“Linked-­‐Data-­‐Ready”	  Sokware	  For	  Libraries	  	   XC	  transforms	  your	  data	  into	  FRBRized	  data	         ...
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"Linked-Data-Ready" Software for Libraries


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Poster presented by David Lindahl at 2011 DLF Forum, Community Showcase Session, in Baltimore, MD

Published in: Technology, Education
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"Linked-Data-Ready" Software for Libraries

  1. 1. “Linked-­‐Data-­‐Ready”  Sokware  For  Libraries     XC  transforms  your  data  into  FRBRized  data   XC  enables  each  part  of  the  RDF  triple   XC  vision  to  transiNon  libraries  to  linked  data  ✗            Without  XC   Example  1:  RDF  triple  describing  this  poster        Overview  Diagram:          Combining  new  pracNces  with  automated  tools   Start  with  your  data   Subject   Predicate   Object   Librarian  associates   Users  navigate   Librarian  creates  and   resources  with   library  resources   Linked  data  “about:”   Staff   manages  vocabularies   Staff   vocabulary  terms   Library   by  subject   Interface   Interface   Website   ILS   MARCXML   MARCXML   RDF/XML   ParNal   Convert  to   triples   Make   ManifestaNon-­‐ URI  to  FRBR  group  1  work   URI  to  a  FRBR  group  2   MetadataRegistry.Org   Vocabulary   Linked-­‐Data-­‐Enhanced  XC  Drupal  Toolkit  (on  Drupal  7)   Cleanup   Linked  Data   Available   level   Digital   DC   DC   SPARQL   records   enNty  (XC  record)   enNty  “David  Lindahl”   Export   Repository   URI  to  RDA  role:  creator   AssociaNons  transferred   to  MST  as  linked  data   Metadata  Specialist   Staff   manages  conversion   Interface   of  legacy  metadata   SPARQL/   Linked  data  made   Manual  or  semi-­‐automated  process   This  poster   has  creator   David  Lindahl   ILS   Update    IdenNfier  Resolver   available  on  the   semanNc  web   One-­‐Nme  copy  in  linked  data  formats   End  with  staNc,  linked-­‐data   MARC   Conversion  from   mulNple  formats  to   Persistent   Storage    SPARQL  Provider   Digital   linked  data   Linked  Data   descripNons  of  your  records.   Repository   Dublin    RDF/XML  Provider   Linked-­‐Data-­‐Enhanced  XC  Metadata  Services  Toolkit   ApplicaNon   Core  ✓            With  XC        Detailed  Diagram:   Start  with  your  data          XC  Metadata  Services  Toolkit  with  added  support  for  linked  data   Linked  data  “about:”   Example  2:  RDF  triple  describing  a  book   ILS   MARCXML   eXtensible   MARCXML   Convert  to   Convert  to   Make   RDF/XML   Works   Expressions   User  Interface  /  FuncNonal  Areas   Persistent  Storage   Web  Services   XC  Schema   triples   Cleanup   FRBR  EnNNes   Linked  Data   Available   Resource   Subject   Predicate   Object   OAI-­‐PMH  Repository/ User  and  Permissions   Digital   DC   DC   SPARQL   Harvest  Management   Management   IdenNfier   mySQL   Apache  SOLR   Resolver   Repository   ManifestaNons   XC  Record  ID   Metadata  Service   relaNonships   InstallaNon   Log  File  Management   •  Record  storage   •  Record  index   Resolver   •  System  seqngs   •  Repositories   RDF/XML   Fully  automated  process:   oai:mst.rochester.edu:  MST/   h@p://id.loc.gov/authoriNes/ Processing  Rules   IdenNfier  GeneraNon   •  Harvests   Provider   MARCToXCTransformaNon/10081     sh85103735#concept   (setup  pathways)   Management   •  Rules   When  records  change  in  source  repositories,     Triplestore   SPARQL   •  Users   •  Permissions   Provider   linked  data  is  automaNcally  updated.   End  with  dynamically  updated,   h@p://www.extensiblecatalog.info/   Browse  Records   (manage/debug  data)   Triple  Store  /  SPARQL   Service  ConfiguraNon   •  •  Resource  URIs   PURL  services   •  RDF  triples   SPARQL/Update   Provider   Elements/subject     linked-­‐data  descripNons  of  FRBR   en22es  and  their  rela2onships.      Example:     ✗   Without  FRBR:   <ISBN-­‐number>  has_author  “J  K  Rowling”   This  book  (biography   of  E.E.  Cummings)   has  subject   Poets,    American   ILS   MARCXML   MARCXML   NormalizaNon   MARCXML   Sample  Installed  Metadata  Services  (Rules  represented  by  arrows)   MARCXML  Authority  Records   MARC  to  XC   TransformaNon   XC   XC   MARCXML/XC   XC  to  RDF/XML   AggregaNon   XC   XC   RDF/XML   Authority   TransformaNon     ✓   Digital   DC   DC  to  XC   DC   DC   XC   Repository   NormalizaNon   TransformaNon      Example:     With  FRBR:   Linked-­‐Data-­‐Enhanced  XC  Metadata  Services  Toolkit     <Work-­‐id>  has_creator  “J  K  Rowling”   =  in  development   =    proposed  for  linked  data  support   <Expression-­‐id>  has_language  “English”   “feature”   “feature”   <Expression-­‐id>  has_parent_work  <Work-­‐id>   <ManifestaNon-­‐id>  has_isbn  <ISBN-­‐number>   <ManifestaNon-­‐id>  has_parent_expression  <Expression-­‐id>   <?xml  version="1.0"  encoding="UTF-­‐8"?>   <xc:frbr  xmlns:xc="h@p://www.extensiblecatalog.info/Elements"  xmlns:xsi="h@p:// www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-­‐instance"  xmlns:rdvocab="h@p://rdvocab.info/Elements"   xmlns:dcterms="h@p://purl.org/dc/terms/"  xmlns:rdarole="h@p://rdvocab.info/roles">   <xc:enNty  type="work"  id="oai:mst.rochester.edu:MST/MARCToXCTransformaNon/10081">  Making  FRBR  from  MARC   <?xml  version="1.0"  encoding="UTF-­‐8"?>   <dcterms:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCC">PS3505.U334</dcterms:subject>   <xc:frbr  xmlns:xc="h@p://www.extensiblecatalog.info/Elements"  xmlns:xsi="h@p:// <dcterms:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:DDC">811/.52</dcterms:subject>   <?xml  version="1.0"  encoding="UTF-­‐8"?>   www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-­‐instance"  xmlns:rdvocab="h@p://rdvocab.info/Elements"   <dcterms:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:DDC">B</dcterms:subject>   XC   <xc:frbr  xmlns:xc="h@p://www.extensiblecatalog.info/Elements"  …  xmlns:subjid=“id.loc.gov/ Work   xmlns:dcterms="h@p://purl.org/dc/terms/"  xmlns:rdarole="h@p://rdvocab.info/roles">   <rdarole:author>Sawyer-­‐Lauc<U+0327>anno,  Christopher,  1951-­‐</rdarole:author>   authoriNes”>   <xc:enNty  type="work"  id="oai:mst.rochester.edu:MST/MARCToXCTransformaNon/10081">   <rdvocab:NtleOfTheWork>E.E.  Cummings  :</rdvocab:NtleOfTheWork>   <xc:enNty  type="work"  id="oai:mst.rochester.edu:MST/MARCToXCTransformaNon/10081">   <dcterms:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCC">PS3505.U334</dcterms:subject>   <xc:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCSH">Cummings,  E.  E.  (Edward  Estlin),  1894-­‐1962.</ Work  Expressed   …   <dcterms:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:DDC">811/.52</dcterms:subject>   xc:subject>   <xc:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCSH">Poets,  American-­‐20th  century-­‐Biography.</xc:subject>   <dcterms:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:DDC">B</dcterms:subject>   <xc:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCSH">Poets,  American-­‐20th  century-­‐Biography.</xc:subject>   MARCXML   XC   <xc:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCSH”  subjid=“sh85103735#concept”>Poets,  American</ <rdarole:author>Sawyer-­‐Lauc<U+0327>anno,  Christopher,  1951-­‐</rdarole:author>   </xc:enNty>   Bibliographic   Expression   xc:subject>   <rdvocab:NtleOfTheWork>E.E.  Cummings  :</rdvocab:NtleOfTheWork>   </xc:frbr>   <xc:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCSH">Cummings,  E.  E.  (Edward  Estlin),  1894-­‐1962.</ Data  elements  from  registered   <xc:temporal>20th  century</xc:temporal>   <xc:type>Biography</xc:type>   OO4  “Uplink”   Expression  Manifested   xc:subject>   <xc:subject  xsi:type="dcterms:LCSH">Poets,  American-­‐20th  century-­‐Biography.</xc:subject>   namespaces  for  DC  terms,  RDA  roles   </xc:enNty>   MARCXML   XC   ManifestaNon   </xc:enNty>   and  vocab,  and  XC   …     XC  Work  record  with  embedded  URI   Holdings   </xc:frbr>   A  persistent,  globally  unique  idenNfier   for  LCSH  “Poets,  American”   Manifesta2on  Held   for  each  XC  Schema  record   XC  Holdings   Subject  URI’s  represent  FRBR  enNNes  (XC  schema  records):   Predicate  URI’s  represent  relaNonships  defined  in:   Objects  can  be  strings  or  things-­‐with-­‐a-­‐URI:  •  XC  transforms  MARC  to  FRBR  •  XC  creates  unique  idenNfiers   at  each  FRBR  level   Work   DCMI   Dublin  Core  terms  (all)   Expression     Expression     ManifestaNon   ManifestaNon   ManifestaNon   RDA   RDA  (subset  of  elements  and  role   Holdings   Holdings   Holdings   Holdings   designators)   Work   Work   Work   Expression     Expression     Expression     XC   XC  elements  (newly-­‐defined):  Download  XC  Sokware:   ManifestaNon   MARC  vocabularies,  FRBR  linking   fields,  etc.   David  Lindahl  www.eXtensibleCatalog.org     Holdings   Holdings   Holdings   dlindahl@library.rochester.edu