The future of online and mobile payments


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This report provides an overview of the global online and mobile payments industry, examining the industry in terms of market size, its segments, evolution of the industry, geographic segmentation, value chain, key drivers, trends, major players, and challenges.

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The future of online and mobile payments

  1. 1. The Future of Online and Mobile PaymentsIntroductionThis report provides an overview of the global online and mobile payments industry,examining the industry in terms of market size, its segments, evolution of theindustry, geographic segmentation, value chain, key drivers, trends, major players,and challenges. It also examines the future of the digital payments industry interms of convergence of devices, technologies and value chains.Features and benefits• Use detailed analysis of the online and mobile payments industry to identify keybusiness opportunities.• Access comprehensive coverage of the different segments within the online andmobile payments industry.• Profile the leading players in the online and mobile payments arena andunderstand the impact of their recent initiatives.• Identify changes to value chains and business models, and their impact on thefuture development of the market.HighlightsBusiness Insights anticipates that the alternate payments industry comprisingonline, mobile and contactless segments will post a CAGR of 17.6% over the period2010-15, with revenues increasing from $740bn in 2010 to $2,700bn in 2015. Thelargest revenue generating segment of the advanced payments industry is theonline payment segment.The various industry drivers include increasing internet penetration rates,increasing fixed and mobile broadband subscriptions, ecommerce volumes,smartphone shipments, and smartphone penetration rates.The over-riding consumer meta-theme for the industry is going to be convergence -whether of devices, technologies, or value chains. Due to this, NFC will emerge asthe de facto industry standard for conducting mobile payment transactions withinthe next couple of years.Browse All IT & Telecommunication Market Research ReportsYour key questions answered• What are the key drivers and resistors that will impact the growth of the onlineand mobile payments industry?
  2. 2. • What is the market size and growth potential of each sub-segment of theindustry? Which segment has the highest growth potential?• Who are the key players in the online and mobile payments industry? Whatinitiatives are they launching, what are their strategies for future success?• How will consumer and technological trends shape the future of the digitalpayments industry?Table Of ContentsExecutive SummaryThe online payments industry landscapeMajor players in the online payments industryChallenges and issues in the online payments industryThe mobile payments industry landscapeGlobal mobile payments initiativesThe future of online and mobile paymentsSushma KazaDisclaimerIntroductionWhat is this report about?Who is this report for?MethodologyThe online payments industry landscapeSummaryIntroductionGlobal alternate payments industry market size by valueSegments of the online payments industryCredit and debit cardsInternet / online bankingGeographic segmentation of the global payments industryEvolution of the online payments industryTwo-party systemThree-party systemThe online payment industry value-chain with the four-party systemThe online payment transaction processOnline payment industry driversIncreasing internet usage and penetration rates boosting industry growthAccelerating fixed broadband subscriptions driving industry growthGrowing e-commerce business fuelling online paymentsDeclining channel transaction costs favor alternate paymentsConvenience, improved service quality and online shopping experience boostgrowthTrends in the online payment industryShifting consumer preferences favor debit card usageMicropayments are the new frontierConvergence of social networking, apps and online games present growth avenuesTechnological innovations transforming the industry landscape
  3. 3. Rising popularity of online banking transactionsOld players are assuming new rolesMajor players in the online payments industrySummaryIntroductionVisaRecent financial performanceKey strategiesMasterCardRecent financial performanceKey strategiesPayPalHow does PayPal work?How does PayPal earn revenues?Recent financial performanceKey StrategiesTop ten US bank acquirersTop ten global bank issuersChallenges and issues in the online payments industrySummaryIntroductionFraudOnline revenue loss due to fraudPhishingMeasures to combat fraudPayment Card Industry Security Standards CouncilRegulationInterchange feesRegulation of interchange feesRecent regulations and interchange fees in the USRegulations in some important marketsAustraliaThe mobile payments industry landscapeSummaryIntroductionSegmentation of the mobile payments industryMobile payments channelsGlobal mobile payments market size by segmentGeographic segmentation of the mobile payments industry by usersMobile payments industry driversIncreasing smartphone shipments create substantial growth opportunitiesExponential growth in mobile subscriptions is another key driverAccelerating mobile internet penetration rates facilitate technology platformsMobile payment apps are emerging as the “killer apps” for the industryStabilizing mobile service revenues and declining ARPU’s compelling MNOs tosearch for alternate revenue avenuesLow traditional branch banking penetration rates boost demand for alternate
  4. 4. paymentsTrends in the mobile payments industryEvolving value-chain is encompassing all stakeholdersInnovations are renewing interest in the industryRise of the social networking sitesInhibitorsFraud and security concernsAdoption costs offer substantial barriers to entryLack of stakeholder co-ordination and absence of NFC-enabled phonesHow does a mobile payment transaction take place?The mobile payments value-chainHandset manufacturersChip manufacturersMobile network operator (MNO)Technology enablersBusiness ModelsOperator-centric modelFinancial institution-centric (FI) modelCollaboration modelPayment technologiesSMSUSSDRFIDNFC2D bar codeGlobal mobile payments initiativesSummaryIntroductionInitiatives by geographical regionAsia PacificEUUSLatin AmericaAfricaInitiatives by major stakeholdersPayment networksFIsMNOsApps and OS-basedOthersThe future of online and mobile paymentsSummaryIntroductionConvergence of devices – form factor and connectivityConvergence of technologies – interoperable and integratedCustomerMerchant
  5. 5. Financial institutionsConvergence of systems – interchangeable and seamlessContact:Mr.Priyank7557 Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: +1-888-989-8004E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsandreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog