Engineering entepreneurship fall 2012


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Engineering entepreneurship fall 2012

  1. 1. Engineer Entrepreneurship EGEN 3100-001 Linda Hauck Business Librarian Alfred Fry Engineering Librarian
  2. 2. Estimating Market SizeNumber of Potential Buyers X Number of Units Purchased in Period X Sale Price
  3. 3. Who are your buyers? Intelligence onImagine Your Customers Competitors Customers
  4. 4. Imagine Your CustomersDemographic Characteristics Lifestyle Characteristics American Factfinder- MRI Internet Reporter Census population and surveys of businesses Statistical Datasets BizMiner U.S. business SRDS Local Market Audience Statistical Insights/Index to statistics and data by ESRI Tapestry (Business state, federal, Analyst coming…) international, associations
  5. 5. Competitive Intelligence Sources1. National Consumer Surveys 1. MRI 2. Simmons via SRDS2. Market Research Reports 1. Mintel 2. Frost & Sullivan 3. IBIS World 4. ReferenceUSA Onesource3. Trade & Professional Associations 1. Encyclopedia of Associations4. Analytics 1. SocialBaker 2. Quantcast5. News 1. ABI/Inform 2. Article databases by topic
  6. 6. Survey Potential CustomersTools: Surveymonkey, ZoomerangHow to ask it: Questionnaire DesignEncyclopedia of Survey Research MethodsFinding participants: ReferenceUSA
  7. 7. Competitor Analysis1. Who’s marketing similar/substitute products? Global New Product Development for consumer goods…or Market Research reports…or Googling2. Trademark owner search Get a Company Profile via Hoovers, Datamonitor, Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier, ReferenceUSA4. Search trade news via ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier, Google News5. Search bios of principles
  8. 8. How to Get Help• Linda Hauck•• 610-519-8744 (office)• Alfred Fry•• 484-685-6758 (cell), 610-519-4283 (office)