
  17. 17. The basics: here’s IFAW’s web site on a mobile Here are a few examples of best practice… browser… not good…how is yours in the Nederlands? First Screen……..down 1 screen…….down 2 screens…..down 3 screens…down 5 screens... Greenpeace……..GP Whale Love……….WWF…..………..BBC News……Oxfam Canada? 97 98 MSF Austria – integration… MSF Austria 50% conv erted 50% conv erted to monthly to monthly 5% of total 50% converted 282,000 Euros giv ing givYour ing donations to to monthly MSF Austria MSF Austria 60% said YES in single gifts organization? tsunami giving 99 100 Advocacy - Greenpeace MSF Austria Greenpeace sent an eappeal to people from Quebec to raise money for an ad in Le Devoir newspaper right before the Kyoto meeting in Montreal 50% conv erted to monthly 1.3 text 6 -23% giv ing Greenpeace Dutch NGO? petitions: conversion to Argentina 400,000 phone monthly numbers opted in… 101 102 17
  18. 18. Advocacy - Amnesty One last trend An Amnesty USA email Online workplace giving 103 104 Productivity (Revenue per Employee) and Community Involvement Context 220 200 180 160 Productivity 140 (In Revenue 120 100 1989 Per Employee) 80 1991 60 40 20 0 Low Medium High Community Involvement 105 106 Internal Employee Giving – health related content Context 107 108 18
  19. 19. Internal competition between Departments Transparency between goals and results 109 110 Everyone touches on ephilanthropy but not concentrated on it… W hat could your ladder of engagement for online giving look like? legacy/major gift host a party page team leader page … but nobody is focused on it! personal page memory/tribute gift buy an ad alternative gift single gift/monthly gift Make a micro-gift 111 112 Where do they come from? What should be in their job description? Timely reporting of maintain online metrics, key findings solicitation calendar/schedule Assist in email growth and cleansing strategies • the direct response fundraising world Advocate/educate internally for new media Establish self as (dm/telephone/face to face) fundraising operational expert • the commercial online marketing world Lead strategy, concept Stay current with trends and execution of online • the commercial direct response marketing world Work closely with other campaigns and programs departments – like dressing up as Santa for • maybe IT – but probably NOT Comms and Marketing holiday giving in the Manage multiple internal office and external relationships ensure online fundraising Tactical autonomy reflects branding and positioning Getting coffee for the boss work with internal and external channel experts ongoing analysis and measure online 113 114 effectiveness 19
  20. 20. What skills do they need? University education 3+ years experience in relevant areas? Proven fundraising experience Some knowledge of HTM L and design Proven commercial concepts online marketing experience Ability to do web design Planning Proven computer Creative problem solving programming skills Team player Proven direct response Proficient in M S Office commercial marketing suite experience Preferably experience Segementation and with email management measurement knowledge systems and/or online Excellent verbal skills fundraising tools Proven ability to Knowledge of online negotiate (internally and marketing tools e.g. externally) Google Analytics 115 116 Strong written skills Quick Wins: 1. monthly ask is default – test this 2. capture phone numbers in monthly and single gift Quick wins for a global animal online giving form – test welfare organization: 3. yearly renewal tick box tested, call me tick box 4. main page links for legacy, major gift and other giving pages 5. email primer on legacies with endowment focused web site 6. adding web address to DRTV and test in countries where running 7. mobile IFAW home page 117 118 1. phone non-donor online activists with phone overlay to begin with and then capture phone numbers for online actions in future Short term (1 year) wins 2. crisis in a can – social network tool test, also have other crisis in a can read 3. online video testimonials of legacy givers, major givers, etc 4. Monthly donor upgrade – strategies and cancellation strategies 5. higher giving asks online - $125,000 119 120 20
  21. 21. 1. More developed memorial ability 2. year round alternative gift 3. social network fundraising – whale parties, etc Longer term (2 year) wins 4. mobile phone solicitations 5. circle club online area – special area online for larger gift donors 6. mall kiosk tied to campaigns and brand building e.g. the Hague 7. Host party in home idea – something with minimal effort 121 122 The conclusion New Fundraising Cycle Issues of loyalty, 1. What’s so special about new media giving? Why should I do it? renewal and • All age groups are giving online… they are wealthier and more educated and shifted y ounger stewardship… • People giv e online in the Nederlands – Mama Cash! Social Legacies • Get your home page; giv ing form, emails and e-newsletters much more network: fundraising effective higher first 2. Why should I integrate new media with traditional fundraising? Major Donors point of • Because Oxfam proves phone and web go together to conv ert monthly Virtual, alt entry: donors gift: first gift • Because Oregon Public Broadcasting and Mount Sinai Hospital prov e $5,000 you get legacy and major gifts online Middle Donors is for raised first someone... time... 3. Why should I do social network fundraising online: • Because people are defining themselves electronically on Hyves and elsewhere and the Nierstichting Elfstadentocht shows people will raise One off and monthly supporters Make take money f or y ou online action first – 4. Trends, planning and human resources or make • People are making Alternative Giv ing and in Tribute giv ing; Mobile Non Financial supporters : micro gift phones need to integrate text and v oice; Hyves and Facebook should be used more for f undraising on line and mobile • Making a 3 y ear plan – just do it! • Finding the right people – human resources – good luck! Suspects and prospects 123 124 Adapted from A. Botti and M. Inniara 2007 The conclusion Make your own luck – make your own future... 125 Pr op riet ary an d Co nfid en tial 21