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Successful strategies for pharmaceutical reformulation


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Successful strategies for pharmaceutical reformulation

  1. 1. Successful Strategies for Pharmaceutical ReformulationPublished:October 2011No.Of Pages:92Price:US $ 3835Report SummaryThis report assesses the various approaches to reformulation in the protection of revenuesfor pharmaceuticals that are in the midpoint of their lifecycles. Using case studiespulmonary, injectable, oral, and transdermal reformulation strategies are examined withkey technologies profiled.Features and benefits* Understand the commercial benefits of drug reformulation* Understand the main drivers of uptake for specific drug delivery routes including, oral,transdermal, pulmonary, and injectable.* Using case studies understand how to take a strategic approach to drug delivery basedproduct development.* Discover how you reformulation can grant extended patent protection and greatly extendthe profitable lifecycle of your products.* Analyse key technological developments in oral, injectable, pulmonary, and transdermaldrug delivery and assess which will be most suitable for you.HighlightsNovel formulations deliver superior returns on investments: drug delivery-based productdevelopment strategies are substantially more effective compared with Rx-to-OTCswitching, or if companies followed new indication, branded generic, or drug repositioningchannels to optimize the product lifecycle.Drug delivery technology companies offering a comprehensive product development planincluding feasibility studies, formulation development, analytical assays, clinical studies,regulatory support, manufacturing facilities, and assistance in product launch are morefavorably received as partners than those who do not have such capabilities.* Although respiratory drug reformulation can be useful in lifecycle management, so can thedevelopment of innovative new devices. These can often enhance marketing of the productformulations because new devices that exploit technical developments in innovation canlead to improved drug delivery, hence enhancing product efficacy and/or safety.Browse All Pharmaceuticals Market Research Reports
  2. 2. Table Of ContentsAbout Business InsightsDisclaimerEXECUTIVE SUMMARYPharmaceutical Reformulation Strategies, a strategy for successOral reformulationPulmonary reformulationInjectable reformulationTransdermal reformulationReformulation, a strategy for market successSummaryIntroductionKey industry factors associated with drug delivery-based product developmentMarket conditionsDemand for drug delivery-based productsResearch and development issuesInitiating drug delivery-based product development: a strategic approachA reformulation time plan to protect patents and sustain market shareTechnological competenciesStrategic partnershipsA decade of reformulation success utilizing delivery technologiesDelivery technology focus: creating market leadersNovartis’ Neoral (Sandimmune/cyclosporin).Johnson & Johnson’s Duragesic (fentanyl).Market size and trends for drug delivery-based productsMarket share for the drug delivery-based reformulation sectorOral reformulationSummaryOral reformulationBiological barriers to oral delivery formulationsOral reformulation systemsTypes of technologies used in oral drug deliveryMarket insightsRecent successful technological developments and opportunities for oral reformulationsNeworal formulations that disintegrate rapidly have led to new products to treatgastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and recurrent diabetic gastroparesis. Orallydisintegrating tablets (ODTs) in development include treatments for autism andschizophrenia; a new ODT product for treating epilepsy launched in 2009 may have asignificant impact on the $10bn US epilepsy market, in addition to new extended-releaseformulations, which are in late stage development.
  3. 3. Pulmonary reformulationSummaryPulmonary reformulationTypes of pulmonary formulationsAqueous formulationsFormulations and devicesTypes of deviceClasses of inhaled drugs for respiratory diseasesMarket insights and case studies for successful pulmonary reformulationInhalable insulin - a cautionary reformulation talePfizer’s ExuberaInjectable reformulationSummaryInjectable reformulationInjectable drug delivery systemsTherapeutic focus for injectable reformulationOncologyCurrent injectable anti-cancer drugsMonoclonal antibodiesCentral Nervous System: Injectable Reformulation OpportunitiesSchizophrenia and substance abuseSchizophrenia: current treatmentsSubstance abuse: current treatmentsMarket insights and opportunities for injectable reformulationTransdermal reformulationSummaryTransdermal reformulationSkin structure and permeabilityBenefits and limitations of transdermal drug deliveryLimitationsTechnologies to improve transdermal drug deliveryMicroencapsulationLiposomal reformulationNiosomesNanoparticlesElectroporationIontophoresisTherapeutic areas for transdermal reformulationLeading transdermal products and market insights for successful reformulationTransdermal reformulation: therapeutic and development focusAlzheimer’s disease: Exelon Patch (rivastigmine), NovartisPain reliefFentanyl patchesWomen’s healthEstradot/Vivelle dotCardiovascular disease - hypertension and angina
  4. 4. Transdermal nitroglycerinHypertensionGeneric opportunities for transdermal reformulationsAppendixMethodologyGlossary/AbbreviationsList Of TablesTable: Commercial benefits of drug delivery technologiesTable: Types of strategic drug partnershipTable: Revenue-sustaining oral drug delivery-based products, 2000-($m)2010Table: Revenue-sustaining pulmonary drug delivery-based products, 2000-2010, $mTable: Revenue-sustaining injectable drug delivery-based products, ($m), 2000-2010Table: Revenue-sustaining injectable drug delivery-based products, ($m), 2000-2010Table: Revenue-sustaining pulmonary drug delivery-based products, ($m), 2000-2010Table: Revenue-sustaining transdermal drug delivery-based products, ($m), 2000-2010Table: Market size ($m) for drug delivery-based products by route of administration 2005 -2009Table: Advantages and disadvantages of orally delivered formulationsTable: Oral modified release systemsTable: Types of controlled release drug delivery systemsTable: Advantages and disadvantages for pulmonary reformulationTable: Selected examples of proprietary dry powder inhalersTable: Significant inhaled branded steroid productsTable: Successful pulmonary reformulation case study - PulmicortTable: Successful pulmonary reformulation case study - Advair/SeretideTable: Advantages and disadvantages of injectable formulationsTable: Drivers and resistors of the use of injectable drug delivery reformulationTable: Types of injectable drug delivery systemTable: Injectable reformulation focus: AcromegalyTable: Injectable reformulation focus: DiabetesTable: Injectable reformulation focus: Viral InfectionsTable: Types of injectable pain-relief and routes of administrationTable: Patent expiries of leading sustained-release compoundsTable: Selected therapy areas utilizing sustained-release technologiesTable: Comparison of fentanyl patch formulationsTable: Estradot size types and dosagesList Of FiguresFigure: Market forces affecting drug delivery-based productsFigure: Strategy to optimize R&D for the designated compound and related multiple drugdelivery-based productsFigure: Revenue and patent protection achieved through reformulationFigure: Patent extension and protection possibilities through multiple reformulation productsFigure: Market share of major reformulation sectors, 2005 and 2010Figure: R&D drivers for new oral delivery technologiesFigure: Distribution of Global Cancer Burden by WHO Region (2008)Figure: Breakdown of the transdermal reformulation market by therapy area
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