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Competitive effectiveness, spring 2018 ikea


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research guide for CE class at Villanova

Published in: Education
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Competitive effectiveness, spring 2018 ikea

  1. 1. Competitive Effectiveness, Spring 2018 IKEA
  2. 2. Objectives  Find secondary market research relevant to your CE project  industry reports  market research reports  company profiles  statistics  news  scholarship  Evaluate secondary market research for quality, reliability and suitability for use.  APA Citation Style
  3. 3. Research Tips  Update reports with news from WSJ, ABI Inform, Business Source Premier  Don’t rely on a single source, use a variety of sources  Make sure the sources you use are reliable  Make APA Citations as you go and edit them for accuracy and consistency.  Evaluation criteria: Source Variety, Source Quality, APA formatting, Attribution provided where needed
  4. 4. What kind of market research can the library help you with?
  5. 5. Reports: Industry
  6. 6. Reports: Market Research
  7. 7. Reports: Company
  8. 8. What is real news and where do you find it?
  9. 9. Which report best covers industry regulation? Which report could be used to identify competitors? Which report will tell you about trending styles? Which report offers the most detailed customer profile? Which report will help you understand the supply chain?
  10. 10. Evaluating Sources  Currency  Reliability  Authority  Purpose Be on the lookout for CRAP!!!  Nature of publication  Author/Publisher credentials & reputation  Purpose of publication  Evidence & methods transparency  Date of article
  11. 11. Google IKEA SWOT
  12. 12. Google Millennial Shoppers
  13. 13. Attribution with APA  How do you make your reference list?  Easybib, bibme, citationmachinge, noodletools, refworks, zotero, Word Reference tab, database utilities  What you still need to know: APA style and what you are trying to cite  APA Style Guide to Electronic References or Purdue OWL
  14. 14. APA Basics Reference: Author, A. (publication date). Title. Place of publication. In Text: author (date, page) Parenthetical: (authors, date, page)
  15. 15. Examples Levy, E. (2016, December). Industry surveys: Specialty retail. Retrieved from NetAdvantage database (Levy, 2016, p.12) Euromonitor International. (2017). Brand shares: USA home furnishings [data table]. Retrieved from Passport Euromonitor database According to Euromonitor (2017) sales of home furnishings….. About the IKEA Group. (n.d.) Retrieved from ikea/company- information/index.html (About the IKEA, n.d.)
  16. 16. Citation Challenge  Work with a classmate, find an industry, market research or company report related to your category, make an APA citation for it and post it on 
  17. 17. Questions? 