【How to convert azw4 to pdf】


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If you understand kindle books very much you may recognize the importance and necessity to convert azw4 to pdf for more convenient reading.
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【How to convert azw4 to pdf】

  1. 1. How to Convert AZW4 to PDF Posted by Jonny Greenwood on 3/23/2014 8:03:59 PM. If you understand kindle books very much you may recognize the importance and necessity to convert azw4 to pdf for more convenient reading. You know, AZW4 format is a new format for Amazon Kindle eBooks. But maybe you don't know, in fact AZW4 is a wrapper format for PDF or MOBI eBooks with DRM added. Amazon calls this format "Print Replica", in that it presents a fixed page layout that cannot be reflowed. It's targeted specifically for textbooks, and it is only supported on Kindle eReaders or Kindle reading apps. So here comes our problem that if we purchased an eBook from Amazon in AZW4 format, we can't read it on other Kindle device or iPhone/iPad. This is just what I want to say in this guide. Believe me you will get your problems resolved if you met a similar situation. Here is a brief guide. Step by step please. Step 1: Get the tool ready One of the reasons that you can't read azw4 books on non-kindle devices is most of kindle azw4 files include DRM, which prevent us to transfer, share, or copy. Besides, iPad or iPhone, Kobo, Nook, android tablets, etc, those devices support the ebook's format with EPUB or PDF, but not Kindle AZW4. In short, the DRM and format limitation is our "obstacles". Here I recommend a super good tool named Ultimate Converter to you as it can solve this 2 problems fastly with high quality. What's more, it also can convert azw4 to pdf mac and azw4 to epub, too. Step 2: Get azw4 files ready via Kindle for PC/Mac Download books to your kindle computer is also a preparation before the azw4 to pdf conversion. So don't worry my dear. After you get all the preparation work finished we are near to the success. Download Kindle for PC/Mac on your current computer, and then input your Amazon account to activate your computer. Then you will find all your purchased ebooks including your azw4 files are listed in the main interface.
  2. 2. Step3: Remove DRM from azw4 files Run the Ultiamte Converter tool. As the image below shows all your synced kindle books (not only azw4) are listed at the right side area of this tool. Then drag your azw4 books from the right to the left area. All the drm will be removed just with 1 click. Certainly you can click "Add" to upload your books or drag files directly from devices to its interface. Step4: Convert Kindle AZW4 to PDF
  3. 3. From the "Output Format" list select PDF please. Then click on "Convert" button to start your conversion. If you are not sure which format is suitable for your device, don't worry here you can select the proper device as output format. The tool has listed almost all the popular e-book readers. Congratulations you have finished all the job until this step. Just transfer converted files to your devices, OK. FAQ about AZW4 you must know Which device support azw4 format? AZW4 books are only supported on Kindle Fire 1st Generation Kindle Fire 2nd Generation Kindle Fire HD 7 Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Kindle for PC Kindle for Mac Kindle for iPad Kindle for Android Tablet Which program can open .azw4? programs that open .azw4 file Windows Kindle for PC or Calibre Mac OS Kindle for Mac or Calibre Linux Calibre How can I read azw4 books on Kindle Paperwhite
  4. 4. You may have tried copying azw4 to your KPW but failed. Please put them in your Kindle Paperwhite's "Documents" folder, not just drop them on the drive itself. Of course you can still use the Ultiamte Converter tool to convert azw4 to mobi. You may also like -How to convert acsm to pdf This PDF is generated upon this page: http://www.epubor.com/how-to-convert- azw4-to-pdf.html, and the original author is Epubor.