How to read epub on mac


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The best way to read epub on mac, and some good epub ereaders for mac. Find everything you want to know about mac epub from here!
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How to read epub on mac

  1. 1. How to Read EPUB on Mac Posted by Ada Wang on 5/13/2014 11:16:41 PM. If you like to read books on Mac computer, this article about how to read epub on mac may attract your attention, for epub is one of the common ebook format, widely used on lots of ebook stores, such as Kobo, Nook, Sony, etc. Here I will solve this problem in detail, so believe me to follow this guide if you desire a better understanding. -If your epub are purchased or downloaded from one place, refer to part 1. -If you got countless epub books from different stores, and you want to read those epub files on mac, or even you want to read epub on iPad, iPhone, Kindle, android, etc, go straight to part 2 please. Part 1: Best free EPUB Reader on Mac
  2. 2. We can't deny the fact that there are a lot of free epub readers for the Mac, and this is the simplest way that most ebook lovers applied. To begin with, I just want to say I strongly recommend you use these 3 free apps to read epub files on mac. I sort them not only by stores, but also by the kinds of DRM. 1. iBooks for Mac--read ibooks epub on mac Since Apple added iBooks into iTunes April 2010, this news was a breath of fresh air for we Mac lovers. In my opinion iBooks is the best reading app on Mac, iPad, iPhone. In iTunes iBooks, we can purchase books, and download them to mac, read on mac computer.
  3. 3. If your books were bought from Apple iBooks store, no matter DRMed or DRM free, congratulations you can use iBooks directly to open and read them. Bad point: only supports epub from iBooks. 2. Adobe Digital Editions--read adobe epub on mac Offered by Adobe, free download available. Only supports those epub files purchased from stores connected with Adobe, such as Kobo, Sony, online ebookstores, and so on. ADE even supports DRM'ed ebooks with Adobe DRM, the most common EPUB DRM outside of iBooks and Nook. In other words, we can also read drm epub on mac with ADE. If our epub books are protected with DRM, we can open them with ADE. If still not, it says that they are limited with Nook or iBooks drm. Bad point: must use the same Adobe ID to sync.
  4. 4. Price: Free downlaod from Adobe. 3. Nook for Mac--read nook epub on mac This app is only used for epub books purchased from Barnes&Noble store. Some nook epub are protected with Adobe drm, while another books are with Nook drm, so if you just read epub from nook, this app is your best choice. Bad point: only supports nook epub files. Tips: there are another good apps that you may have a try on your mac, such as "Calibre", "Kitabu", etc. Part 2: Make epub books DRM free From part 1 you may have found that all those apps have their own weak point. So if we have purchased a lot of epub files from different stores, including nook, ibooks, kobo, should we install multiple apps on our mac?
  5. 5. What's worse, for those DRMed epub files, we can only read them on related app, couldn't change, and even can't transfer them to another devices, or share them with our family. In short, it isn't able to open all epub ebooks just with one app. So here I give my method 2 for you to read epub on mac by removing drm from epub.  We can get rid of the control from ebook stores.  We can transfer our purchased epub files to other devices, and share them with our friends.  After DRM removed, we can have more choices, we can choose the app as we like, but not the limited one.  It's possible to read epub on iPad, iPhone, Kindle, android, and so on.  And more... Here I recommend one tool named Epubor DRM Removal for you, for it can not only remove Adobe epub drm, but also nook epub drm. 1Install the DRM Removal tool Windows Version Download Mac Version Download 2Add books to drm removal Get the tool started, then drag your listed books below "ADE" or "Nook" from the right to the left. After epub books added, the DRM will be removed fast. As the image shows, you will see a check mark icon.
  6. 6. Tips: for removing Adobe epub drm, you should make sure you can read your books on Adobe Digital Editions.  How to read sony kobo books on ADE. 3Choose a program to open epub As all our books have become drm free, so we can open them with any app we like. All apps written in Part 1 still function in this part after books drm stripped. But here I still like iBooks the best. Mac is Apple's product, the same as iBooks app. So there is not any better reading app than iBooks on Mac, I think. Why not have a try at opening epub files on mac with iBooks?
  7. 7. Conclusion: Whether you books has drm or not, if you think drm checking job is messy, or you don't want to change many apps to read different stores' epub files, solution in part 2 is your best choice. -If your books are purchased from iBooks store, open with iBooks without limitation; -If your books are purchased from another stores such as kobo, google play books, sony, and so on, make them drm free and then open with iBooks. Download the tool for free:
  8. 8. You may also like  How to remove drm from Adobe Digital Editions  How to remove drm from nook books Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as This PDF is generated upon, the original author is Epubor.