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Asia pacific diagnostic imaging market outlook to 2017


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GlobalData’s new report, “Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market Outlook to 2017” provides key market data on the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging market – Australia, China, India and Japan. The report provides value (USD million) data for all the market categories – Angio Suites, Bone Densitometers, C arms, Computed Tomography Systems, Contrast Media Injectors, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Systems and X-Ray Systems.

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Asia pacific diagnostic imaging market outlook to 2017

  1. 1. Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market Outlook to 2017Published:November 2011No.Of Pages:221Price:US $ 3500Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market Outlook to 2017SummaryGlobalData’s new report, “Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market Outlook to 2017” provideskey market data on the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging market – Australia, China, India andJapan. The report provides value (USD million) data for all the market categories – AngioSuites, Bone Densitometers, C arms, Computed Tomography Systems, Contrast MediaInjectors, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, UltrasoundSystems and X-Ray Systems. The report also provides company shares and distributionshares data for each of the aforementioned market categories. The report is supplementedwith global corporate-level profiles of the key market participants.This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primaryand secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalData’s team of industry experts.Browse All Medical Devices Market Research ReportsScope- Countries covered include Australia, China, India and Japan.- Market size and company share data for Diagnostic Imaging market categories – AngioSuites, Bone Densitometers, C arms, Computed Tomography Systems, Contrast MediaInjectors, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, UltrasoundSystems and X-Ray Systems.- Annualized market revenues (USD million) data for each of the market categories in eachof the country. Data from 2003 to 2010, forecast forward for 7 years to 2017.- 2010 company shares and distribution shares data for each of the market categories andcountries.- Global corporate-level profiles of key companies operating within the Asia-PacificDiagnostic Imaging market..- Key players covered include TOSHIBA Medical Systems Corporation, GE Healthcare,Siemens Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Corporation, Shimadzu Corporationand others.
  2. 2. Reasons to buy- Develop business strategies by identifying the key market categories and segments poisedfor strong growth.- Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies.- Design competition strategies by identifying who-stands-where in the Asia-PacificDiagnostic Imaging competitive landscape.- Develop capital investment strategies by identifying the key market segments expected toregister strong growth in the near future.- What are the key distribution channels and what’s the most preferred mode of productdistribution – Identify, understand and capitalize.1 Table of Contents1 Table of Contents 21.1 List of Tables 91.2 List of Figures 132 Introduction 162.1 What is This Report About? 163 Diagnostic Imaging in Asia-Pacific 173.1 Diagnostic Imaging Cross Country Comparison, Revenue ($m), 2003-2017 173.2 Diagnostic Imaging, Asia-Pacific, Overall Revenue ($m), 2003-2017 183.3 Diagnostic Imaging, Asia-Pacific, Category Volume (Units), 2003-2017 263.4 Diagnostic Imaging, Asia-Pacific, Company Share (2009-2010) 324 Diagnostic Imaging In Japan 344.1 Diagnostic Imaging, Japan, Overall Revenue ($m), 2003-2017 344.2 Diagnostic Imaging, Japan, Category Volume (Units), 2003-2017 404.3 Diagnostic Imaging, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 464.3.1 Angio Suites, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 464.3.2 Bone Densitometers, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 464.3.3 C arms, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 474.3.4 Computed Tomography Systems, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 474.3.5 Contrast Media Injectors, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 484.3.6 Mammography Equipment, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 484.3.7 MRI Systems, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010)) 494.3.8 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 494.3.9 Ultrasound Systems, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 504.3.10 X-Ray Systems, Japan, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 504.4 Diagnostic Imaging, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 514.4.1 Diagnostic Imaging, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 514.4.2 Angio Suites, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 534.4.3 Bone Densitometers, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 544.4.4 C arms, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 554.4.5 Computed Tomography Systems, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 574.4.6 Contrast Media Injectors, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 584.4.7 Mammography Equipment, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 594.4.8 MRI Systems, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 614.4.9 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 634.4.10 Ultrasound Systems, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 654.4.11 X-Ray Systems, Japan, Company Share (2009-2010) 675 Diagnostic Imaging In Australia 69
