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Evaluation 4


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Evaluation 4

  1. 1. • In our filming we usd the sony handy cam• We utilised the camera by using it on a tripod to attain steady shots when it was suitable• We also used it without in order to ge a kenetic view of the shots• we used a chair with wheels and a tripod in order to move the camera along steadliy with the actors so it wasn’t shaky • Also we used the zoom on the camera which is handily placed so can be used whilst filmingwe also used this small and handy camera called a flip camera for our focus groups and audience feed back as it is quick and easy to use • It is also easy to upload to a computer so is percet if you need to get a quick bit of footage
  2. 2. • We used previous magazine adverts that we gathered from such mags as NME in order to find out the conventions of the posters and the general lay out of them to use for our own poster• We looked in depth at the Jimi Hendrix advert for his album Valley of Neptune• By doing this we converged two media platforms, old media (magazines) and new media (the internet)
  3. 3. • We used blogger to blog all of our research and work throughout the course like videos of other pop videos for example which we put there through the use of hyperlinks• We also used blogger in order to research other groups techniques and ideas for editing and filming. This was very usefull as we were able to see how people who were in the same boat as us progress and really helped us in our progression
  4. 4. • We used the imovie programme on the iMac to edit our video• From wo sessions at Brentford CLC we learnt proficient skills to edit our videos to a high standard• We also have had practice editing from our AS level media video but as this was a music video and the other videos we edited we were novices as lip synching• We knew how to use transitions and other effects but we decided that the video was more suited to the song if we didn’t use them• We used precision editor to lip synch our video as much of it was out of synch as for some of the video we filmed without the song in the background
  5. 5. • We used youtube to help us find out about our target audience• We also used it in research into our pop music and the generic conventions of the videos in the pop genre• Through youtube we were able to use hyperlinks in our power point presentations and in our blog to make it easier for us and for the people looking at our blog or other forms of new media or technology to see the examples of research we have made
  6. 6. We used google to research the generic conventions of pop music and popvideoswe decided to use google as it is the highes rated search engine and the mostusedwe used the NME online webstite to get a deeper look into the music industryand how things are marketed for our own work
  7. 7. • We used the programme Fireworks in order toCreate a CD cover and a poster• We imported pictures from our video to make itRecognisable to our audience and to make it synergistic• we chose not to manipulate the images as wethought that it made the poster and CD covers lookunproffessional