The future of content delivery


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This report examines the digital content delivery market in terms of video, music, gaming, and eBooks. It analyzes the prevailing trends and drivers in each of these content areas, and also by count

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The future of content delivery

  1. 1. The Future of Content DeliveryIntroductionThis report examines the digital content delivery market in terms of video, music, gaming,and eBooks. It analyzes the prevailing trends and drivers in each of these content areas,and also by country. The report examines the content delivery strategies followed by keyvideo, music, gaming, and eBooks companies, and profiles the leading vendors in the CDNand digital rights management segments.Features and benefits• Analyze content delivery models across markets including TV and video, music, videogaming, and eBooks.• Highlight the challenges faced by companies in content delivery and gain insights intosuccessful strategies to address those challenges.• Understand the content delivery vendor landscape with respect to product offerings,strategy and financial performance.• Analyze the emerging technologies and platforms in content delivery and how they arealtering the content delivery landscape.• Understand how shifts in consumer behavior and expectations are driving the contentdelivery market.HighlightsAlthough DRM technology has seen huge adoption in the video, gaming, and eBookssegments, it is losing ground in the music industry. Video game publishers are increasinglyinvesting in DRM controls to prevent content piracy, and to restrict users from sharinggames or moving to digital distribution channels.The growing market for Video on Demand (VoD) services, which entails streaming on aninteractive basis, is resulting in greater investments in content delivery platforms. Contentowners are exploring newer avenues for monetization of video content includingsubscription, advertisements, online rental, and pay per video.With the advent of streaming and on-demand music services, users can choose not to storeand carry their music, and can access music like a service as and when required. Cloudbased gaming is gaining traction in the casual games segment, with serious gamers stillpreferring to own games in physical formats.Browse All IT & Telecommunication Market Research ReportsYour key questions answered• What are the current content delivery methods used by media and entertainmentcompanies, and what is driving market growth?• What challenges are faced by media and entertainment companies in content delivery,and what steps can be taken to overcome these challenges?• Which are the emerging technologies and platforms in content delivery? How does thecontent delivery market differ according to geography?• How are companies innovating in their content delivery models and what benefits are theyreaping?
  2. 2. • Which are the leading vendors in the content delivery market? Which are the mostimportant emerging technologies and platforms?Table Of ContentsExecutive SummaryIntroduction and market contextThe role of Digital Rights Management in content deliveryVideo Content DeliveryMusic Content DeliveryVideo Gaming DeliveryeBooks DeliveryThe Future of Content DeliveryCompetitive landscapeDeepika ChaubeyDisclaimerIntroduction and market contextSummaryReport scopeWho is this report for?Background – Content Delivery NetworksThe global content delivery marketRole and importance of content deliveryVideoMusicGamingeBooksThe role of Digital Rights Management in content deliverySummaryIntroductionBackgroundIncreasing role of DRM in media and entertainmentVideoMusicGamingeBooksVideo Content DeliverySummaryIntroductionBackgroundOnline video advertisement spend forecast, 2009–14Growth driversDemand for high quality video propelling content delivery platform investmentsVideo content demand on mobile devices presenting new revenue opportunitiesService bundles driving the demand of multi-play service platformsUser generated content increases video sharing website trafficKey trendsIncreased investments in platforms supporting multiple end user devicesVideo content monetization through subscriptions and advertisementsGrowing market for Video on DemandIncreased personalization in content display based on users’ interest areasTrends in video content delivery by region
  3. 3. USJapanUKFranceSouth KoreaIndiaChinaBrazilChallenges in video content deliveryDelivering content on multiple platformsScalable content delivery systems to accommodate growing internet contentDelivering good quality contentContent delivery strategies followed by key video companiesABC delivers interactive television services on iPadNetflix offers subscription based on-demand video streaming servicesHulu offers both free advertisement supported & subscription based contentComcast launches one of the first TV Everywhere service in the USThe future of video content deliveryShift to 3D formatInternet-only video providersTransition to the cloudPackaged applications delivered over tabletsMusic Content DeliverySummaryIntroductionBackgroundGlobal digital music market forecasts, 2009–14Growth driversRemoval of DRM leading to increased download volumesIncreased music consumption owing to mobile capabilityMusic access service bundles drives investments in content delivery platformsKey trendsIncreased adoption of subscription based music content downloadMusic made available on social mediaGrowing market for unlimited ad-supported free music streamsMusicians distribute directly to end usersTrends in digital music delivery by regionUSJapanUKFranceSouth KoreaIndiaChinaBrazilChallenges in digital music deliveryPiracyDigital music pricingContent delivery strategies of key digital music websitesiTunes transitions from PC software based to a cloud based serviceAmazon enters the subscription based streaming market by acquiring Amie Street
  4. 4. SpotifyPandoraThe future of digital music deliveryCloud based music servicesRise in social music sharing websitesStreaming services offered by e-commerce websitesVideo Gaming deliverySummaryIntroductionBackgroundGlobal video gaming forecasts, 2009–14Growth driversSeamless gaming experience on mobileThe rise of online gamingMobile-to-console integrationKey TrendsSocial gamingUser generated gaming contentMotion sensor gamingTrends in video gaming delivery by regionUSJapanUKFranceSouth KoreaIndiaChinaBrazilChallenges in gaming deliveryPiracyLong development cycle impacts profitabilityContent delivery strategies followed by key gaming companiesConsole based gaming – Sony PS3Zynga exemplifies the rise of social gamingThe future of gaming deliveryCloud based gaming streamsMassive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG)eBooks deliverySummaryIntroductionBackgroundGlobal eBooks market forecasts, 2009–14DriversAggressive pricing, integrated store experience, and more titlesInnovation in eReaders expanding scope of content deliveryKey TrendsPublishers getting involved in content deliveryMultiple application strategy working in the US but Europe needs to catch upEurope is still in nascent stage though there are early signs of digital books adoptionTrends in eBook delivery by regionUS
  5. 5. JapanUKFranceSouth KoreaIndiaChinaBrazilChallenges in eBook deliveryFormulating country specific content delivery strategyUnfavorable tax policies is significantly impacting growth in EuropeManaging sales to create a sustainable business model around content deliveryDeveloping simple yet effective DRM systemsIncreased sophistication of eReaders at lower pricesContent delivery strategies followed by publishersAmazon focusing on developing integrated shopping and delivery systemGoogle eBooks focusing on the cloudeBooks in the futureLocalizing content deliveryDeveloping a cost effective content delivery strategyExisting online bookstores will continue to dominateIncreased focus on portability across multiple media, formats, and platformseReaders to retain customer segment despite rising competition from other devicesThe future of content deliverySummaryIntroductionVideoMusicVideo gamingeBooksCompetitive landscapeSummaryIntroductionContent Delivery Network (CDN) providersAkamai TechnologiesLimelight NetworksLevel 3 CommunicationsEdgeCast Networks, Inc.Internap Network ServicesHighwinds Network GroupCDNetworksDRM technology providersAdobeInterTrust Rights SystemRovi (Macrovision)Microsoft ContentguardIBMAppendixMethodologyPrimary researchSecondary research
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