  3. 3. 5.1 Diagnostic Imaging, Australia, Overall Revenue ($m), 2003-2017 695.2 Diagnostic Imaging, Australia, Category Volume (Units), 2003-2017 755.3 Diagnostic Imaging, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 815.3.1 Angio Suites, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 815.3.2 Bone Densitometers, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 815.3.3 C arms, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 825.3.4 Computed Tomography Systems, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 825.3.5 Contrast Media Injectors Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 835.3.6 Mammography Equipment, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 835.3.7 MRI Systems, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 845.3.8 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 845.3.9 Ultrasound Systems, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 855.3.10 X-Ray Systems, Australia, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 855.4 Diagnostic Imaging, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 865.4.1 Diagnostic Imaging, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 865.4.2 Angio Suites, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 885.4.3 Bone Densitometers, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 895.4.4 C arms, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 905.4.5 Computed Tomography Systems, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 925.4.6 Contrast Media Injectors, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 945.4.7 Mammography Equipment, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 955.4.8 MRI Systems, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 975.4.9 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 995.4.10 Ultrasound Systems, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 1005.4.11 X-Ray Systems, Australia, Company Share (2009-2010) 1026 Diagnostic Imaging In China 1046.1 Diagnostic Imaging, China, Overall Revenue ($m), 2003-2017 1046.2 Diagnostic Imaging, China, Category Volume (Units), 2003-2017 1106.3 Diagnostic Imaging, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1166.3.1 Angio Suites, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1166.3.2 Bone Densitometers, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1166.3.3 C arms, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1176.3.4 Computed Tomography Systems, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1176.3.5 Contrast Media Injectors, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1186.3.6 Mammography Equipment, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1186.3.7 MRI Systems, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1196.3.8 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1196.3.9 Ultrasound Systems, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1206.3.10 X-Ray Systems, China, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1206.4 Diagnostic Imaging, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1216.4.1 Diagnostic Imaging, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1216.4.2 Angio Suites, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1236.4.3 Bone Densitometers, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1246.4.4 C arms, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1256.4.5 Computed Tomography Systems, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1276.4.6 Contrast Media Injectors, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1296.4.7 Mammography Equipment, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1306.4.8 MRI Systems, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1326.4.9 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1346.4.10 Ultrasound Systems, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 1356.4.11 X-Ray Systems, China, Company Share (2009-2010) 137
  4. 4. 7 Diagnostic Imaging In India 1397.1 Diagnostic Imaging, India, Overall Revenue ($m), 2003-2017 1397.2 Diagnostic Imaging, India, Category Volume (Units), 2003-2017 1457.3 Diagnostic Imaging, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1517.3.1 Angio Suites, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1517.3.2 Bone Densitometers, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1517.3.3 C arms, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1527.3.4 Computed Tomography Systems, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1527.3.5 Contrast Media Injectors, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1537.3.6 Mammography Equipment, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1537.3.7 MRI Systems, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1547.3.8 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1547.3.9 Ultrasound Systems, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1557.3.10 X-Ray Systems, India, Distribution Share (2009-2010) 1557.4 Diagnostic Imaging, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1567.4.1 Diagnostic Imaging, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1567.4.2 Angio Suites, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1587.4.3 Bone Densitometers, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1597.4.4 C arms, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1607.4.5 Computed Tomography Systems, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1627.4.6 Contrast Media Injectors, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1647.4.7 Mammography Equipment, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1657.4.8 MRI Systems, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1677.4.9 Nuclear Imaging Equipment, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1697.4.10 Ultrasound Systems, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1707.4.11 X-Ray Systems, India, Company Share (2009-2010) 1728 Overview of Key Companies in Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market 1748.1 TOSHIBA Medical Systems Corporation 1748.1.1 Company Overview 1748.1.2 Share in the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market 1748.2 GE Healthcare 1758.2.1 Company Overview 1758.2.2 Share in the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market 1758.3 Siemens Healthcare 1768.3.1 Company Overview 1768.3.2 Share in the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market 1768.4 Philips Healthcare 1778.4.1 Company Overview 1778.4.2 Share in the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market 1778.5 Hitachi Medical Corporation 1788.5.1 Company Overview 1788.5.2 Share in the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market 1788.6 Shimadzu Corporation 1798.6.1 Company Overview 1798.6.2 Share in the Asia-Pacific Diagnostic Imaging Market 1798.7 FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation 1808.7.1 Company Overview 1808.8 Mindray Medical International Limited 1808.8.1 Company Overview 1808.9 Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. 1818.9.1 Company Overview 181
  5. 5. 8.10 SonoSite, Inc. 1818.10.1 Company Overview 1818.11 Samsung Medison Co.,Ltd. 1818.11.1 Company Overview 1818.12 ESAOTE S.p.A. 1828.12.1 Company Overview 1828.13 Hologic, Inc. 1828.13.1 Company Overview 1828.14 Covidien plc 1828.14.1 Company Overview 1828.15 OSI Systems, Inc. 1838.15.1 Company Overview 1838.16 Ziehm Imaging GmbH 1838.16.1 Company Overview 1838.17 Allengers Medical Systems Ltd. 1838.17.1 Company Overview 1838.18 Bracco Imaging S.p.A. 1848.18.1 Company Overview 1848.19 I.M.S. Internazionale Medico Scientifica 1848.19.1 Company Overview 1848.20 CooperSurgical, Inc. 1848.20.1 Company Overview 1848.21 MEDRAD, Inc. 1858.21.1 Company Overview 1858.22 Carestream Health, Inc. 1858.22.1 Company Overview 1858.23 Sectra AB 1858.23.1 Company Overview 1858.24 Planmed Oy 1868.24.1 Company Overview 1868.25 Larsen & Toubro Limited 1868.25.1 Company Overview 1869 Diagnostic Imaging Market Pipeline Products 18710 Financial Deals Landscape 18910.1 Acquisition 18910.1.1 Trivitron Healthcare Acquires Minority Stake In Kiran Medical Systems 18910.1.2 Samsung Electronics Plans To Acquire Makers Of MRI Scanners And X-Ray Machines19010.1.3 Pacgen Biopharmaceuticals To Acquire CurieMed 19110.1.4 Samsung Electronics Acquires An Additional 22% Stake In Medison 19210.1.5 Samsung Electronics To Acquire Prosonic From Consus Asset Management 19410.1.6 Hitachi Medical Acquires Remaining Stake In Aloka 19510.2 Partnerships 19710.2.1 Trivitron Healthcare Enters Into Co-Marketing Agreement With Hitachi MedicalSystems 19710.2.2 MEDIAN Technologies Enters Into Co-Development Agreement With Canon 19810.2.3 University of Pennsylvania Enters Into Co-Development Agreement With ChineseAcademy of Sciences 19910.2.4 ImaginAb Enters Into Technology Development Agreement With Dainippon Seiki 20010.2.5 GUIDED THERAPEUTICS Extends Co-Development Agreement With Konica Minolta201
  6. 6. 10.2.6 Matakina Technology Signs Letter of Intent With PenRad Technologies 20210.2.7 Maccine Enters Into Joint Venture With SBIC 20310.2.8 A*STAR Enters Into An Agreement With NTUH And CGMH 20410.2.9 Bayer HealthCare Enters Into Joint Venture Agreement With Zydus Cadila Healthcare20510.2.10 HealthLinx Enters Into Distribution Agreement With Seoul Clinical Laboratories 20711 Recent Developments 20811.1 Strategy and Business Planning 20811.1.1 Sep 21, 2011: Fujifilm Establishes New Subsidiary In Vietnam 20811.1.2 Aug 11, 2011: Concord Medical And GEHC Sign MOU For Preferred Partnership InChina 20811.1.3 Jun 27, 2011: Cook Medical Expands Asia-Pacific Distribution Centre In China ToMeet Regional Surge In Growth Of Medical Device Market 20911.1.4 May 27, 2011: Bruker Opens Applications, Training And Service Center In Shanghai20911.2 Legal and Regulatory 21011.2.1 May 26, 2011: Genetic Technologies Files New Patent Infringement Suit In US 21011.3 Government and Public Interest 21011.3.1 Oct 11, 2011: Raffles Hospital To Introduce Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Technology21011.3.2 Sep 09, 2011: Accuray Showcases New Clinical Research On TomoTherapy RadiationTherapy System At 2011 Asia User Education Symposium In Singapore 21111.3.3 Jan 28, 2011: BGH Installs Latest Generation X-Ray Systems 21211.3.4 Nov 10, 2010: AdvaMed Urges Japanese Government To Adopt Policies To ImprovePatient Access To Medical Innovations 21211.4 Product News 21311.4.1 Jul 06, 2010: Yashoda Hospital In Hyderabad Treats First Lung Cancer Patient UisngVarians RapidArc Technology 21311.4.2 Jun 22, 2010: Aurora Installs Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI System In RuijinHospital, China 21412 Appendix 21512.1 Definitions of Markets Covered in the Report 21612.1.1 Diagnostic Imaging 21612.2 Research Methodology 21812.3 Secondary Research 21812.4 Primary Research 21912.5 Models 21912.6 Forecasts 22012.7 Expert Panels 22012.8 GlobalData Consulting 22012.9 Currency Conversion 22112.10 Contact Us 22112.11 Disclaimer 221
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