Global Nanofibers Markets and Technologies


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Global Nanofibers Markets and Technologies

  1. 1. Global Nanofibers Markets and TechnologiesNanofibers are traditionally defined as nanostructures with a diameter under 1,000 nmand a Nanofibers are traditionally defined as nanostructures with a diameter under 1,000 nmand a length-to-width ratio typically greater than 50. The global nanotechnology market,encompassing nanostructured materials, nanotools and nanodevices, was estimated to beworth approximately $14 billion in 2012 with continued steady growth expected. Althoughnanofibers are currently estimated to represent just over 1% of this market, their share isexpected to grow in the future as the use of nanofibers expands at a faster rate than othersegments of the nanotechnology sector.The high surface area offered by nanofibers together with other physical, electrical, thermal andmechanical properties makes them suitable for various commercial applications, including butnot limited to electronics, energy, mechanical/chemical, consumer and life sciences.At the time of BCC’s last report (NAN043B Nanofibers: Technologies and Developing Markets,June 2010), the global market for nanofibers was valued at only $101.5 million but experiencingrapid, double-digit growth.Report Details:Published: May 2013No. of Pages: 134Price: Single User License: US$5450 Corporate User License: US$9350The principal reason for doing this report is to present a current assessment of the nanofiberindustry from both a technological and market point of view and to outline future trends andkey developments.There is also a need to evaluate the current status and future trends of the nanofiber industryfrom a global standpoint. As the use of nanofiber-based products expands and new fields ofapplication emerge, information on the suppliers and developers of these products and theirregional distribution becomes more valuable.An equally important reason for undertaking this report is to provide technical insights intonanofiber manufacturing by: Providing a review of materials, their specific applications and production methods.
  2. 2.  Identifying current technical trends. Providing an overview of the main global R&D activities related to nanofibers, resulting inthe issuance of patents. Illustrating the latest technological developments.This information can assist companies in identifying opportunities for process and productivityimprovements and new product development, resulting in a positive impact on future marketgrowth.The technology section of this report is based on information derived from technical literature,related BCC reports, professional journals, the author’s field experience and online sources.Global market analysis was performed by a thorough investigation of manufacturers ofnanofiber materials and products, raw material suppliers, producers of nanofiber fabricationequipment and developers of new technologies, accounting for at least 90% of the globalmarket. Data were obtained from the direct contribution of primary sources, including companyexecutives, managers, engineers and other technical personnel representing manufacturers,developers and users of nanofibers and related materials and process equipment;representatives of academia and trade associations; and industry market analysts.Secondary sources of information include but are not limited to: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Filings. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. European Patent Office. Company websites. Company annual reports. Thomas Register. Moody’s Directory. S & P Industry Survey. Dun & Bradstreet Business Directory. Foreign Chamber of Commerce Directories. Foreign Stock Exchange Listings. American Ceramic Society Publications. American Chemical Society Publications.Get a complete copy of this report @ for more details.