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Tsae conf attendance presentation 201210


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Tsae conf attendance presentation 201210

  1. 1. Drive For Success:Getting Attendance at Your Next MeetingPresented by Linda Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno #EdDay25 October 17, 2012
  2. 2. Presentation Takeaways  Create the appropriate blend of new and legacy marketing initiatives every year  Identify new marketing methods to drive conference attendance  Understand why marketing pieces must include memorable images, a clear message, and a reason to attendLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  3. 3. Conference Marketing • Outstanding Speakers • Wonderful Location • Attendees????Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  4. 4. Marketing 101: The 4 P’sLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  5. 5. Communication Model: AIDA Attention Interest Desire ACTIONLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  6. 6. A–I–D–A  Attention: you only have a few seconds – Grab Their Attention!  Interest: show the need (reason) your member has for your association  Desire: show how your association can solve their problem  Action: Ask for immediate action – tell them exactly what you want them to do and provide enough information for them to take the next step. Make the action as easy as possible!Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  7. 7. I was thinking a lot about what makes people really want/crave/anticipate live events. Yes, it’s the networking and the opportunity for education, the oft-cited reasons given by event organizers. But, I felt there was more to itMichelle Bruno: Posted on than that. After all, we network and get informationThe Attendee Hierarchy of Needs: A online.Framework for Making Better EventPlanning Decisions Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno #EdDay25
  8. 8. Awareness Strategy Need to establish YOUR conference in the mind of potential attendees Share of Database Unrealized Awareness Accessible Awareness Share of Aware Mind Conference Awareness Mutual Awareness Not AwareLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno #EdDay25
  9. 9. trade show organizers can begin to think about new ways to market their events and build their communities by becoming content curators, viewing their exhibitors as content producers, and positioning the live event as the “product” being offered for sale. Michelle Bruno commenting on Jeff Hurt’s blog Midcourse Correction’s discussion of leveraging content marketing; her comments are at forkintheroadblog.comLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno #EdDay25
  10. 10. What’s The Most Important?  The List  The Offer  The Format  The Follow-Up  The AnalysisLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  11. 11. How Have YOU Been Reaching Your Audience?Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  12. 12. IDEAS  Speaker Blogs  Past Attendee Blogs  Testimonials  Direct Mail  Twitter  Hashtag Discussion  YouTubeLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  13. 13. How About Some Different Ideas?  Viral Marketing – Word-of-Mouth Marketing  Use of Humor or Cuteness  Include the YOU word  Target buyers of products & services  Add tag line to email from staff – but you need to create it for them  Offer Coupons – 10% off purchase of association product  PURLS and QR codesLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  14. 14. More Ideas:  List who is already registered for event by area or name  Ask a speaker to create a 30 second beginning of their presentation and post on YouTube with link from you  Reward those who tweet, Facebook, or LinkedIn your conference  Use a reminder as part of your shopping cart  Post your event on CVB and Chamber pages – ask them to help promote.  Request a letter from the Mayor or Governor  ASK sponsors and exhibitors to include information on their web site and calendarLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  15. 15. Conference MicrositeLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  16. 16. How About A Few More:  Staff post meeting on their social media sites – you never know who they might reach – but make it easy for them by providing the information and hyperlink already created  Board and conference planning committee should promote on their social media sites and websites  Provide chapters with easy to implement promotional material  FAX and mail are still effective promotional toolsLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  17. 17. Use a TAG CLOUD on your websiteLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  18. 18. Want to Create A Cloud?  Tagxedo turns words - famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters - into a visually stunning word cloud.Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  19. 19. Build Your Social Strategy  Use everything.  YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc  Be a resource  Be genuine  Build community  Peer Promotion  Key Influencers Posted by Donna on S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  20. 20. Hilarious and Fun!  Create a simple banner ad  Write a customized limerick  Make a tough decision for you  Tweet your message to thousands of followers  Record a voice over in a native British accent  Add music to your video  Create a QR CodeLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  21. 21. Laura Fitton, aka @pistachio  tweet it out, encourage others to tweet that they are attending when they register.  provide an official #hashtag to use, and then mention it – repeatedly – on stage, in conference emails, etc.  have large display screens throughout the event facility displaying all tweets that use the official #hashtag. many great apps for this.  explain they can text “join to 40404” to start a Twitter acct – they can even “fast follow” any Twitter acct by texting “followlindachreno” to 40404Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  22. 22. MOBILE APPS: Are they the solution?  Whom Do You Serve?  What Do Attendees Want In Their Conference App?  The Road to Monetization  Your Mobile App Roll-Out & Marketing Plan  Driving Downloads & Raving Fans  Shifting Eyeballs and Ad Revenues from Print to Digital Free ebook from CrowdCompass S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  23. 23. Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  24. 24. Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  25. 25. New Real-time Marketing Work Cycle S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  26. 26. Set Achievable Goals for Event MUST BE MEASURABLE  Increase traffic to your event website by 25% in a 30 day period  Grow event community adoption rates from 70% to 80% over a two year period  Increase the number of session feedback survey completion by 15%  Increase event marketing email open rate by 1% per email  Tara Barnes (@PathableTara) is the Marketing Director for Pathable, IncLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  27. 27. BOTTOM LINE: How Do You Convince the Potential Attendee that they MUST attend your conference? Show them the Value Show them theCostif they don’t attendLinda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  28. 28. Good Websites or Apps  Animoto: Turn your photos, video clips, and music into stunning video masterpieces to share with everyone. Fast, free, and shockingly easy!  Signupgenius: FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists and forms. Create public or private sign up sheets to schedule events  Issuu: mission to empower individuals, companies, and institutions to publish their documents across all digital platforms.Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12
  29. 29. QUESTIONS????? What is it you really want to know?Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno 10/15/12 #EdDay25
  30. 30. Thank you for attending my session! Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM Follow me on Twitter @lindachreno #EdDay25Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno