Machine tools in china


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This report gives information about Demand and supply for machine tools in China for the year 2014

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Machine tools in china

  1. 1. Machine Tools in ChinaReport SummaryDemand in China to grow 14.2% yearly through 2014Demand for machine tools in China is projected to grow 14.2 percent annually to¥389 billion in 2014. This strong growth will bolster China’s current position as theworld’s leading consumer and producer of machine tools. Both supply and demandwill benefit from a number of government policies set forth in the Twelfth Five-YearPlan. Economic goals in the Plan that are especially salient to the machine toolindustry are the development of Strategic Emerging Industries (SEIs), which willreceive beneficial government treatment and the push for “Indigenous Innovation.”Advanced machine tools to be subsidizedHigh-end equipment manufacturing is designated as one of the SEIs and will beextensively promoted by the Chinese government. Advanced machine toolmanufacturing is an important segment of high-end equipment manufacturing, andas such, the industry will benefit from subsidies offered by both the central andlocal governments for research and development. Sales of high-end machine toolswill also benefit from favorable tariff policies that will promote the sales of domesticproducts.China plans to be an innovation-oriented society by 2020 and a variety ofmegaprojects have been introduced to achieve the goal, including the developmentof computerized numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools that will focus on servingkey industries, such as aviation equipment, ship building, motor vehicles andgenerating equipment. Research and innovation in the advanced machine toolindustry will be supported by government initiatives so that domestic producers canbecome more competitive in terms of technology, thus increasing their share of thedomestic market.Browse All Automotive Market Research ReportsThe major markets for machine tools in China are industrial machinery andequipment, transportation equipment, primary and fabricated metals, and electricaland electronic equipment. Industrial machinery is the largest market for machinetools due to the extensive use of various machine tools in numerous segments ofthe industry. Transportation equipment manufacturing, the second largest market,has been supported by the explosive development of the automobile industry inChina over the past decade.Machine tool accessories to be fastest growing segmentMetal cutting machine tools form the largest product segment, which is about threetimes larger than the metal forming segment. Demand for machine tool accessories
  2. 2. is projected to increase at an annual rate of 16.1 percent to 2014, faster than bothmetal cutting and metal forming machine tools.Table of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYII. MARKET ENVIRONMENTGeneralEconomic OverviewRecent Economic PerformanceEconomic OutlookDemographic OverviewCurrency Exchange RatesManufacturing OverviewGross Fixed Capital Formation OutlookPricing PatternsTechnologyLegal & Regulatory EnvironmentThe Twelfth Five-Year PlanFive-Year Plan OverviewTwelfth Five-Year Plan’s ProvisionsInternational EnvironmentForeign TradeIII. PRODUCTSSupply & DemandMetal Cutting Machine ToolsLathes, Milling & Related MachinesLathesMilling MachinesDrilling MachinesBoring MachinesMachining Centers & Related MachinesVerticalHorizontalPlanoOtherGrinding & Related MachinesGrinding Machines
  3. 3. Sharpening MachinesPolishing MachinesEDM, Laser & Related MachinesEDMLaser MachinesOther Special Processing MachinesGear Cutting, Shaping & Other Metal Cutting MachinesGear Cutting MachinesShaping & Related MachinesOther Metal Cutting MachinesMetal Forming Machine ToolsPresses & Other Forging MachinesMechanical PressesHydraulic PressesOther Forging MachinesBending, Shearing & Punching MachinesBending MachinesShearing & Punching MachinesOther Metal Forming MachinesWire Forming MachinesAll Other Metal Forming MachinesMachine Tool AccessoriesMeasuring ToolsCutting ToolsTool Holders & HeadingsIV. MARKETSGeneralIndustrial MachineryIndustrial Machinery Capital Formation OutlookMachine Tool MarketTransportation EquipmentTransportation Equipment Fixed Capital FormationOutlookMachine Tool Market
  4. 4. Primary & Fabricated MetalMetal Fixed Capital Formation OutlookMachine Tool MarketElectrical & ElectronicElectrical & Electronic Equipment Fixed Capital FormationOutlookMachine Tool MarketOther MarketsV. REGIONAL TRENDSGeneralRegional Demographic & Economic TrendsPopulation PatternsEconomic OutlookRegional Manufacturing Value Added OutlookRegional Fixed Capital Formation OutlookRegional Machine Tool DemandCentral-NorthOverviewMachine Tool DemandNortheastOverviewMachine Tool DemandCentral-EastOverviewMachine Tool DemandCentral-SouthOverviewMachine Tool DemandSouthwestOverviewMachine Tool DemandNorthwestOverviewMachine Tool Demand
