World lubricants


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World lubricants

  1. 1. World LubricantsReport SummaryWorld demand to reach 41 million metric tons by 2015World demand for lubricants will rise more than two percent annually to 41 million metrictons in 2015, driven primarily by strong economic growth as countries continue to recoverfrom the impact of the global economic recession in 2009. The fastest increases willcontinue to be in Asia, followed by the Africa/Mideast region. Healthy advances in EasternEurope will reflect a rebound in the region’s industrial output, while demand growth inCentral and South America will moderate along with the region’s economy. While still belowthe global average, advances in North America and Western Europe will also contribute torising global demand, reversing the secular declines of the previous decade.Process oils to be fastest growing product segmentIn terms of product types, engine oils will continue to account for the greatest share oflubricant demand going forward. This will primarily reflect the importance of transportationin an increasingly global economy, both from a consumer and a commercial perspective.Process oils will post the fastest growth due to the greater difficulty of boosting consumptionefficiency of these lubricants in comparison to hydraulic and metalworking fluids, both ofwhich will experience below average gains as companies everywhere work to reduce unitconsumption in an effort to maintain competitiveness. Despite the slow growth in hydraulicand metalworking fluids, significant value opportunities will still exist for new, higherperformance oils, and/or more environmentally friendly fluids that meet the increasinglystrict regulations found in developed countries. This will be reflected in the above-averageadvances in nonconventional Lubricant Market demand going forward, even as traditionalpetroleum-based lubricant demand continues to expand as well.Developing regions to drive key motor vehicle marketWith per capita motor vehicle ownership rates rising quickly in Asia, the Middle East, Centraland South America and Eastern Europe, motor vehicle lubricant demand will continue toexpand throughout the forecast period. Motor vehicles are the largest market for lubricants,and growth will be led by strong gains in the developing Asian countries due to rapidexpansion of the motor vehicle park, particularly in China and India. However, the trendtoward increased drain intervals, influenced in part by the growing availability of superior,high performance synthetic lubricants, will result in declining demand in Western Europeand North America.Browse All Energy and Power Market Research ReportsManufacturing and other markets to lead gainsThe fastest growth in lubricant demand through 2015 will be in manufacturing and othermarkets. The Asia/Pacific region, led by China, will continue to be the primary driver ofgrowth in these markets due to companies worldwide pursuing the region’s key advantagesof relatively low labor costs and political stability. Central and South America and the
  2. 2. Africa/Mideast region will also achieve favorable growth in manufacturing as significantcountries in both regions continue to industrialize.Study coverageThis new Freedonia industry study, World Lubricants, is priced at $6100. It presentshistorical demand data for the years 2000, 2005 and 2010, plus forecasts for 2015 and2020 by formulation (vegetablebased, petroleum, synthetic, re-refined,), product (engineoils, hydraulic fluids, process oils, metalworking fluids), market (manufacturing, motorvehicle aftermarket), world region and for 31 countries. The study also considers marketenvironment factors, detailsindustry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry participants,including Shell, Exxon Mobil and BP. Table Of Contents INTRODUCTION I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT General World Population Outlook World Economic Outlook Recent Economic Performance Macroeconomic Outlook World Manufacturing Outlook World Fixed Investment Overview World Motor Vehicle Outlook World Motor Vehicle Park World Motor Vehicle Production World Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Outlook Motor Vehicle Design Technology Gasoline Engines Diesel Engines Alternative Fuel Technologies World Oil Industry Outlook World Crude Oil & Natural Gas Production World Refined Petroleum Products Production Environmental & Regulatory Trends Lubricant Standards & Testing III. OVERVIEW General World Lubricant Demand by Region World Lubricant Demand by Formulation Petroleum Lubricants Nonconventional Lubricants Synthetic Lubricants Re-Refined Lubricants Vegetable-Based Lubricants
  3. 3. World Lubricant Demand by ProductEngine OilsProcess OilsHydraulic FluidsMetalworking FluidsOther LubricantsWorld Lubricant Demand by MarketMotor Vehicle AftermarketManufacturingOtherWorld Base Oil TrendsLubricant Production & TradeIV. NORTH AMERICAEconomic OverviewMarkets & ProductsMarket ShareUnited StatesCanadaMexicoV. WESTERN EUROPEEconomic OverviewMarkets & ProductsMarket ShareGermanyFranceItalyUnited KingdomSpainOther Western EuropeNetherlandsBelgiumAll Other Western EuropeVI. ASIA/PACIFICEconomic OverviewMarkets & ProductsAsia/Pacific Market ShareChinaJapanIndiaSouth KoreaIndonesiaThailandAustraliaTaiwanOther Asia/PacificMalaysiaPhilippinesAll Other Asia/PacificVII. OTHER REGIONSCentral & South America
