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If you would like to read non-library DRMed books, this guide will discuss how to read Adobe digital editions epub on iPad in two ways.
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Read adobe epub on ipad

  1. 1. Read Adobe EPUB on iPad Posted by Ada Wang on 5/12/2014 4:07:34 AM. How to read epub books from adobe digital editions on iPad? If you try to read library adobe DRM protected books on iPad, just authorize the free Overdrive app with Adobe ID. However, this is not a discussion of the scope of this article. If you would like to read non-library DRMed books, this guide will discuss how to read Adobe digital editions on iPad with ease. Adobe Digital Editions for iPad Unfortunately, Adobe company doesn't provide any version of Digital Editions for iOS devices. Is there alternative Adobe Digital Edition for iOS apps? Of course.
  2. 2. 1. Bluefire Reader for iPad It's a free application that can be downloaded on the Apple app store. 1. The price is free and the version requirement is version 1.2 or later for iOS. But it only supports EPUB and PDF format eBooks from retailers. 2. Install Adobe Digital Editions. And download Adobe DRM protected eBooks from library or eBook retailers. 3. Authorize the Blufire Reader with the same Adobe ID. 4. Generally speaking, the downloaded file is an .acsm. In fact, this isn't an actual eBook. The most eBooks apps can't get it open. We can right click the .ACSM file and choose Adobe Digital Editions. It will automatically save this file as PDF or EPUB format which is protected from DRM. 5. At the last, Let's transfer the Adobe EPUB eBooks to iPad and enjoy them with Bluefire Reader. Convert Adobe DRM EPUB to iPad iBooks As usual, If we buy Adobe Digital Editions eBooks, it often come with DRM copy protection. So it can't be opened with iBooks on the iPad. If you want to open Adobe DRM epub books with iBooks directly, try to download epub to iBooks converter. The Ultimate eBook Converter (epub to iBooks converter alternative) can convert any drm eBooks. It supports Adobe books, Sony books, Kobo books, Nook books, Kindle books etc. Download Ultimate Converter for free: Install Ulitmate Converter successfully and navigate to "Help" menu. Then we choose "Tutorial" from drop-down menu and the tutorial will teach you how to use Epubor Ultimate Converter. So I will simply introduce you how to convert eBooks for iBooks in this guide. 1Import Adobe eBooks
  3. 3. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 with Adobe ID. How to identify whether this eBooks is protected from DRM or not? Firstly please deauthorize this computer by pressing "Ctrl"+"Shift"+"D" at the same time. Double click any eBooks title and if it prompts you need to authorize this computer, so it must be protected from DRM. Attention pleases! Before you drag the eBooks into the program, go to "Help" menu and tap "Authorize Computer" with Adobe ID. Step 1: Authorize the computer with Adobe ID. Right click the eBook title to choose to read this books or double click the ebook title to open it. When you open this eBook and navigate to "File" menu and choose "Item Info" from drop-down list. Step 2: Copy the location of this eBook in the pop-up window. For example, the path is C:UsersepuborDocumentsMy Digital EditionsVampire_in_Design-1.epub in my computer. Run Epubor Ultimate Converter and click "Add" button. From the pop-up explorer window, please paste the path C:UsersepuborDocumentsMy Digital Editions in the address bar. Choose the "Vampire_in_Design-1.epub". Step 3: Now The Adobe epub book will be imported into the program successfully. At the same, it will be automatically decrypted 2Convert EPUB to iPad Choose the destination format which is supported by Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. The last step is to click "Convert" button on the bottom right corner.
  4. 4. And when it finishes all converting, it will automatically pop up the output file to navigate the converted eBooks. 3Read Adobe EPUB in iBooks Connect you iPad device with the computer which has iTunes library. The iPad device will appear under "Devices" on the left side of iTunes. How to transfer DRM-free EPUB eBooks to iPad via iTunes library? Please open the iPad device and launch iBooks app to enjoy the Adobe EPUB in iBooks without any limits. Download Ultimate Converter for free:
  5. 5. You May Also Like  How to read Kobo books on iPad  Read mobi files on ipad  Read Adobe EPUB Books with iBooks for Mac Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as This PDF is generated upon, the original author is Epubor.