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1st Grade Presentation


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This is a presentation I gave to my daughter\'s first grade class about the importance of caring for yourself and your teeth for a lifetime

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1st Grade Presentation

  1. 1. Dental Health Month Dr. Linda King Alias known as Cadance’s mom
  2. 2. Why Teeth? What do they do?• Help you smile• Smiling is howWe let Other people Know we like themAnd how we let them know we like them back.
  3. 3. What do teeth do?• Help you speak• Without teeth, people have a hard time sounding out the F, S, V and Th sounds
  4. 4. What do teeth do?• Help you do the most favorite thing ever---
  5. 5. What should you be eating? • Decisions… Decisions…
  6. 6. What is Healthy?Horses are built for fast running, beauty and power. You cansee their sleek and beautiful mane and are well taken care of.These gorgeous animals eat… carrots, hay, grass, apples.,water and a lot of it. They have great energy
  7. 7. What is healthy? • What does this lobster eat? • Everything it can find on the bottom of the ocean floor. Is it beautiful and sleek? It hides out at the bottom of the ocean.
  8. 8. What is healthy?Does this look healthy? This is a city rat • It eats anything it can find – scavenges for food. Look at its coat – is it shiny and smooth like the horse?
  9. 9. In order for to you to be healthy, youneed to have good nutrition and teeth to chew food • Green leafy salads Would the horse eat these?
  10. 10. What is not healthy? Without teeth, it makes it difficult to chew your food • How well do you think this gentleman can chew his food? • Look at his skin • He is limited to soft, non- nutritious foods
  11. 11. A lot of people are in this boat..How well do you think thisperson can eat an apple with THESE?
  12. 12. You still have shark teeth• Some come out• Others come in
  13. 13. What lies underneath….
  14. 14. Excitement!!!!
  15. 15. After the fireworks…. The Clean up
  16. 16. We Need to Clean Up…. Everywhere• Teeth• Gums• Tongue
  17. 17. Floss floss floss – Why???
  18. 18. Brushing doesn’t get it all What’s hiding between your teeth?
  19. 19. GET WHAT?????• The Acid Monsters!!!! AAAAAHHHH These guys live in your mouth– They will melt your teeth
  20. 20. How do you get rid of them??• You Don’t…… You only can reduce their numbers• AND-------- Refuse to feed them!What do the acid monsters eat???
  21. 21. Anything with Sugar Sugar bugs Melt your teeth • Sugar comes in many forms drinks, candy, cookies, dried fruit, fruit roll ups, peanut butter, bread
  22. 22. • Lemons• Limes• Oranges Limit the time the Acids in you Mouth- Just don’t put them in your mouth very long
  23. 23. 2 hours!!It takes 2 hours for the acids So you are always doing mathTo go away after eating so • Drink water after you eatDon’t snack all day on • Pair them with something carbohydrates – they break else like a vegetable down in your mouth • Celery, carrots, broccoli,
  24. 24. What foods are good foryour teeth?High proteinVeggiesNutsCheeseMilkYogurtSeeds (sunflower)
  25. 25. Limit- use in ModerationSugars, Carbohydrates, Crackers, Juices, Bread,
  26. 26. Need to brush and floss all of the teethNot just the ones in the front Not just the ones in the back How much• Every surface • And your tongue toothpaste should you use Brush • With or without toothpaste brush brush
  27. 27. See Your Dentist Every Year Braces align and straighten your teeth,Hopefully 2 times per year making room for the new adult teeth• We will check how and where your teeth are growing in and make recommendations to your parents if you may need braces in the future.• We check for cavities• We may remove wiggly teeth• We will clean them in places you cannot reach
  28. 28. • What are sealants?SealantsSealants are a coating that fills in thegrooves of your adult molarspreventing cavities from growinginside of the pits and grooves of yourteeth that are too small for yourtoothbrush to fit
  29. 29. What is a cavity? How can you prevent them?
  30. 30. Healthy diet• Brush 2 times per day• Lots of Green leafy vegetables – look for anything with a lot of color – they are the best for you• See your dentist to make sure teeth are coming in straight and to prevent new cavities• Fix the small cavities so they don’t become big ones and cause pain• Keep your teeth shiny and bright• The teeth you have need to last another 90 years – are you up for the challenge?