Audc 2012 lead generation


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ways to get new members

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Audc 2012 lead generation

  1. 1. Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM Association ConnectorMarketing General, Incorporated AUDC 2012 - #AUDC12 February 27, 2012 @lindachreno
  2. 2. A lead is a person who hasindicated interest in yourcompany’s product or service.Online a lead is traditionallydefined as a person thatcompletes a landing page.
  3. 3. A marketing term used, oftenin Internet marketing, to describethe generation of consumerinterest or inquiry into products orservices of a business.
  4. 4. A marketing strategy thatfocuses on getting found byprospects. This is relatedto relationship marketingand Seth Godins ideaof permission marketing.
  5. 5. Offers the promise of improvingtargeting by helping members andpotential members interface withassociations or groups most likelyto provide relevant promotionaland informational messages.
  6. 6. This form of marketing requires that theprospective customer has either given explicitpermission to send their promotional message(like an email or conference program request) orimplicit permission (like querying a searchengine).This can be either via an online email opt-inform or by using search engines, which implies arequest for information.
  7. 7. Recruitment begins by understanding targetprospects—who, what, where, when, and howthey are reached. This is arguably the mostimportant component in member prospecting.Messaging evolves from the Unique SellingProposition and an organization’sindispensability—the one thing it does betterthan anybody else—with copy that is benefit,not feature oriented.
  8. 8. Attention Interest Desire Action
  9. 9. Successful membership growth depends onstrong renewals but relies on successfulacquisition. The fact is that it’s impossible for anorganization to renew its way to growth, somembership acquisition must be an ongoingeffort or the organization will shrink.
  10. 10. Awareness—recognition of the organization bythe segment or profession it serves.Member Acquisition uses a variety of messagingformats and communications channels. Advertising Direct mail Email Web advertising
  11. 11. Price discountsLimited quantitiesDiscount couponsBonus gifts for acting before adeadlineMoney back guarantee
  12. 12. Promote the benefitsList the features - pair with theIdentify your target audienceReassure memberTALK to your members
  13. 13. TestimonialsEndorsementsComparisonsReliabilitySpecific FactsRepetition
  14. 14. Why do you need SEO: Attract new members Keep current members Inform the public about your association Provide information/data to public Two Resources:
  15. 15. Keywords are ways that you are found by yourmembers, customers, etc.Best keywords must MATCH your unique valueproposition with the words used by yourmembers.All staff should be up-to-date with keywordsbeing used - include in conference copy, etc. Competitors , Google keywords
  16. 16. Search Engine Marketing1 2 3 Online Behavior Lead Gen Offers Online Media 1. Understand online  FREE Whitepaper  Co-Registration behavior of association Offers an excerpt of the  Online News & PR audience segments. latest industry research.  Search Engine Ads 2. Utilize keyword and  Ad Networks social monitoring tools  FREE Trial Membership  Article Submissions to identify key topics Offers a 30-Day FREE Trial  Blogs & Forum Posts and content within Membership.  Social Media Ads target audience.  Sponsored Links 4 LANDING PAGE Recruitment Campaign 5 Client Web Site
  17. 17. Example – Online Lead Generation Campaign 1 Targeted Ad Placement. 2 Data Capture on Microsite. 3 Cultivation e-mail campaign with additional content offers.
  18. 18. continued growth as asocial media platform;Documented effectiveadvertising outlet
  19. 19. offers the ability to target: by industry by job titles by groupswhich allows for finiteslicing and dicing of yourtarget audience
  20. 20. Example: Lead Generation Cultivation Series 2 3 4 1• Confirmation E-mail. •Additional White • Free Video/Webcast • Free Industry Report• Link to Download Paper Offer. Offer. Offer.White Paper. • Why Others Have • Most Popular • Member Testimonial.• Learn More Link. Joined. Benefits. • Click to Join Link. • Click to Join Link. • Click to Join Link. Also be sure to market Conferences, Seminars and Books to your leads.
  21. 21. Process of cultivating leads that are not yetready to buy.Anticipates the needs of the buyer based onwho they are (using profile characteristics liketitle, role, industry, etc.) and where they are atin the buying process.Nurturing keeps prospects engaged by providingrelevant content (such as white papers orwebinars) that are the best fit for theirsituation.
  22. 22. I donate to your I attend your foundation. What have you conferences. done for me Hello, I’m lately? Jeremy. ENGAGED to VS. UNENGAGED I’m much more likely I read yourI buy MEMBERS become a member or renew your magazine. MEMBERS I’m much less likely to become engaged. my membership or buy a books. product or donate .. I blog about the organization. Follow you on twitter.
  23. 23.
  24. 24. xenulink.html Find broken links on your website – PC ONLYOnline Broken Link
  25. 25. html YOUR COMPUTER? System Management for the Internet Age. Knowem.comYOUR BRAND, PRODUCT, PERSONAL NAME or USERNAME?
  26. 26. Hootsuite "HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results."- Pete Cashmore, CEO, Mashable Inc.
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Create a simple banner ad Write a customized limerick Make a tough decision for you Tweet your message to thousands of followers Record a voice over in a native British accent Add music to your video Create a QR Code Hilarious and fun!
  29. 29. The Lifehacker App Directory Curates the Best Apps for All Your Gear
  30. 30. Trendistic
  31. 31.
  32. 32. MGI Benchmarking Study – 2011Marketing Phrase Book By Gail HamiltonThe Nonprofit Marketing Guide By Kivi Leroux Miller8 Google Tools Jessica Meher6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results Social Media Examiner
  33. 33. Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM Association ConnectorMARKETING GENERAL INCORPORATED 1539 Hays Street San Leandro, CA 94577 510.352.8197 Follow me on Twitter @lindachreno
  34. 34. Does the domain name make sense?Can I tell where I am if I am not on the homepage of your website?Are there easily found answers to why someonewould come to your site in the first place?Are you capturing information on the homepage?Pictures and people attract attention – do youhave them?Able to contact staff?