4food system implementation in coffee bay aceh


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4food system implementation in coffee bay aceh

  1. 1. SURVEY ON:THE POSSIBILITY OF APPLYING 4FOOD’S SYSTEMSin CAFÉ BAYCoffeeshop, Ulee-Lheu – Banda Aceh<br />
  2. 2. E-commerce Presentation Team:<br />FAHRA <br />JOSI FARMIATI<br />RIKA SYAFRILIZA<br />ROSLINDA PERANGIN-ANGIN<br />
  3. 3. THE PROFILE<br />Mission: to De-junk fast food<br />Signature Product: the (W)holeburger™ a donut shaped, beef, lamb, pork, turkey, veggie, salmon or egg patty-balanced (made whole) by one of 25 ethnically diverse Veggiescoop centers, each with unique nutritional attributes. Makes Skewers with the holes we punch out of the patties, which when accompanied by Veggiescoop sides, become the perfect bunless, low-carb, sharing food.<br />Partners: <br /><ul><li>Adam Kidron and Michael Shuman (founders)
  4. 4. Bill Niman (the founder of NimanRanch - the largest purveyor of natural meats in the US with revenues of over $100 million)
  5. 5. Dr. Woodson Merrill (the founder of the Beth Israel Center for Integrated Medicine and a leading authority on wellness and nutrition)
  6. 6. Ed Winter (Chairman of Omnicom's "Brand Activation" Agency, Tracy Locke, and one of the foremost experts on marketing to young people in the US)</li></li></ul><li>THE CONCEPTS<br /><ul><li>Combine good food and social media technologies:</li></ul> Withsubstantial servings of locally grown food, socially conscious attitudes, biodegradable supplies and mobile technology that turns loyal customers into loyal marketers<br />
  7. 7. THE ORDERING SYSTEMS<br />Ordering can be done in:<br /><ul><li>Traditional way at counter
  8. 8. People who prefer to handle it themselves can order from a bench that has six Apple iPads tied into 4Food's online ordering system or from theirs gadgets (laptop, netbook, pc tablet, mobile phone, etc) by filling out profiles and maintain accounts with 4Food.com</li></li></ul><li>THE MARKETING SYSTEMS<br /><ul><li>Employing Customers as Marketers</li></ul> Most traditional restaurants rely on word of mouth about quality food to bring in new customers. 4Food looks at how social media fits into their marketing plans. Social media is a very efficient way of distributing word of mouth.<br />  4Food offers such substantial rewards to customers. <br />After creating and naming a burger, customers receive 25 cents in their accounts every time somebody else orders that burger. This encourages customers to market their creations by promoting them through Facebook and Twitter and other social outlets.<br /> 4Food also ties in closely with Foursquare, the popular location-based social network where users check in from various locations, rack up points and sometimes get discounts or coupons for participating. 4Food patrons can double their coupons by using Foursquare and by getting on the weekly check-in count leader board.<br />
  9. 9. STRENGTHS<br /><ul><li>The food is measurably healthier than existing products: build with natural construction materials that are abundant and regenerative
  10. 10. Low marketing cost: employing customers as marketers
  11. 11. Social media and mobile technologies as powerful tools for marketing
  12. 12. Revolutionizing counter culture, in real-time: upgrade food that people already eat and transforming them into new menu items that are convenient, and almost infinitely customizable to the guests' lifestyles and cultural preferences
  13. 13. Restaurants are designed to function as community hubs,as they satisfy local appetites in healthy, customizable ways
  14. 14. Dynamic Menu Boards reduce waste and enable us to feature seasonal and occasional products
  15. 15. Advanced suite of web-based technologies ("We Know You Better™") </li></ul>allow 4Food to make personalized recommendations that meet <br />the guest's nutrition and lifestyle goals<br /><ul><li>Creating an affinity with the consumer: People feel very proud and </li></ul>very committed to the food they just created<br />
  16. 16. WEAKNESSES<br /><ul><li>The use of social media is fun and new, but sustaining it over time requires more than just a quick good time
  17. 17. As 4food is the first mover of these new business systems, yet to be tested whether it will succeed or not
  18. 18. More budget spent on raw materials to make personalized recommendation foods where as not necessarily all the materials will be used properly</li></li></ul><li>OPPORTUNITIES<br /><ul><li>Evolution of mass market from merchant-centric to consumer-centric
  19. 19. Customer aggressively using social media and mobile technologies
  20. 20. Explore hybrid models to enhance customer service
  21. 21. Use the social media and mobile technologies as part of marketing plans to expand customer base
  22. 22. Embedded segments
  23. 23. Customer service
  24. 24. Product uniqueness
  25. 25. Social experience
  26. 26. Quick and easy ordering
  27. 27. Personalized recommendations</li></li></ul><li>THREATS<br /><ul><li>The future of e-commerce
  28. 28. 4Food may bite off more than it can chew (over-diversification)
  29. 29. Other fast-food restaurants are quickly creating an on-line presence and getting into the game
  30. 30. 4Food must effectively manage its growth to minimize growing pains
  31. 31. Establishing an online brand will cost the longer the wait, </li></ul>the greater the cost<br /><ul><li>The tendency of social networking fans and gadget geeks </li></ul>are mostly young people, so the market segmentation <br />is limited to teenagers/juvenile and young adults<br />
  32. 32. THE POSSIBILITY TO IMPLEMENT 4FOOD’S SYSTEMS IN ACEH<br />A small survey has been conducted in:<br />Venue : Café Bay, Ulee-Lheu<br /> Day/Date : Wednesday, 5 Oct’ 2011<br /> Time : 1930 – 2200hours<br />
  33. 33. THE FINDINGS<br /><ul><li>95% of Café Bay’s customers are juvenile and young adults
  34. 34. Customers aggressively using mobile technologies (Laptop, Smartphone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, others PC Tablets) for:
  35. 35. Social Media/Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Tagged, Myspace, Tumblr, etc)
  36. 36. Chatting (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Googlechat, etc)
  37. 37. Playing online games (Farmvilles, Poker, etc)
  38. 38. The waiters a bit overwhelmed with the orders due to many customers, as a result there were prolonged food orders and a mistyped of orders
  39. 39. Internet connection at Café Bay is quite fast compared to others coffee shops in Banda Aceh
  40. 40. The culture of Acehnese tends to try new things
  41. 41. Rapid grows of Café, Restaurant and Coffee Shops in Aceh with free Wi-Fi access as a current trend in Banda Aceh</li></li></ul><li>RECOMMENDATION<br />Considering the congruity of 4Food’s SWOT analysis with the findings in the coffeshop,<br />therefore it’shighly recommended to apply the 4food’s systems into Café Bay.<br />The adaptation of 4Food’s online ordering systems will help Café Bay in overcoming <br />the rapid orders due to high customers visit, consequently prolonged food orders and <br />a mistyped of orders can be minimized.<br />These uses of mobile and social technologies as powerful weapon in marketing. <br />Adding technology does add a level of things that can go wrong. <br />Most quick service restaurants are built around things that can never go wrong. <br />We add risk by adding technology, but we also add reward. <br />That pay off comes in engaging customers and increasing brand loyalty. <br />
  42. 42. CONCLUSION<br /> Social Media/Networking is important, but not as important as serving delicious meals/drinks that keep customers coming back. That's the real lesson behind 4Food's use of social media and mobile technologies. Social media makes good companies stronger as long as strong business fundamentals are there to begin with. <br />