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Marine electric vehicles 2012 2022


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This report covers hybrid and pure electric marine vehicles: it encompasses the extreme variety from a $50 pure electric sea scooter for a scooba diver to many $25 million hybrid super yachts and pure electric $5 million AUVs, tourist submarines etc., some with fuel cells.

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Marine electric vehicles 2012 2022

  1. 1. Marine Electric Vehicles 2012-2022Those making electric vehicles or their components seek to expand their business. To dothis, they need to look beyond the oversupplied on-road sector. Marine electric vehicles areinteresting as a market that is more profitable and often more open to innovation. However,until now, there has been no report assessing this substantial market sector. No longer. Thisis the worlds first comprehensive report on marine electric vehicles with latest ten yearforecasts and important new projects such as submarines that will fly.Large military business will be overtakenThe rapidly growing $2.3 billion market for marine electric vehicles is unusually varied. Itincludes on-water and underwater electric vehicles for inland waterways and the sea.Military electric craft dominate in market value today, despite the fact that IDTechExexcludes electrically propelled ordnance, such as torpedoes, and tethered vehicles from thisreport. Civil marine electric vehicles will constitute the largest marine electric vehicle marketby value.Often the first to innovateCertain marine electric craft are ahead of land and air electric vehicles in variously usinglithium-ion traction batteries with greatest energy storage, the latest CIGS flexible solarcells (predecessor of multilayer smart skin explained in the text) and in being deployed foryears at a time without human intervention. For example, only boats carry up to 150 peopleon solar power alone. Only seagoing "glider" Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUVs aredeployed for years without human intervention, coming to the surface when necessary toharvest electric power from both waves and sun.Request a Sample for or Inquire before buying the reportMarine Electric Vehicles Market Published: February 2012No.OF Pages: 181Price: Single User License US$ 3995BenchmarkingOn the other hand, the report shows where designers of electric marine craft can learn fromnon-marine vehicles that are ahead in certain other respects. Examples include use of thirdgeneration battery technologies in electric aircraft and gas turbine range extenders inleading buses and supercars. Then there is the harvesting of the heat of the conventionalengine in a hybrid car to produce electricity - expected soon. There needs to be much more
  2. 2. benchmarking of best practice between electric vehicle sectors and the IDTechEx reports onelectric vehicles by type - of which the marine report is the latest - assist in this process.Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:1.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS2.INTRODUCTION3.SURFACE CRAFT4.MANNED UNDERWATER ELECTRIC VEHICLES5.AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLES (AUVS)6.BIOMIMETIC UNMANNED UNDERWATER CRAFT7.DRIVE TRAINS, COMPONENTS AND INFRASTRUCTURE8.MARKET FORECASTS 2011 2021 AND ROADMAPAPPENDIX 1: IDTECHEX PUBLICATIONS AND CONSULTANCYExplore Comprehensive list of more than 100 Tables & Figures available in the report @ Tiwari7557 Rambler road,Suite 727, Dallas, TX 75231Tel: +1-888-391-5441sales@reportsandreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog @ With Us: