China rubber processing chemicals industry


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China rubber processing chemicals industry

  1. 1. China Rubber Processing Chemicals Industry Published : February 2013 No. of Pages: 93 Price: Single User: US$2400 Corporate User: US$3500
  2. 2. New market research Report on “Rubber Processing Chemicals” added to ReportsnReports.comRubber processing chemicals are an important raw material in rubber industry. It plays animportant role in rubber processing and application performance improvement. Rubberprocessing chemicals with excellent performance can not only improve the processingperformance, improve product quality, reduce energy consumption and production costs,but also be anti-aging and degradation-resistant, prolonging the service life of rubberproducts.In 2012, global rubber consumption was 27,735,000 tons. If the demand volume of rubberprocessing chemicals accounted for 5% of rubber consumption volume, the global demandvolume of rubber processing chemicals was about 1,386,000 tons in 2012. In all rubberprocessing chemicals, vulcanization accelerator accounts for about 41% of the total rubberprocessing chemicals; rubber antioxidant accounts for about 34% of the total rubberprocessing chemicals; the other categories are rubber vulcanizing agent and variousadditives. The demand volume of rubber accelerator was about 474,000 tons around theworld in 2012.In 2012, total production of rubber processing chemicals in China was 889,000 tons, ofwhich accelerator production was 346,600 tons. Accelerator is still the category with thelargest production in 2012, accounting for about 38% of the total production of rubberprocessing chemicals. Ultra accelerator production was about 47,000 tons; antioxidantproducts accounted for 35%.
  3. 3. Research and Forecast of China’s RubberProcessing Chemicals Industry, 2013-2017Based on the continued growth of the domestic and international rubber industry and theworlds rubber processing chemicals industry eastward, Rubber processing chemicalsCommission forecast that China’s rubber processing chemicals production will growsteadily. By the end of the Twelfth Five-Year period, the average growth rate will be 10% to15%.With the continuous improvement of human environmental protection awareness, energyconservation consciousness and safety awareness, the demand volume of green,functionalized rubber processing chemicals categories is increasing, thereby bring rubberprocessing chemicals product structure significant changes.In terms of greening, green rubber processing chemicals products market is graduallygrowing. In terms of function, functionalized rubber products market demand shows rapidgrowth trend because they can adapt to the development of new industries, such asaerospace, high-speed railway, modern communication. They further expand theapplication of rubber processing chemicals products.Request a Sample of this report @
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