  5. 5. VI. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneralIndustry CompositionMarket ShareProduct Development & ManufacturingMarketing & DistributionFinancial Issues & RequirementsMergers & AcquisitionsForeign Participation in the Chinese MarketLegal & Regulatory IssuesJoint VenturesWholly Owned Foreign EnterprisesRepresentative OfficesCompany ProfilesAmada Company LimitedBaoji Machine Tool Group, see Qinchuan Machine Tool GroupBeijing No. 1 Machine Tool PlantBYJC-Okuma Beijing Machine Tool, see Beijing No. 1 Machine Tool Plant and OkumaChina General Technology Group Holding Company LimitedChongqing Machinery & Electric Company LimitedDalian Machine Tool Group CorporationGildemeister AGGuangzhou Machine Tool Works Company LimitedGuilin Machine Tool Company LimitedHangzhou Machine Tool Group Company LimitedHanland Machine Tool Group Company LimitedHarbin Measuring and Cutting Tool Group, see China General Technology GroupHoldingINDEX-Werke GmbH & Company KG Hahn & TesskyJack Holding Group Company LimitedJiangsu Shinri Machine Tool Group Company LimitedJiangsu Xuzhou Metalforming Machine Group Company LimitedJiangsu Yangli GroupJiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Company LimitedJier Machine-Tool Group Company LimitedMAG IAS Holdings IncorporatedMori Seiki Company LimitedNingxia Little Giant Machine Tool, see Yamazaki MazakOkuma CorporationQier Machine Tool Group, see China General Technology Group HoldingQinchuan Machine Tool Group Company LimitedQinghai Huading Industrial Company LimitedQiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment, see Zhejiang Tianma BearingShandong Lunan Machine Tool Company LimitedShanghai Electric Group Company LimitedShenyang Machine Tool Group Company Limited
  6. 6. Sichuan Changzheng Machine Tool Company LimitedSuzhou Sanguang Science & Technology Company LimitedTiangong International Company LimitedTianjin No. 1 Machine Tool WorksTianshui Spark Machine Tool Company LimitedTONTEC Technology Investment Group Company LimitedTRUMPF GroupWeihai Huadong Automation Company LimitedWuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Company LimitedYamazaki Mazak CorporationZhejiang Kaida Machine Tool Group LimitedZhejiang Tianma Bearing Company LimitedOther Companies Mentioned in the StudyLIST OF TABLESSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary TableSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Gross Domestic Product of China2 Population of China3 Chinese Currency Exchange Rates, 1999-20094 Manufacturing Value Added5 Gross Fixed Capital Formation in China6 Selected Machine Tool Pricing Patterns in China7 Chinese Foreign Trade in Machine ToolsSECTION III -- PRODUCTS1 Machine Tool Supply & Demand in China2 Metal Cutting Machine Tool Supply & Demand in China3 Lathe, Milling & Related Machine Supply & Demand in China4 Lathe Supply & Demand in China5 Milling Machine Supply & Demand in China6 Drilling Machine Supply & Demand in China7 Boring Machine Supply & Demand in China8 Machining Center & Related Machine Supply & Demand in China9 Grinding & Related Machine Supply & Demand in China10 Grinding Machine Supply & Demand in China11 Sharpening Machine Supply & Demand in China12 Polishing Machine Supply & Demand in China13 EDM, Laser & Related Machine Supply & Demand in China14 Gear Cutting, Shaping & Other Machine Supply & Demand in China15 Gear Cutting Machine Supply & Demand in China16 Shaping & Related Machine Supply & Demand in China17 Other Metal Cutting Machine Supply & Demand in China18 Metal Forming Machine Tool Supply & Demand in China
  7. 7. 19 Presses & Other Forging Machine Supply & Demand in China20 Bending, Shearing & Punching Machine Supply & Demand in China21 Bending Machine Supply & Demand in China22 Shearing & Punching Machine Supply & Demand in China23 Other Metal Forming Machine Supply & Demand in China24 Machine Tool Accessory Supply & Demand in ChinaSECTION IV -- MARKETS1 Machine Tool Demand in China by Market2 Industrial Machinery Fixed Capital Formation in China3 Industrial Machinery Machine Tool Demand in China4 Transportation Equipment Fixed Capital Formation in China5 Transportation Equipment Machine Tool Demand in China6 Primary & Fabricated Metals Fixed Capital Formation in China7 Primary & Fabricated Metals Machine Tool Demand in China8 Electrical & Electronic Product Fixed Capital Formation in China9 Electrical & Electronic Product Machine Tool Demand in China10 Other Markets Machine Tool Demand in ChinaSECTION V -- REGIONAL TRENDS1 Population of China by Region2 Gross Domestic Product of China by Region3 Manufacturing Value Added in China by Region4 Gross Fixed Capital Formation in China by Region5 Machine Tool Demand in China by Region6 Central-North Region of China: Machine Tool Demand7 Northeast Region of China: Machine Tool Demand8 Central-East Region of China: Machine Tool Demand9 Central-South Region of China: Machine Tool Demand10 Southwest Region of China: Machine Tool Demand11 Northwest Region of China: Machine Tool DemandSECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Revenue Data: Selected Machine Tool Companies, 20092 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures3 Selected Joint VenturesLIST OF CHARTSSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Population of China by Age, 1999-20192 Chinese Currency Exchange Rates, 1999-2009SECTION III -- PRODUCTS1 Machine Tool Demand in China by Product, 2009
  8. 8. SECTION IV -- MARKETS1 Machine Tool Demand in China by Market, 2009SECTION V -- REGIONAL TRENDS1 Machine Tool Demand in China by Region, 20092 Central-North Region of China3 Northeast Region of China4 Central-East Region of China5 Central-South Region of China6 Southwest Region of China7 Northwest Region of ChinaSECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Machine Tool Market Share in China by Company, 2009About Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports andin-depth market research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. Weprovide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers. Get in touch with us foryour needs of market research reports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page: Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsnreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog