The future of gourmet foods


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This report identifies current trends in gourmet food and considers how gourmet products are differentiated from mainstream products, how they evolve and how their premium positioning can be defended.

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The future of gourmet foods

  1. 1. The Future of Gourmet FoodsPublished:November 2011No.Of Pages:134Price:US $ 2875INTRODUCTIONThis report identifies current trends in gourmet food and considers how gourmet productsare differentiated from mainstream products, how they evolve and how their premiumpositioning can be defended. By looking at the latest trends in new product developmentand evolutions in consumer demand, the report identifies key opportunities for futuredevelopment strategies.FEATURES AND BENEFITS* Understand consumer expectations of gourmet food within the mass market for food anddrinks and benchmark products against gourmet criteria.* Gain an insight into how consumer demand for healthy and ethically produced food can bean opportunity rather than a threat to gourmet food.* Evaluate how consumption of gourmet food has changed due to the economic recessionand gain an insight into what’s changing in the Gourmet Foods Market.* Analyze product launch activity to gain an insight into the innovations landscape andassess the future development of key trends.* Identify strategies for the innovation and marketing of gourmet products that will meetcoming consumer tastes and demands.Browse All Food and Beverages Market Research ReportsHIGHLIGHTS* Gourmet products typically attract a price premium, but as a result of the economicdownturn in developed economies, consumers expect food and drinks manufacturers tojustify premiums through specific, transparent, and verifiable product claims.* Public awareness of ethical issues surrounding food production and packaging waste isleading to demand for sustainably produced and packaged products. Despite the economicdownturn, consumers are more prepared than ever to pay a premium for ethical food anddrink; by extension, ethical claims help justify price premium of gourmet products.* Although gourmet is often thought of as indulgent, the trend towards products thatpromote health and wellbeing is proving to be a boon for gourmet products which makeclaims such as all-natural ingredients, no chemical additives, or even contain health-enhancing ingredients such as exotic super fruits, which appeal to health-consciousconsumers.
  2. 2. YOUR KEY QUESTIONS ANSWERED* What does it take to create a really successful gourmet product, how can it bedifferentiated from the competition, and how should it be marketed?* How can gourmet food positioning be defended over time from threats such as privatelabel and the commoditization of new flavors and ingredients?* Where is gourmet innovation taking place, what are the innovations, and what’s importantto consumers in those markets?* What are the key developments in eating out and other leisure activities that are havingan influence on gourmet food trends?* What impact is factors such as the global economic recession, consumer interest in ethicalissues, and health concerns having on gourmet foods?Table Of ContentsAbout the authorDisclaimerEXECUTIVE SUMMARYIntroductionInfluencers of gourmet trendsGlobal overview of major gourmet trendsNew product trends in gourmet foodsDefensible gourmet positioningConclusionsIntroductionSummaryIntroduction and methodologyHow this report has been compiledDefining gourmet foodsIndicators of gourmetWhat kind of products are gourmet?Influencers of gourmet trendsSummaryIntroductionWhat influences our view of gourmet?Rise of the "foodie"Social concern and sustainabilityWellness and healthy eatingInternational travelThe importance of price in gourmet foodsThe importance of exclusivityThe symbolic significance of foodThe buying motivations of consumers(Untitled sub-section)Consumer groupsThe importance of social media for engaging consumersConsumers in emerging economiesMajor gourmet trends: global overviewSummaryIntroduction
  3. 3. Gourmet launches in the context of the global food and beverage marketGourmet launches by regionProduct launches by categoryPrivate label productsSingle servingOrganicNew product trends in gourmet foodsSummaryIntroductionProduct trends led by taste and flavorThe top 20 flavors in gourmet launchesFlavor trend highlightsTrends in flavor combinationTargeting foodie consumersTypical foodie productsAlcohol in foodie productsAlcohol influence on foodie productsNovelty foodie ingredients: petalsExclusivitySpecificity and authenticitySingle estate productsHarnessing the power of restaurants and celebrity chefsLuxury ingredientsHealthClaims preceded by a negative such as “low in...”, “no...”Positive health claimsEthical productsConvenienceArtisan, homemade, and family recipesExperimental, off beat, novelty, and giftsDefensible gourmet positioningSummaryIntroductionDefining the levels of gourmet foodsThe three tiers of gourmetHow gourmet positioning changes over timeCase study: saltWhat attacks or erodes gourmet positioning?How to protect gourmet positioningConclusionsSummaryIntroductionStrategies for creating a gourmet food strategyStaying exclusiveMaximizing the chances of successConclusion: long-term trends
  4. 4. LIST OF TABLESTable: Top ten health claims preceded by a negative in gourmet food launchesLIST OF FIGURESFigure: Major trends in gourmet foodsFigure: Emotions and self image around gourmet foodFigure: How products are tailored to consumer groupsFigure: Global gourmet launches as a % of total food and beverage launchesFigure: Gourmet launches by region, 1 July 2006 – 30 June 2001Figure: Major gourmet categories as a % of all gourmet launchesFigure: Private label products as a % of all new gourmet launchesFigure: Single serving products as a % of all gourmet launchesFigure: Major trends in new product developmentFigure: The top 20 flavors in gourmet food launches July 2006 – June 2011Figure: Flavor trends July 2006 - June 2011Figure: Product launch examples of salty-sweet flavor trendFigure: Chili in combination with other flavorsFigure: Product launch examples of chili with a contrasting flavorFigure: Gourmet products with alcohol flavorsFigure: Gourmet products with tea flavorsFigure: Examples of cross-category dessert flavor migrationFigure: Examples of cross-category savory flavor migrationFigure: Unusual flavor combinations in gourmet foodFigure: Examples of typical foodie productsFigure: Examples of product launches where alcohol is a key flavor or ingredientFigure: Wine-inspired productsFigure: Products with petalsFigure: Examples of highly exclusive productsFigure: Product launches with ingredients with highly specific originsFigure: Single estate productsFigure: Celebrity chef-inspired productsFigure: A caviar lunch pack from Caviar Co marketed at childrenFigure: Product launches with luxury ingredientsFigure: Gourmet beverages making antioxidant claimsFigure: Antioxidants in gourmet confectioneryFigure: Probiotic products containing Ganeden BC30 strainFigure: Gourmet products with omega-3Figure: Gourmet oils produced from unusual plantsFigure: Gourmet salt launchesFigure: Examples of ethically traded gourmet productsFigure: Gourmet food launches that make environmental claimsFigure: Gourmet food launches in convenience food formatsFigure: Convenient gourmet coffee formatsFigure: Gourmet product launches with artisan and homemade claimsFigure: Home baking kitsFigure: The three tiers of gourmet foodFigure: Adding a modest amount of value to sea salt with grinders and flavorsFigure: Adding value through specificity of provenance and production methodsFigure: Adding value to gourmet salt through convenient formats
  5. 5. Figure: Adding gourmet cachet to premium sea salt with foodie ingredientsFigure: Innovation and premiumization in sea saltFigure: The life cycle of a gourmet productAbout Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports and in-depthmarket research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. We provide 24/7 online andoffline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for your needs of market researchreports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page: Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsnreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog