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How to transfer epub to kobo


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The easiest and the best way to transfer EPUB to Kobo, no matter your epub files are DRM free or DRM protected (Adobe DRM EPUB or Nook DRM EPUB).
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How to transfer epub to kobo

  1. 1. How to Transfer EPUB to Kobo Posted by Jonny Greenwood on 4/16/2014 11:03:39 PM. When asked about how to transfer EPUB to Kobo, or how to load epub onto kobo, the most common resolution those Q&A sites and forums given is copying epub files to Kobo, yes? But in my opinion I think the answer may be too simple to resolve your problems for widely Kobo users. And this is also what I want to share in today's article. I will tell you the easiest to transfer epub to kobo with several cases, and what you need to do is just to make sure where is your epub downloaded from. Purchased from Kobo store Case 1: For Kobo EPUB, sync your Kobo eReaders Purchased from other bookstores or found on the Internet Case 2: For Adobe EPUB, copy with ADE or remove Adobe DRM with software Case 3: For Nook EPUB, remove Nook DRM with software Case 4: For iBooks EPUB, remove iBooks drm Case 1: For Kobo EPUB, sync Kobo eReader This is the simplest way to add books to Kobo eReader. There are 2 ways that you can sync: using WIFI, or connecting via Kobo desktop app. I won't introduce the steps about how to sync because you can get those information from Kobo official site. Don't worry it's easy. Case 2: For Adobe EPUB, copy with ADE or remove Adobe DRM 1How to add epub to Kobo with ADE If your epub books are purchased from Google, Sony, some online ebook stores, and even Barnes & Noble, you can use Adobe Digital Editions to add epub to Kobo, no matter they are free DRM EPUB or Adobe DRM EPUB. Step1: Connect Kobo to computer. Step2: Install Adobe Digital Editions, and then authorize with the same Adobe ID (the same email address as your kobo account). Step3: Drag your EPUB books to the main window of ADE. Tips: If you find an ebook with .acsm extension, it's protected by Adobe DRM, so you'd better convert acsm to epub at first. Step4: Select your epub files and drag them to the Kobo eReader bookshelf (listed on the left side under Bookshelves).
  2. 2. For details:  How to add books to Kobo 2How to add epub to Kobo by removing Adobe DRM DRM protection limit you must use the same Adobe ID within your accounts. So if you think it a little annoying, you can search the Internet and find a good tool that can help you remove Adobe DRM. Desire free software, you can use Calibre DRM Removal plugin, if you are an professional computer. Of course there are many other softwares that easy to use. Don't worry I will introduce you an good tool at the summary part. Case 3: For Nook EPUB, remove Nook drm Like with what I mentioned at case 2, you can also surf the Internet to find some good soft to help you remove drm from Nook epub books. I will recommend a good tool at the last part. After drm limitation stripped, you can copy those free files to your Kobo eReaders. Summary: Use the best tool All DRM Removal The tool I recommend: All DRM Removal Just with this one tool you can transfer epub to Kobo. It's the easiest way and the best way, because: -You don't have to check whether your epub books are drm free or drm protected. -There is no need for you to check which DRM your books protected. -It supports Adobe DRM removal, Nook drm removal, and even Kindle drm removal. -It helps you transfer epub to Kobo, and even transfer epub to Nexus 7/ Android tablet/ Nook/ iPad/ iPhone, etc. Just get the tool downloaded for free. Then run it on your computer, drag epub to the soft interface. As soon as epub added, the removing process started.
  3. 3. The left job is just to click the "Remove DRM" button to get your drm free epub files, and then copy them to your kobo ereader with USB. About removing drm from epub in detail, click here please. I want to tell you again that the way in this article I recommend is the easiest way. It can remove several kinds of DRM schemes with just one tool. So you don't need to buy or use two programs. Save your time, and save your money, why not get a free trial? You may also like reading -If you want to read epub on Kindle, transfer epub to mobi is the right way to transfer epub to Kindle. -Want to transfer iBooks epub to Kobo, this tool ibooks drm removal is essential. This PDF is generated upon kobo.html, the original author is Epubor.