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Paint & coatings to 2015


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US demand for paint and coatings is forecast to exceed $25 billion in 2015. The market is expected to expand strongly in both volume and value terms, rebounding from the declines of the recessionimpacted 2005-2010 period.

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Paint & coatings to 2015

  1. 1. Paint & Coatings to 2015Published:November 2011No.Of Pages:348Price:US $ 4900Report SummaryUS demand to exceed $25 billion in 2015US demand for paint and coatings is forecast to exceed $25 billion in 2015. The market isexpected to expand strongly in both volume and value terms, rebounding from the declinesof the recessionimpacted 2005-2010 period. During this time, construction spending andmanufactured goods output both fell, reducing coatings demand in the key architectural andmanufacturing markets. Through 2015, growth will be fueled by renewed strength inmanufacturing and construction activity as the US economy continues its economicrecovery. Increasing domestic demand will boost production levels, as will favorable exportopportunities, particularly in Asia and Mexico.Browse All Chemicals Market Research ReportsArchitectural market to provide best opportunitiesThe architectural market will continue to account for the largest share of paint and coatingsdemand in the US. Advances will outpace those of the other major segments through 2015,promoted by renewed strength in the housing market. In particular, home building activitywill rebound from the low 2010 level, boosting paint and coating sales. Going forward, theinterior component of the architectural paint market will remain considerably larger than theexterior segment, and growth in demand for interior paint will outpace that for exteriorpaint. The outlook for exterior coatings will continue to be affected by the introduction ofmore efficient products, which can cover more square footage per gallon, as well as thegrowing popularity of siding materials, such as vinyl, which do not require painting. On thebright side, however, demand for exterior paint will be promoted by the rising use of onealternative siding material -- fiber cement -- in the US housing industry. Unlike vinyl, fibercement siding can be painted. To the extent that fiber cement displaces vinyl siding, thistrend will provide opportunities for exterior paint demand.Sales of Paint and Coatings Market will expand at a respectable rate through 2015,reversing the downward trend of the 2000-2010 period. Among the various marketsegments, the furniture and fixture sector will have the best opportunities for growth, andwill remain the leading outlet for coatings over the forecast period. However, the motorvehicle sector will post more rapid gains, regaining its position as the second largest outletfor coatings among manufacturing markets. Although demand will benefit from stronggrowth in motor vehicle output, this will be offset to some extent by a move toward smaller,more fuel-efficient automobiles at the expense of larger light vehicles such as sport utilityvehicles. This will limit coatings volume growth given that smaller vehicles generally requireless paint on a per vehicle basis.
  2. 2. Maintenance and specialty coatings will remain the smallest market through 2015. Advancesin this segment will trail those of the architectural and manufacturing markets. This is due inpart to the fact that demand for maintenance and specialty coatings was more insulatedfrom the difficult economic conditions present during the 2005-2010 period, and willtherefore also not be as positively impacted by the improved economic outlook as the othermarket segments. Key outlets include industrial maintenance, and road and bridge markets.Both are expected to advance at above-average rates through 2015, promoted by greaternonresidential improvement and repair activity, and greater spending directed toward themaintenance of the nations aging infrastructure.Table of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYII. MARKET ENVIRONMENTGeneralMacroeconomic OutlookDemographic OutlookPersonal Consumption ExpendituresManufacturing OutlookConstruction OutlookBuilding Construction ExpendituresResidential Building ConstructionHousing CompletionsHousing StockResidential Improvements & RepairsNonresidential Building ConstructionSiding TrendsRaw MaterialsEnvironmental & Regulatory ConsiderationsVolatile Organic CompoundsPigmentsSolid Waste RecyclingPaint Industry RegulationsWorld Paint & Coatings DemandIII. OVERVIEWSupply & DemandHistorical Market TrendsFormulationsWater-BasedSolvent-BasedPowder CoatingsOtherSubstratesPricing TrendsForeign TradeImportsExports
  3. 3. IV. ARCHITECTURAL MARKETSSupply & DemandHistorical Market TrendsMarketsResidential Building ConstructionNew ConstructionImprovement & RepairNonresidential Building ConstructionApplications & End UsersInteriorExteriorFormulationsWater-BasedSolvent-BasedV. MANUFACTURING MARKETSSupply & DemandHistorical Market TrendsMarketsFurniture & FixturesFurniture Industry OutlookCoatings DemandSuppliersPackagingPackaging Industry OutlookCoatings DemandRigid Containers & ClosuresFlexible & Paper PackagingSuppliersMotor VehiclesMotor Vehicle Production OutlookCoatings DemandSuppliersMetal Building ComponentsNonresidential Fixed InvestmentCoatings DemandSuppliersMachineryMachinery OutlookCoatings DemandSuppliersAppliancesAppliance Industry OutlookCoatings DemandSuppliersLawn & Garden EquipmentPower Lawn & Garden Equipment Industry OutlookCoatings DemandAerospace & Other Transportation EquipmentAerospace & Other Transportation Equipment OutlookCoatings Demand
  4. 4. Aerospace Coatings SuppliersFlooringHard Surface Flooring OutlookCoatings DemandOther Manufacturing MarketsFormulationsVI. MAINTENANCE & SPECIALTY COATINGSSupply & DemandHistorical Market TrendsMarketsIndustrial MaintenanceNonresidential Building Improvements & RepairsCoatings DemandSuppliersAutomotive RefinishingMotor Vehicle ParkCoatings DemandSuppliersRoads & BridgesHighway & Street ExpendituresCoatings DemandSuppliersMarine EquipmentMarine Equipment OutlookCoatings DemandSuppliersOtherFormulationsVII. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneralIndustry CompositionArchitectural & Decorative PaintIndustrial CoatingsAcquisitions & DivestituresCooperative AgreementsDistributionCompetitive StrategiesResearch & DevelopmentCompany ProfilesAce Hardware CorporationAD Fire Protection Systems, see RPM InternationalAkzo Nobel NVBASF SEBehr Process, see MascoBenjamin Moore, see Berkshire HathawayBerkshire Hathaway IncorporatedCabot, see ValsparCarboline, see RPM InternationalChemprobe Coating Systems, see Tnemec
  5. 5. Color Wheel Paint, see Consorcio ComexConsorcio Comex SA de CVDayGlo Color, see RPM InternationalDiamond Vogel PaintsDow Chemical CompanyDryvit Systems, see RPM InternationalDunn-Edwards CorporationDuPont (EI) de NemoursEFTEC, see EMS-Chemie HoldingEMS-Chemie Holding AGEnnis Paint IncorporatedFerro CorporationFrazee Paint, see Consorcio ComexFujikura Kasei Company LimitedFuller (HB) CompanyGeneral Paint, see Consorcio ComexHouse of Kolor, see ValsparHydro-Stop, see Quest Specialty ChemicalsInnovative Performance Systems, see Ennis PaintInternational Paint, see Akzo NobelJones-Blair CompanyKelly-Moore Paint Company IncorporatedKwal Paint, see Consorcio ComexLORD CorporationMajic Paints, see Yenkin-Majestic PaintMasco CorporationMasterchem Industries, see MascoMatrix Systems Automotive Finishes, see Quest Specialty ChemicalsMetal Coatings International, see NOFNeogard, see Jones-BlairNippon Paint Company LimitedNOF CorporationParker Paint Manufacturing, see Consorcio ComexPettit Paints, see RPM InternationalPlasti-Kote, see ValsparPPG Industries IncorporatedQuest Specialty Chemicals IncorporatedRaabe, see Quest Specialty ChemicalsRed Spot Paint & Varnish, see Fujikura KaseiRPM International IncorporatedRust-Oleum, see RPM InternationalSherwin-Williams CompanySpraylat CorporationStrataShield, see TnemecTCI Powder Coatings, see RPM InternationalTennant CompanyTestor, see RPM International3M CompanyTIGER Coatings GmbH & Company KGTnemec Company IncorporatedTremco, see RPM International
  6. 6. True Value CompanyUS Paint CorporationValspar CorporationVista Paint CorporationYenkin-Majestic Paint CorporationZolatone Automotive, Industrial & Marine, see Quest Specialty ChemicalsLIST OF TABLESSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary TableSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators2 Population & Households3 Personal Consumption Expenditures4 Manufacturers’ Shipments5 Construction Expenditures6 Building Construction Expenditures7 Residential Building Construction Expenditures8 New Housing Indicators9 Housing Stock by Type10 Residential Improvement & Repair Expenditures11 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures12 Siding Demand by Material13 Raw Material Demand in Paint & CoatingsSECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 Paint & Coatings Supply & Demand2 Paint & Coatings Market, 2000-20103 Paint & Coatings Demand by Formulation4 Paint & Coatings Demand by Substrate5 Paint & Coatings Prices6 US Foreign Trade in Paint & Coatings7 Paint & Coatings Imports by Source, 2005-20108 Paint & Coatings Exports by Destination, 2005-2010SECTION IV -- ARCHITECTURAL MARKETS1 Architectural Paint Supply & Demand2 Architectural Paint Market, 2000-20103 Architectural Paint Demand by Market4 Residential Building Construction Markets for Architectural Paint5 New Residential Construction Markets for Architectural Paint6 Residential Improvement & Repair Markets for Architectural Paint7 Nonresidential Building Construction Markets for Architectural Paint8 Architectural Paint Demand by Application & End User9 Interior Architectural Paint Demand10 Exterior Architectural Paint Demand11 Architectural Paint Demand by FormulationSECTION V -- MANUFACTURING MARKETS1 Manufacturing Coatings Supply & Demand
  7. 7. 2 Manufacturing Coatings Market, 2000-20103 Manufacturing Coatings Demand by Market4 Furniture Shipments5 Furniture & Fixture Coatings Demand6 Packaging Supply & Demand7 Packaging Coatings Demand8 Rigid Container & Closure Coatings Demand9 Flexible & Paper Packaging Coatings Demand10 Motor Vehicle Production11 Motor Vehicle Coatings Demand12 Nonresidential Fixed Investment on Structures13 Metal Building Component Coatings Demand14 Machinery Shipments15 Machinery Coatings Demand16 Appliance Shipments by Type17 Appliance Coatings Demand18 Power Lawn & Garden Equipment Shipments19 Lawn & Garden Equipment Coatings Demand20 Aerospace & Other Transportation Equipment Shipments21 Aerospace & Other Transportation Equipment Coatings Demand22 Hard Surface Flooring Shipments23 Flooring Coatings Demand24 Other Manufacturing Markets for Coatings25 Manufacturing Coatings Demand by FormulationSECTION VI -- MAINTENANCE & SPECIALTY COATINGS1 Maintenance & Specialty Coatings Supply & Demand2 Maintenance & Specialty Coatings Market, 2000-20103 Maintenance & Specialty Coatings Demand by Market4 Nonresidential Building Improvement & Repair Expenditures5 Industrial Maintenance Coatings Demand6 Motor Vehicle Park7 Automotive Refinish Coatings Demand8 Highway & Street Expenditures9 Road & Bridge Coatings Demand10 Marine Equipment Shipments11 Marine Coatings Demand12 Other Maintenance & Specialty Coatings Demand13 Maintenance & Specialty Coatings Demand by FormulationSECTION VII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Paint & Coatings Sales by Company, 20102 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures3 Selected Cooperative AgreementsLIST OF CHARTSSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 20102 World Paint & Coatings Demand by Region, 2010
  8. 8. SECTION III -- OVERVIEW1 Paint & Coatings Market, 2000-20102 Paint & Coatings Demand by Formulation, 20103 Paint & Coatings Imports by Source, 20104 Paint & Coatings Exports by Destination, 2010SECTION IV -- ARCHITECTURAL MARKETS1 Architectural Paint Market, 2000-2010SECTION V -- MANUFACTURING MARKETS1 Manufacturing Coatings Market, 2000-20102 Manufacturing Coatings Demand by Market, 20103 OEM Motor Vehicle Coatings Demand Relative to US Motor Vehicle Production, 2000-2010SECTION VI -- MAINTENANCE & SPECIALTY COATINGS1 Maintenance & Specialty Coatings Market, 2000-20102 Maintenance & Specialty Coatings Demand by Market, 2010SECTION VII -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Paint & Coatings Market Share, 20102 US Architectural & Decorative Paint Market Share, 20103 US Industrial Coatings Market Share, 2010About Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports and in-depthmarket research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. We provide 24/7 online andoffline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for your needs of market researchreports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page: Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsnreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog