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Compensation hrd 8212 lirio

  1. 1. Compensation HRD 8212-001Research Tips & Techniques Linda Hauck Business Librarian
  2. 2. Objectives• Selecting the best research tools• Database search techniques• Evaluating results• Tips for keeping organized
  3. 3. Research ToolsFor all topics… Business Source Premier ABI/Inform Digital Commons@ILRAdditional interdisciplinary databases Scopus
  4. 4. Research ToolsHuman Resources Subject Guide
  5. 5. Search TechniquesSearch synonyms, related terms and controlled vocabulary (subjects)Social media= Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, LinkedInControlled vocabulary= online social networks
  6. 6. Search TechniquesTruncation with * picks Precision with “phrase up variant suffixes searching”Blog*=blog, blogger, blogs, blogging
  7. 7. Search TechniquesCombining ideas with Boolean logic AND (Green) OR (Red)
  8. 8. Getting Started GoogleWikipediaIRS.gov1. Background (not to be cited)2. Keywords to search(section 4958, excess benefit transaction, nonprofit, exempt organization, charitable organization)3. Authoritative documents recommended by IRS
  9. 9. PracticeWhat is the Intermediate Sanctions Act as it pertains to executive compensation in non-profit organizations? How does it operate? What are the pros and cons of the regulation?
  10. 10. Summing upWhat research tips and techniques did you learn or relearn today?For help: linda.hauck@villanova.eduChat at HRD subject for screen sharing session.