  4. 4. Economic OverviewMarkets & ProductsMarket ShareBrazilOther Central & South AmericaArgentinaVenezuelaAll Other Central & South AmericaEastern EuropeEconomic OverviewMarkets & ProductsMarket ShareRussiaPolandOther Eastern EuropeUkraineAll Other Eastern EuropeAfrica/MideastEconomic OverviewMarkets & ProductsMarket ShareIranEgyptTurkeySaudi ArabiaOther Africa/MideastSouth AfricaAll Other Africa/MideastVIII. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneralIndustry CompositionLubricant Market ShareCompetitive StrategiesMerger & Acquisition ActivityStrategic PartnershipsRefining & BlendingMarketing & DistributionCompany ProfilesAir BP, see BPAmerican Agip, See EniAnderol Specialty Lubricants, see ChemturaAnji Jiffy Lube Automotive Services, see Royal Dutch ShellAral, see BPAshland IncorporatedBP plc
  5. 5. Burmah Castrol, see BPCastrol India, see BPChemtura CorporationChevron CorporationChina National Petroleum CorporationChina Petroleum & Chemical CorporationChinese Petroleum CorporationCITGO Petroleum, see Petroleos de VenezuelaConocoPhillipsDylon Industries, see FUCHS PetrolubEmarat, see Emirates General PetroleumEmirates General Petroleum CorporationEngen Petroleum LimitedEni SpAExcel Paralubes, see ConocoPhillipsExxon Mobil CorporationFUCHS Petrolub AGGS Caltex, see ChevronHatco, see ChemturaHovensa, see Petroleos de VenezuelaIdemitsu Kosan Company LimitedImperial Oil, see Exxon MobilIndian Oil Corporation LimitedJX Holdings IncorporatedLukoil Oil CompanyMexicana De Lubricantes, see Petroleos MexicanosMotiva Enterprises, see Royal Dutch ShellNippon Oil, see JX HoldingsNovo-Ufa Oil Refinery, see OAO NovoilNynas, see Petroleos de VenezuelaOAO NGK SlavneftOAO NK RussNeftOAO NovoilOAO RosneftOMV AGPEMEX, see Petroleos MexicanosPertamina, see Perusahaan Pertambangan Minyak Dan Gas Bumi NegaraPerusahaan Pertambangan Minyak Dan Gas Bumi NegaraPetro-Canada, see Suncor EnergyPetrobas, see Petroleo BrasileiroPetroChina Lubricant, see China National PetroleumPetrol Ofisi, see OMVPetroleo Brasileiro SAPetroleos de Venezuela SAPetroleos Mexicanos SAPetroliam Nasional BerhadPetromin CorporationPETRONAS Lubricants International Sdn Bhd, see Petroliam Nasional BerhadRepsol YPF SARoyal Dutch Shell plcRuhr Oel, see BP
  6. 6. Shell Lubricants, see Royal Dutch ShellSinopec Lubricant, see China Petroleum & ChemicalSK Innovation Company LimitedSuncor Energy IncorporatedTNK-BP, see BPTotal SAUkrtatnafta ABValvoline, see AshlandYushiro Chemical Industry Company LimitedOther Companies Mentioned in the StudyLIST OF TABLESSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary TableSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 World Population by Region2 World Gross Domestic Product by Region3 World Manufacturing Value Added by Region4 World Gross Fixed Capital Formation by Region5 World Motor Vehicle Park by Region6 World Motor Vehicle Production by Region7 World Hybrid & Electric Light Vehicle Demand by Region8 World Crude Oil & Natural Gas Production by Region9 World Refined Petroleum Product Production by RegionSECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 World Lubricant Demand by Region2 World Lubricant Demand by Formulation3 World Petroleum Lubricant Demand by Region4 World Nonconventional Lubricant Demand by Region5 World Lubricant Demand by Product6 World Engine Oil Demand by Region7 World Process Oil Demand by Region8 World Hydraulic Fluid Demand by Region9 World Metalworking Fluid Demand by Region10 World Other Lubricants Demand by Region11 World Lubricant Demand by Market12 World Motor Vehicle Aftermarket Lubricant Demand13 World Manufacturing Lubricant Demand14 World Other Lubricant Markets Demand15 World Base Oil DemandSECTION IV -- NORTH AMERICA1 North America: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants2 North America: Lubricant Demand3 United States: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants4 United States: Lubricant Demand by Market5 United States: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation6 Canada: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants7 Canada: Lubricant Demand by Market8 Canada: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation9 Mexico: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants
  7. 7. 10 Mexico: Lubricant Demand by Market11 Mexico: Lubricant Demand by Product & FormulationSECTION V -- WESTERN EUROPE1 Western Europe: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants2 Western Europe: Lubricant Demand3 Germany: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants4 Germany: Lubricant Demand by Market5 Germany: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation6 France: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants7 France: Lubricant Demand by Market8 France: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation9 Italy: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants10 Italy: Lubricant Demand by Market11 Italy: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation12 United Kingdom: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants13 United Kingdom: Lubricant Demand by Market14 United Kingdom: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation15 Spain: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants16 Spain: Lubricant Demand by Market17 Spain: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation18 Other Western Europe: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants19 Other Western Europe: Lubricant Demand20 Other Western Europe: Lubricant Demand by CountrySECTION VI -- ASIA/PACIFIC1 Asia/Pacific: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants2 Asia/Pacific: Lubricant Demand3 China: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants4 China: Lubricant Demand by Market5 China: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation6 Japan: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants7 Japan: Lubricant Demand by Market8 Japan: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation9 India: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants10 India: Lubricant Demand by Market11 India: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation12 South Korea: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants13 South Korea: Lubricant Demand by Market14 South Korea: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation15 Indonesia: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants16 Indonesia: Lubricant Demand by Market17 Indonesia: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation18 Thailand: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants19 Thailand: Lubricant Demand by Market20 Thailand: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation21 Australia: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants22 Australia: Lubricant Demand by Market23 Australia: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation24 Taiwan: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants25 Taiwan: Lubricant Demand by Market26 Taiwan: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation27 Other Asia/Pacific: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants
  8. 8. 28 Other Asia/Pacific: Lubricant Demand29 Other Asia/Pacific: Lubricant Demand by CountrySECTION VII -- OTHER REGIONS1 Central & South America: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants2 Central & South America: Lubricant Demand3 Brazil: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants4 Brazil: Lubricant Demand by Market5 Brazil: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation6 Other Central & South America: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants7 Other Central & South America: Lubricant Demand8 Other Central & South America: Lubricant Demand by Country9 Eastern Europe: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants10 Eastern Europe: Lubricant Demand11 Russia: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants12 Russia: Lubricant Demand by Market13 Russia: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation14 Poland: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants15 Poland: Lubricant Demand by Market16 Poland: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation17 Other Eastern Europe: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants18 Other Eastern Europe: Lubricant Demand19 Other Eastern Europe: Lubricant Demand by Country20 Africa/Mideast: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants21 Africa/Mideast: Lubricant Demand22 Iran: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants23 Iran: Lubricant Demand by Market24 Iran: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation25 Egypt: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants26 Egypt: Lubricant Demand by Market27 Egypt: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation28 Turkey: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants29 Turkey: Lubricant Demand by Market30 Turkey: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation31 Saudi Arabia: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants32 Saudi Arabia: Lubricant Demand by Market33 Saudi Arabia: Lubricant Demand by Product & Formulation34 Other Africa/Mideast: Macroeconomic Indicators for Lubricants35 Other Africa/Mideast: Lubricant Demand36 Other Africa/Mideast: Lubricant Demand by CountrySECTION VIII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 World Lubricant Sales by Company, 20102 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures3 Selected Cooperative AgreementsLIST OF CHARTSSECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 World Lubricant Demand by Region, 2000-20202 Lubricant Demand Per Capita/GDP Per Capita Relationship, 20103 World Lubricant Demand by Product, 20104 World Lubricant Demand by Market, 20105 World Share of Base Oil Demand by Type, 2000-2020
  9. 9. SECTION IV -- NORTH AMERICA 1 North America: Lubricant Market Share by Company, 2010 SECTION V -- WESTERN EUROPE 1 Western Europe: Lubricant Market Share by Company, 2010 SECTION VI -- ASIA/PACIFIC 1 Asia/Pacific: Lubricant Market Share by Company, 2010 SECTION VII -- OTHER REGIONS 1 Central & South America: Lubricant Market Share by Company, 2010 2 Eastern Europe: Lubricant Market Share by Company, 2010 3 Africa/Mideast: Lubricant Market Share by Company, 2010 SECTION VIII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 1 World Lubricant Market Share by Company, 2010About Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports and in-depthmarket research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. We provide 24/7 online andoffline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for your needs of market researchreports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: +1-888-989-8004E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsandreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog