Developments in neurostimulation


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Developments in neurostimulation

  1. 1. Developments in NeurostimulationIntroductionThe magnitude of research and development executed in neurostimulationinnovation is high. Some of the prominent areas in neurostimulation whereextensive clinical trails are executed include deep brain stimulation (DBS), spinalcord stimulation (SCS), and microstimulation.Features and benefits* Identify the specific diseases for which neurostimulation has potentialapplicability.* Understand the scientific principles underlying neurostimulation technologies, andhow the devices differ between disease areas.* Assess the areas in which further research is necessary before neurostimulationdevices become widespread clinical tools.* Examine the most prominent challenges remaining to be solved and analyze thehurdles that have slowed progress.* Gain an overview of key companies in the field and compare their level ofresearch activity and areas of research focus.Browse All Healthcare Market Research ReportsHighlightsThe microstimulator was proposed to be a single point solution, being capable oftreating all neurological pathologies. The Bion microstimulator has shownconsiderable promise, but since its aquisition by Boston Scientific, progress to themarket has slowed dramatically.Progress in the development of devices for drop foot and grasp is limited by twomain challenges. The first is the need for placing electrodes at more than onelocation, because muscles work in groups. The second is battery life, owing to thehigh current needed to stimulate the large muscles, and the highly variable patientto patient usage.Deep brain stimulation has shown promise for the treatment of both depression andobsessive-compulsive disorder, although such use remains at a nascent stage andlarger scale trials will be necessary to provide conclusive evidence.Your key questions answered* What are the prominent neurological pathologies that are the subject of researchinto treatment by the application of neurostimulation devices?* How will neurostimulation devices evolve over the next decade?* What research challenges prevail in the application of neurostimulation devices?
  2. 2. * What key neurostimulation patent applications have been published recently?* How successful is transcranial magnetic stimulation in treatment of depression?Table Of ContentsExecutive SummaryNeurological pathologiesNeurostimulation devicesAbout Business InsightsDisclaimerIntroductionWhat is this report about?MethodologyNeurological pathologiesSummaryIntroductionNeuron physiologyNeurological pathologiesDementiaNon-dementia neurological diseasesNeurostimulation devicesSummaryIntroductionElectric and magnetic stimulatorsStrength and charge durationPrinciples of stimulatorsConstant voltage stimulatorConstant current stimulatorMicrostimulatorsBackgroundAssessment of the Bion microstimulatorDrop foot and grasp stimulationDrop foot stimulationGrasp stimulationAssessment of stimulators for drop foot and graspCochlear stimulationBackgroundAssessment of cochlear stimulationVisual stimulationBackgroundAssessment of visual stimulationSpinal cord and bladder stimulationSpinal cord stimulationStimulation for bladder dysfunctionAssessment of spinal cord and bladder stimulationDeep brain stimulationBackground
  3. 3. DBS for depressionDBS treatment for psychiatric illness – is it ethical?Assessment of deep brain stimulationMagnetic stimulationBackgroundTranscranial magnetic stimulationMagnetic mirror stimulationAssessment of magnetic stimulationProminent companies in neurostimulationMedtronicOverviewBusiness Insights’ pick: key Medtronic neurostimulation patent applicationsBoston ScientificOverviewBusiness Insight’s pick: key Boston Scientific neurostimulation patent applicationsSt Jude MedicalOverviewBusiness Insight’s pick: key St Jude Medical neurostimulation patent applicationsAdvanced BionicsOverviewBusiness Insights’ pick: key Advanced Bionics neurostimulation patent applicationIntelect MedicalOverviewBusiness Insights’ pick: key Intelect Medical neurostimulation patent applicationCyberonicsOverviewBusiness Insights’ pick: key Cyberonics neurostimulation patent applicationsNeuropaceOverviewBusiness Insights’ pick: key Neuropace neurostimulation patent applicationOptobionicsOverviewBioControl MedicalOverviewBusiness Insights’ pick: key BioControl Medical neurostimulation patent applicationBrainswayOverviewAppendixAbbreviationsBibliography
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