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Product Launch Presentation By Linda Johnson

This powerpoint describes the elements of an international product launch plan - used in Japan.

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Product Launch Presentation By Linda Johnson

  1. 1. Product Launches - Putting it all together -Domestically & Internationally Linda Johnson, MBA Manager Marketing Communications Applied Materials, Transistor and Capacitor Group For Marcom Resources Group, Santa Clara
  2. 2. Defining the New Product Getting started…..• Define features/benefits• Product positioning• Benchmark the competition• Project market share• Select a product name
  3. 3. Objectives of Launch Review Objectives for all the Launch Vehicles with a focus on Integrated Marketing• Advertising - placement & frequency• Collateral - format, pages, distribution• Direct Mail - timing and distribution• Giveaways - audience and distribution• Press Release and press tour - date and contacts• Technical papers - as presentations or articles• Trade shows - launch and follow-up• www - timing and integrationReview Objectives Matched Against• Approved launch budget• Size of the launch• Number of other launches in the company during a similar time period
  4. 4. Product Launch Budget•Budget all launch elements for one year, by quarter -get approval on this budget through finance before you begin•Be realistic about projected costs and channels•Plan 6 months to 1 year out, to avoid costly rush charges•Establish vendors before the launch process so all is in place•Allow time for the internal review cycle for each project Proposed Launch Budget Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Advertising Collateral Giveaways Graphics Model Multimedia Video
  5. 5. Product Launch Timeline Incremental New Product Launch Timeline in Total Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May JuneAdvertising Creative.Survey Cahners Ion New Product phone survey 00ArticlesModel Ken Byers Delivery Nov /4 Semi JapPhotography New Product - (2) day photo shootPR/IRVideo New Product: live footage, animation, interviewsGraphics 3 panels West/JapCollateral Brochure:New ProductFolder Design & print:New ProductGiveaways Semicon showsPR Nov 29 Santa ClaraAdvertising Semico $10.4K per spread;-JulyDec to JulyAd Solid State Tech New Product: $11,543 K per 2-page, Dec-July 8xsAd Nikkei MicrodevicesNew Product: K spread 3Xs, Dec, Jan, FebAd Fabtech 12th Editio Banner Ads - $2K ea (for consideration)Collateral Ad reprints:Nikkei Micro 1KCollateral DatasheetsDirect Mail Videos and BrochuresSeminars Semicon Japan Dec 7Ad Fabtech 12th Editio New Product Single page $7,500; 2XsGiveaways Semicon showsAd European Semi New Product:$ 9,400 -2 page, Europa,3Xs, March-MayAd Solid State Tech New Product Product Profile pageAd Fabtech 12th Editio New Product Single page $7,500; 2Xs
  6. 6. New Product Photo• Schedule a new product photo shoot -Plan interesting angles & colors -Use photoshop to enchance final photo• Re-purpose Product photo - Collateral - Direct mail - Graphic panels - Multi-media presentation - Product press release - Technical articles - Industry magazine covers - www, or intranet
  7. 7. Advertise to Brand your Product Decisions for advertising include•Budget•Placement and Frequency•Company guidelines•Headline, and subheadines•Add photo, graphs, charts, to draw attention•Text - keep this short, and to the point•Logo treatment - company, division, etc.•Action you want the reader to take- call, email, www 50% Qbd (C/cm2) 100 ISSG Oxide Furnace Oxide 10 1 0.1 0.01 50 Å 50 Å 50 Å 45 Å 35 Å 30 Å 30 Å Customer (Customer (Customer (Customer A) usomerC) (ustomer (Customer ) D) E) F) G)
  8. 8. Advertising with a Sports Theme
  9. 9. Ad Translated into Japanese in Dec 2001 Issue of Nikkei Microdeviceswith DPN 200 Advatorial and Single Wafer Ad - for DPN 200 Launch
  10. 10. Giveaways Plan before the launch•Allow enough time to order and receive - 3 to 6 weeks•Keep it simple - who is going to monitor at the show?•Have a range of giveaways - from random customer - to special executive•Plan numbers for each day of the show - so you don’t run out•Plan quantity to give out internally - everyone likes giveaways•Order a larger quantity to last through the launch, and launch extension $.50-$1 Candy or game $8 Mousepad with design - or product photo $30 Clock or watch $3-5 Key chain or pen
  11. 11. Trade Show Elements Plan all your deliverables for the following areas:• Booth space reservation, & booth services• Collateral• Giveaways• Graphic panels• Multi-media• Video• Exhibit staff belongings
  12. 12. Trade Show Elements Multi-media / Presentation:• Use powerpoint presentations, if budget does not permit multi-media expenses• Prepare short (10) and long (40) versions or ppt, to target different audiences• Simplify multi-media navigation• Repurpose video clips in the ppt or multi-media• Include flash animated screen saver to catch attention• Distribute CD with multi-media, ads, technical papers
  13. 13. Product Display Plan Product Display and Related Expenses•Plan Product Display:The larger the new product introduced,the longer lead time to order the productfor display at a trade show•Plan display expenses: -Cost of displaying versus selling -Custom mounting expense -Set-up and dismantle expense -Shipping expense to and from show -Drayage expense on the show floor -Booth staffing expense for demo
  14. 14. Models What can you do when the new product is not available for display?Large equipment Use of a model-Expensive to ship -Can be easily shipped to multiple shows-Expensive to set-up -Construction cost spread over events-Takes up too much floor space -Less expensive than shipping large item-Difficult to have 1 to spare for shows -Hidden product attributes can be shown-Can be damaged in shipment, I&D -Easy to gather around at shows
  15. 15. Product Video Decisions to make when deciding on a video•Budget: creating a video can be the most expensive launch item•Location of video - tradeshows, CD to consumers, lobby, etc•Company guidelines for video content Translated•Catchy opening, and images are key into Korean for Semicon•People, live interviews, animation, music add interest Korea Seoul, Korea,•Text - keep this short, and to the point; translation? Feb 2001•Logo treatment - company, division, etc.•Action you want the listener to take
  16. 16. Overseas shows•Contacts: -Plan with local office or exhibit management•Exhibit: -Ship American booth or do a build and burn•Timing: -Ship display with enough lead time to clear customs•Packing: -Pack well, so elements cannot shift and be damaged•Attendance: -Go yourself for better implementation•Registration: -Hire local talent to staff desk and speak in local language•Hospitality: -Check local rules -food and alcohol in Europe -tea, coffee, snack in Asia
  17. 17. Overseas shows•Allow time and budget foradditional expenses•Translate: collateral, signage,multi-media, video•Staff: local office reps Semicon Japan product launch
  18. 18. Measure Launch Success Review Success of all the Launch Vehicles• Advertising - Look at hits or benchmark studies• Awards and recognition - Apply for awards in your industry• Direct Mail - Evaluate response card numbers• Press release, analysts, press tour - Evaluate where your press release was posted, whether articles were written in the trade press, meet selectively with financial analysts• Trade shows - Evaluate booth traffic & inquiries• Technical presentations & seminars - Look for parallel opportunities• www - List site on ads, collateral, mail, etc.
  19. 19. Product Launch Resources:Product Launch books: by Catherine KitchoThe Launch Doctor High Tech Product Launches From Idea to Launch at Internet Speed Product Launch software: Ross Beheshi rbeheshti@Eloquent.comEloquent - Web-based Live and On-Demand Product Launch Solutions For more information contact: Linda Johnson Manager Marketing Communications Transistor and Capacitor Group Applied Materials 2727 Augustine Drive M/S 0756 Santa Clara, CA 96054 408-563-1771 408-563-1756 fax Good Luck!